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  • Sensitive skin is becoming a common clinical condition that dermatologists should be prepared to recognize, understand, and treat. Subjects experiencing this condition report exaggerated reactions when their skin is in contact with cosmetics, soaps, and other substances, and they often report worsening after exposure to dry and cold climates. Sensitive skin and subjective irritation are widespread in western countries, but still far from being completely defined and understood.

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  • Motivated by the recent interest in streaming algorithms for processing large text collections, we revisit the work of Ravichandran et al. (2005) on using the Locality Sensitive Hash (LSH) method of Charikar (2002) to enable fast, approximate comparisons of vector cosine similarity. For the common case of feature updates being additive over a data stream, we show that LSH signatures can be maintained online, without additional approximation error, and with lower memory requirements than when using the standard offline technique. ...

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  • In this paper we present Morphy, an integrated tool for German morphology, part-ofspeech tagging and context-sensitive lemmatization. Its large lexicon of more than 320,000 word forms plus its ability to process German compound nouns guarantee a wide morphological coverage. Syntactic ambiguities can be resolved with a standard statistical part-of-speech tagger. By using the output of the tagger, the lemmatizer can determine the correct root even for ambiguous word forms. The complete package is freely available and can be downloaded from the World Wide Web. ...

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  • We describe a sentiment classification method that is applicable when we do not have any labeled data for a target domain but have some labeled data for multiple other domains, designated as the source domains. We automatically create a sentiment sensitive thesaurus using both labeled and unlabeled data from multiple source domains to find the association between words that express similar sentiments in different domains.

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  • We describe a novel mechanism called Reservoir Counting for application in online Locality Sensitive Hashing. This technique allows for significant savings in the streaming setting, allowing for maintaining a larger number of signatures, or an increased level of approximation accuracy at a similar memory footprint.

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  • The goals of The diagnostic adaptive behavior scale: Evaluating its diagnostic sensitivity and specificity is comparing the DABS standard score of assessed individuals with and without and ID diagnosis and determining sensitivity and specificity of the DABS to correctly identify persons with an ID diagnosis from individuals who do not have an ID diagnosis; and evaluating the sensitivity and specificity across age groups 4–21 years old. 

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  • Human categorization is neither a binary nor a context-free process. Rather, some concepts are better examples of a category than others, while the criteria for category membership may be satisfied to different degrees by different concepts in different contexts. In light of these empirical facts, WordNet’s static category structure appears both excessively rigid and unduly fragile for processing real texts. In this paper we describe a syntagmatic, corpus-based approach to redefining WordNet’s categories in a functional, gradable and context-sensitive fashion.

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  • We present a clustering algorithm for Arabic words sharing the same root. Root based clusters can substitute dictionaries in indexing for IR. Modifying Adamson and Boreham (1974), our Two-stage algorithm applies light stemming before calculating word pair similarity coefficients using techniques sensitive to Arabic morphology. Tests show a successful treatment of infixes and accurate clustering to up to 94.06% for unedited Arabic text samples, without the use of dictionaries.

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  • In recent years, pH/temperature-sensitive polymers have attracted increasing attention as drug/protein delivery systems. In this study, the main objective was to synthesize a pH-sensitive oligoester. The oligoester was synthesized by condensation reaction from carboxylic and hydroxyl groups of D,L-Serine, which had been previously modified with benezenesulfonyl chloride in order to create sulfonamides as pH sensitive groups.

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  • For recent decades, researchers have been increasing their attention to pH/temperaturesensitive polymers as drug/protein delivery systems. In this research, we aim to synthesize a new pH/temperature sensitive pentablock based on D,L-Serine. Amino groups of D,L-Serine were modified with benzenesulfonyl chloride in order to create sulfonamide groups as desired pHsensitive groups.

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  • The electrodes after being sensitized with dye “N179” were combined with Pt counter electrodes and iodine-based electrolyte to make DSSC cells. I-V characteristics of the DSSC cells were recorded at room temperature. The open-circuit voltage (Voc), the short-current density (Jsc) and the photoelectric conversion efficiency η) of the DSSC cells were estimated. The results show that the graphene content added into TiO2 electrode films has affected on Voc, Jsc and η of cells in the nonlinear form. The efficiency reached a maximal value with a graphene concentration of 0.005 wt %.

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  • This study aims to synthesize the Cu+/bipyridyl-based complex using Sonogashira cross coupling. The structure of the ligand and the complex were investigated by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; by single crystal X-ray diffraction and by UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy. The obtained experimental results were in good agreement with the theoretical calculations. The complex is a potential candidate to be the photo sensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cells.

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  • The Moon has been observed using the VATLY radio telescope at frequencies of 1420.4 and 1417.6 MHz in order to study the behaviour of the instrument in a domain of flux density close to the limit of its sensitivity. Drift scans have revealed a Moon flux density of 0.83±0.16 kJy corresponding to a Moon black body temperature of 207±40 K. From these results, a limit sensitivity of ∼ 300 Jy has been inferred in agreement with earlier coarser estimates.

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  • This paper reports on molecular sensing layer design of a piezoresistive cantilever sensor for higher surface stress sensitivity. The proposed analyses show that the previous understanding of piezoresistive cantilevers for surface stress measurement requires reconsideration for a cantilever utilizing polycrystalline silicon as a piezoresistor.

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  • The electrophoretic deposition (EPD) technique was adopted to prepare the nanocomposite films on ITO plates. Then photoelectrochemical properties of the PMT/TiO2 nanocomposite were investigated. Results showed the photo-sensitive properties of TiO2 core (n-type semiconductor), PMT shell (p-type semiconductor) and their n-p junction.

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  • This research aims to develop a new type of electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) which can be produced in cost-effective and large scale. DSCs using deep eutectic solvents (DESs) mixed with ethanol (50% w/w DES content), as an electrolyte medium, was studied herein for the first time.

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  • The photoperiodic sensitivity and storage of Orius majusculus (Reuter) from Antalya was investigated to obtain data for the optimization of its release. In the current study, it was not possible to induce a high (up to 100%) incidence of diapause unless all the nymphal instars and adults were successively exposed (i.e. full exposure) to a short day length (11.5 h) at constant temperatures of 18 and 26 °C, and fluctuating temperatures of 10/26 °C.

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  • Sensitivity analysis of the soil-water-evaporation module of the E-DiGOR (Evaporation and Drainage investigations at Ground of Ordinary Rainfed-areas) model is presented. The model outputs were generated using measured climatic data and soil properties. The first-order sensitivity formulas were derived to compute relative sensitivity coefficients.

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  • The effects of NaCl on expression of some genes related to salinity tolerance in grape (Vitis L.) were investigated. According to our screening study on eighteen grape genotypes, H6 and Gharashani (tolerant) and Shirazi and GhezelUzum (sensitive) were selected for molecular analysis.

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  • In this paper, we study the combined sensitivity of T2K-II and NOvA, the world leading long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments, to CP violation in lepton sector. By operating until the year 2026, T2K-II is expected to collect a total exposure of 20×1021 protons-on-target. Meanwhile, NOνA experiment has a plan to extend its run up to 2024 for accumulating totally an amount of 72 × 1020 protons-on-target.

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