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  • Let me begin by confessing the intent of this foreword right up front. My hope for Lloyd Reeb’s book, which you now hold, is that it will convince you of two things—the first is that the change-of-life season described as Halftime is nearly universal in the developed world and critical to Halftimers. The second is that the transition from success to significance as a central motive force in life’s second half is not at all dependent upon income and net worth.

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  • The significance of the kidney in diabetes Ferrannini • Fioretto • Groop • Hach Nauck • Thomas Edited by Piper & Raderschadt Published by infill Kommunikation GmbH .The significance of the kidney in diabetes Professor Ele Ferrannini Department of Internal Medicine University of Pisa School of Medicine Pisa, Italy Professor Paola Fioretto University of Padova Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences Padova, Italy Professor Per Henrik Groop University of Helsinki Folkhälsan Research Centre Helsinki, Finland Dr Thomas Hach TA Metabolism Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co.

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  • In Two Bits, Christopher M. Kelty investigates the history and cultural significance of Free Software, revealing the people and practices that have transformed not only software but also music, film, science, and education. Free Software is a set of practices devoted to the collaborative creation of software source code that is made openly and freely available through an unconventional use of copyright law.

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  • Bronchogenic carcinoma can mimic or be masked by pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), and the aim of this study was to describe the radiologic findings and clinical significance of bronchogenic carcinoma and pulmonary TB which coexist in the same lobe. Materials and Methods: The findings of 51 patients (48 males and three females, aged 48-79 years) in whom pulmonary TB and bronchogenic carcinoma coexisted in the same lobe were analyzed.

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  • A lot of unconformities and stratigraphic gaps have been discovered in the Paleozoic and  Mesozoic  stratigraphy  of  Bac  Bo  region  (North  Viet  Nam),  but  their  role  in  the  regional  geology  was  not  accessed  yet  in  detail.  This  paper  is  the  first  attempt  to  describe  the  most  significant  unconformities  and  stratigraphic  gaps  and  discussing  their  role  in  regional  geology.

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  • This series will contain essays by representative scholars and men of affairs dealing with the various phases of the moral law in its bearing on business life under the new .economic order, first delivered at the University of California on the Weinstock foundation.

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  • Although dyspnea is a common symptom, there has been only limited investigation of its prognostic significance among patients referred for cardiac evaluation. methods We studied 17,991 patients undergoing myocardial-perfusion single-photon-emission computed tomography during stress and at rest. Patients were divided into five categories on the basis of symptoms at presentation (none, nonanginal chest pain, atypical angina, typical angina, and dyspnea).

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  • Pantheism differs from the systems of belief constituting the main religions of the world in being comparatively free from any limits of period, climate, or race. For while what we roughly call the Egyptian Religion, the Vedic Religion, the Greek Religion, Buddhism, and others of similar fame have been necessarily local and temporary, Pantheism has been, for the most part, a dimly discerned background, an esoteric significance of many or all religions, rather than a “denomination” by itself.

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  • Tài liệu The Origin and Significance of Hegel’s Logic: A General Introduction to Hegel’s System the Phenomenology continue Phenomenology and Logic, Origin and Nature of the Content of the Logic Origin and Nature of the Method of the Logic, Relation of Logic to Nature, Retrospective The Historical Setting of Hegel’s Logic .

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  • This paper aims to depict the valuable tools for pedagogical professional development through an action research on students’ significant learning in a context of higher education. This three-year educational action research was conducted with the participation of 108 pedagogy students to collect data through documenting evidence relevant to the research issues using the student’s feedback and the teacher’s self-reflective journal entry.

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  • Nocardia farcinica and Nocardia otitidiscaviarum formed distinct pyrogroups corresponding to clusters defined in the numerical study. It can be concluded that PyMS provides a rapid and reproducible method of evaluating the taxonomic significance of Nocadia species.

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  • This paper therefore discusses about the essentials of design reusability and its significant charecteristics, which has potential features for cutting the cost of development. The paper also discusses about the most frequently used software metrics till date as well as less -used software metrics. Finally, the paper discusses about the open issues from the studies.

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  • Lupus nephritis (LN) carries high morbidity and mortality and whenever added to neuropsychiatric manifestations lead to more unfavorable prognosis. Though silent brain MRI findings in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) had been widely studied, the current work focused on LN patients comparing them to those without kidney affection, studying their cerebral MRI and its correlation with the histopathological classes of LN and disease activity. This may enable us to know more about early brain affection in LN patients for better follow up, management, and prognosis of this serious comorbidity.

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  • The major histocompatibility complex class I-related gene A (MICA) is an antigen induced by stress and performs an integral role in immune responses as an anti-infectious and antitumor agent. This work was designed to investigate whether (SNP) rs2596542C/T in MICA promoter region is predictive of liver cirrhosis (LC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or not. Forty-seven healthy controls and 94 HCVinfected patients, subdivided into 47 LC and 47 HCC subjects were enrolled in this study.

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  • Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) is the most plentiful cytochrome P450 in adult human liver and small intestine and is responsible for detoxification of more than 50% of drugs in addition to the metabolic deactivation and metabolism of many carcinogens. Polymorphism of CYP3 A4-A-290G considered the only allele that appears to stimulate CYP3A4 expression and has been associated with a number of clinical phenotypes, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and the early onset of puberty.

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  • The present study was undertaken with the objectives to study the overall knowledge and adoption of beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries towards agricultural services promoted under Triabl Area Development Programme and significant difference in knowledge and adoption for agricultural services. The study was carried out in randomly selected 24 villages from three tribal blocks.

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  • This study was focused to investigate the prevalence of different uropathogens producing ESBL and its antibiogram in non-hospitalized patients. 1495 non-repetitive urine samples were collected in the study. A total of 335 (22.41%) samples showed significant bacteriuria.

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  • Mobile phone is an extensively used precious integral part of our daily life, increasingly assuming the status of sources of pathogenic organisms for disease transmission. During the present study 150 swab samples were collected from mobile phones of chicken, pork, chevon, fresh and processed fish handlers, and street food venders of Tripura for isolation, identification of public health significant bacteria and its antibiogram. Out of 150 swab sample examined 97.33% and 40% mobile phones were found contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and fungi, respectively.

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  • This study focuses on socio economic significance of women participation in tourism development and promotion in Bussa. Sampling techniques that were used in this research work include cluster and random sampling methods.

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  • BRAF and KRAS mutations are well-established biomarkers in anti-EGFR therapy. However, the prognostic significance of these mutations is still being examined. We determined the prognostic value of BRAF and KRAS mutations in Korean colorectal cancer (CRC) patients.

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