Roles of student trust

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  • This study limits research on the university reputation and its related factors to the perceptions of university graduates in Vietnam. The components considered in the model include social contributions, leadership, environments, student guidance, funding, research and development, student trust, student identity, student commitment, university reputation and behavioral intention of learners.

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  • This study begins with the desire to better understand the construction of university reputation. The framework of university reputation and student behavioral intention is formed by the relationship between student trust, student identity, and student commitment. Vietnam's higher education sector plays an essential role in education; this sector has been encountering various problems, and university reputation is a key pillar in educational management theory.

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  • This book was written with various readers in mind, including coaching professionals, executives, employees, HR professionals, small business owners, administrators, teachers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, parents, college students, aspiring professionals, and pretty much anyone who interacts with people. Coaching is for anyone who has a desire to help others fi nd their own answers and achieve goals by committing to action. “Coaching is not just a function; it is a state of mind. ”

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  • This paper aims at the dissemination of a new course design, which reports and shares our experience of designing a new course to meet the new needs in the society. The higher education has been focusing on developing students’ logical thinking or reasoning skills through debate, believing that such skills would make the students succeed in the society after graduation.

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