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  • Sediment tracing is a young and rapidly growing branch of sedimentology. Successful sediment tracing began in the mid 1950’s with the advent of radioactive and fluorescent-marking techniques. Although still in infancy, modern tracing techniques clearly offer the means for delineating the dynamics of many different sedimentary environments. This particular sediment-tracing study was begun in 1959 during the writer’s graduate studies under Dr. K. 0. Emery at the University of Southern California. Due to the interest and encouragement of Dr.

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  • In this, the second volume of the two-volume review of carbonates in continental settings, we continue our survey of the important aspects of their formation and utilisation.Whereas the first volume emphasised the formation of carbonate sediments, covering the depositional settings, facies and sedimentological processes; this second volume examines the geochemistry, diagenesis, sequence stratigraphy of these deposits, along with some of the practical applications. The geochemistry of continental carbonates is discussed in depth in Chapter 1.

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  • The Society makes every effort to ensure that the scientific and production quality of its books matches that of its journals. Since 1997, all book proposals have been refereed by specialist reviewers as well as by the Society’s Books Editorial Committee. If the referees identify weaknesses in the proposal, these must be addressed before the proposal is accepted. Once the book is accepted, the Society Book Editors ensure that the volume editors follow strict guidelines on refereeing and quality control.

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