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  • Reviewing the development of rural finance in Vietnam. The objective of this article is to review the development of the ruralf inancial sys-tem in Vietnam in recent years, especially, afteroimoi. There are two opp osite schools of thought in the literature on rural credit policies in develop ingcountries.

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  • A component of this programme is to help capitalise locally-based enterprise development initiatives by stimulating the provision of and access to micro-finance in rural areas. Three sites were selected to pilot the introduction of this and other IRDP activities. These are: Chimanimani (Zimbabwe), Chimoio (Mozambique) and Nyandeni (South Africa). As part of this initiative, the HSRC conducted an evaluation in the three key sites of the IRDP, to evaluate the implications of implementing a micro-finance scheme in these areas....

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  • Vietnam rural financial market- Fact dianostics and the policy implications for rural development of Vietnam. The development of Vietnam rural sector has been given attention by different orientations and policy frameworks, of which rural finance is the key tool, notably the Decree 41 on cred- it for rural sector.

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  • China’s rural financial system has changed dramatically over the last twenty five years, but rural financial reforms were lagging behind changes in the real economy and required further economic transition. As in other countries moving towards a market economy, the reform of banking systems and the creation of efficient financial markets in China continues to be among the most difficult reform issues. Poorly functioning official financial markets push rural population to rely on informal institutions.

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  • Micro finance in sustainable development: A descriptive study on indian Experience. In this paper an attemp thas been made to describe how micro credit is eff ective and financial viable method of addressing sustainable rural develop ment through provision of micro credit to rural poor for productive activities.

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  • Demand expression varies by the kind of goods or services being delivered. Water supply and latrines are an example of essentially private goods, goods that are individually used and for which indi- vidual users can express and realize a willingness to pay. Public choices are more complicated with respect to public goods such as schools or rural roads; a differentiated strategy for eliciting demand, depending on the kind of subproject that is being produced, is needed.

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  • From the historical perspective, the two central problems facing most of the developing countries are: Who should bear the burden of the costs of development? and How should these costs be shared between those in the urban and rural sectors? The inevitable conflicts between the two have, in fact, been a long standing theme, reflected in the debates, in Britain over the Corn Laws, in the United States over industrial tariffs, and in Russia over the size of the "scissors." The book provides for the first time a unifying framework within which these questions can be systematically approached.

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  • When some twenty years ago I finished the first draft of my own study of T'ang financial administration, I began to undertake the preliminary reading for a similar study of the Ming period, feeling that it would be possible to pose and answer many questions which cannot even be formulated in detail for earlier periods because of the lack of evidence.

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  • The guidance of Lawrence Haddad and Sudhir Wanmali in providing an enabling research environment deserves special recognition. We thank John Pender, the IFPRI internal reviewer, and two anonymous external reviewers for their critical but very constructive comments, which helped us significantly improve the analysis in and presentation of the report.

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  • The challenge of alleviating poverty and improving living conditions for the poorest populations is a formidable one. It is increasingly apparent that such a betterment of the lot of poor people requires an effort that spans all sectors of the economy and may not be easy to achieve through economic growth alone. Improved access to financial services helps poor people by enabling payment transactions that then bring them into the formal sector.

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  • Applying strategic development assistance via a range of funding mechanisms and programs can stimulate long-term financing for the underserved markets described above. The idea is to employ sustainable lending techniques, train both borrowers and lenders, creatively leverage funding by utilizing guarantee programs like DCA, GDA and/or financing programs like OPIC (for example), and/or target subsector investment so that Georgia’s economic growth is not stalled or even derailed by the neglect of its two primary productive sectors.

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  • This research report and the underlying field research and data processing would not have been feasible without the essential and invaluable contribution of the re- search staff of the Bunda College of Agriculture, University of Malawi, and without the contribution of many others in Malawi, at IFPRI, and at other institutions. Fore- most, we are grateful for the assistance of the staff of the Department of Rural De- velopment (DRD) who contributed to the successful implementation of the field sur- vey, data cleaning, and data analysis for the DRD/IFPRI Rural Finance Study.

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  • This system is financed through a mixture of public and private insurance and out-of-pocket payments by families, especially for mental, developmental, and oral health services that are not well covered by insurance.Many services are pro- vided within the traditional health care sector (doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics); however, some services such as mental health services take place outside the health care sector in schools and in child care and community centers, further fragmenting delivery pathways and complicating access.

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  • Medical rehabilitation is underfunded and short-staffed, and access to services is subject to substantial regional disparities. Long-term care is provided by both the health and the social sectors. Local governments are responsible for providing social care, which takes the form of cash and in-kind benefits provided mostly to impoverished individuals and those with disabilities. Palliative care is still in its infancy. The importance of informal carers, who in some cases are eligible for financial assistance, has been recognized.

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  • The expert interviews served as a complement to the information from the literature review and the questionnaire, about the overview and application of financing mechanisms. In general, the interviews focused on identifying types and examples of innovative financing mechanisms.

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  • Both international and national agencies have invested in women's programs for almost a decade, and several offer sound field-based experience and have qualified female staff, who worked illegally under burqas and with mahrams throughout the years of women's exclusion from all public life. Such women today represent a new category of working women, many of whom have the important experience of working effectively in rural areas.

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  • In a world of 6 billion inhabitants, international migration seems insignificant as it comes to represent about three per cent of the world. Most migration, in fact is internal—rural to rural, rural to urban—and international migration in many cases follows a sequence of stages, from rural to urban, then to the international sphere. However, international migration takes on greater relevance because of the significant volume of remittances worldwide. To many, remittances have become a stable source of finances (Ratha, 2003, Sørensen, 2002).

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  • The resulting view, that financial markets can be subject to inherent instability, induces governments to intervene to provide depositor protection in some form or other. Explicit deposit insurance is one approach, while an explicit or implicit deposit guarantee is another. In either case, general prudential supervision also occurs to limit the risk incurred by insurers or guarantors. To control the incentives of bank owners who rely too heavily on government funded deposit insurance, governments typically enforce some control over bank owners.

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  • Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) officials are proposing to import 11 billion gallons of water a year from rural northeastern Nevada, nearly 300 miles away, to Las Vegas Valley. To accomplish this, SNWA plans to build a 285-mile water pipeline. Recent estimates peg the cost at $3.5 billion, but former federal water planner Mark Bird and others think the true costs could be as much as four times higher. SNWA plans to finance Nevada’s largest-ever public works project with tax-exempt bonds.

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  • To complement investment climate improvements and to help unleash supply response, direct support is sometimes appropriate for formal small and medium firms as well as entrepreneurs in informal settings, for example, in rural areas. Such support may comprise both finance and advice, for example, rural credit and extension services. Several decades of attempts to provide such support have shed light on the key success factors. First and foremost, successful direct support to firms requires a sound investment climate that provides incentives to use public support well.

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