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  • The chemistry of fine organic intermediates and products shows an enormous diversity. But in reality, the number of operations/processes used remains reasonably small. These include charging/discharging of reactants and solvents, inertisation, reactions, crystallisations, phase separations, filtrations, distillation, product washing. In many cases cooling, heating, or the application of vacuum or pressure is necessary. The unavoidable waste streams are treated in recovery/abatement systems or disposed of as waste.

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  • The main differences between a hedge fund and a private equity fund are: (a) the private equity fund looks to use leverage to buy companies to obtain full management control for purposes of changing its structure operations, whereas a hedge fund trades assets without looking for full control; (b) the hedge fund covers a multitude of styles, only one small part of which might involve buying shares to force management to make value enhancing changes (activist); and (c) hedge funds often (but not always) have a shorter investment horizon than private equity firms.

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  • Bronchogenic carcinoma can mimic or be masked by pulmonary tuberculosis (TB), and the aim of this study was to describe the radiologic findings and clinical significance of bronchogenic carcinoma and pulmonary TB which coexist in the same lobe. Materials and Methods: The findings of 51 patients (48 males and three females, aged 48-79 years) in whom pulmonary TB and bronchogenic carcinoma coexisted in the same lobe were analyzed.

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  • A typical weakness in legislation, which should be avoided, is the tendency to state explicitly within the act economic sanctions for non-compliance (such as fees, tariffs or fines). It is much more complicated and time consuming to change or to amend an act than to amend the supporting regulations and management procedures. Hence, stating economic sanctions within an act entails an associated risk that enforcement of the legislation could become ineffective and outdated due to economic inflation.

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  • Members of the diaspora residing abroad are able to apply for and obtain small transnational loans in their countries of origin from banks or microfinance lenders. Financial institutions issue transnational loans for business expansion, home improvement, home purchase, and education expenses, but have found mortgage lending to be most successful. By obtaining transnational loans, migrants living abroad are able to provide credit to family members back home.

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  • The CoE approach permits a number of permutations in terms of the level of disclosure and enforcement. For example, a listed company may be requested to disclose whether it is in compliance with individual recommendations of the code or merely with the code globally. In terms of the enforcement, the ability of exchanges or other regulators to pursue companies which do not provide adequate levels of disclosure also varies. In most cases, CoE codes are subject to some form of regulatory enforcement, but they may also be subject to enforcement largely by shareholders (e.g.

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  • Assessments and audits (e.g., health impact assessments) can be used to help decision makers evaluate project or policy choices to increase positive health outcomes and minimize adverse health outcomes and health inequities. Understanding all risks and impacts of municipal planning or investment decisions, including those that can affect health, will help ensure that land use and transportation investments are aligned with positive and equitable health outcomes.

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  • The three stages shown in Figure 1 are intended to demarcate three macro-stages of writing development. Writing skill is shown as continuously improving as a function of practice, as is typical for perceptual-motor and cognitive skills in general. The micro- changes underlying the gradual improvement that drive the transition to the next macro-stage fall beyond the scope of the present article.

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  • Experts agree that attempts to prevent childhood obesity and its health consequences, such as type 2 diabetes, must shift the focus from treating overweight children to addressing health disparities among children of varying socio-economic status. and mitigating the social and environmental factors that contribute to the declining health of children overall. The nation’s health care costs for treating diabetes are $92 billion.

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  • Many indicators regarding the health of the world’s environment remain firmly in the red. Trends such as climate change, water scarcity, air pollution, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation all continue to threaten our finite stock of natural capital and the ability of our economy to provide sustainable growth and prosperity for all. A great deal of this environmental damage is caused by the way we do business. If we are to create a truly sustainable global economy, then we must change our economic models so that business can become part of the solution, not part of the problem. ...

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  • Based on our visits and mystery shopping, we think that consumers are more likely to get poor outcomes in the PPI markets which have these features. The purchase of PPI is usually a secondary focus for customers; their primary purpose is to get another financial service or product such as a secured or unsecured loan. PPI is also a product that is generally sold to consumers, rather than one they actively choose to buy.

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  • Other aspects of maternal health present a mixed picture. While globally, the world has experienced dramatic declines in fertility – from a TFR of 5.0 in 1960 to 2.7 in 2001 -- still an estimated 134 million women who wish to space or limit their childbearing do not have access to effective contraception that would enable them to do so. 3 The result is approximately 70 to 80 million unintended pregnancies each year in developing countries alone (Singh, Darroch et al. 2004; WHO 2004). Meanwhile, violence continues to shatter the lives of women in every part of the...

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  • This guide stresses the need for an effective security testing program within federal agencies. Testing serves several purposes. One, no matter how well a given system may have been developed, the nature of today’s complex systems with large volumes of code, complex internal interactions, interoperability with uncertain external components, unknown interdependencies coupled with vendor cost and schedule pressures, means that exploitable flaws will always be present or surface over time.

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  • On behalf of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, I am pleased to transmit to the 52 Attorneys General on the Multi-State Working Group the Task Force’s Final Report on the role and the promise of technologies to reduce the risk to minors of harmful contact and content on the Internet. Along with the quarterly reports submitted throughout the year to the Attorneys General and the evaluation criteria included in the Technology Advisory Board’s submission, this Report fulfills the Task Force’s remit to report the results of its study no later than December 31, 2008.

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  • l The last minute decision to allow us to scan the police vehicle addresses was key to discovering what was in essence a completely undocumented and previously non disclosed security vulnerability. Had this choice not been made there is a potential that this vulnerability may have been discovered and exploited by someone less forgiving. This hardware and software combination is obviously potentially deployed elsewhere so the abuse is not localized to our specific client.

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  • For almost 35 years, the Alberta government has taken a proactive approach to developing the oil sands. Through strategic investment and appropriate policies, the province has helped the oil sands generate tremendous economic benefits for the people of Alberta and Canada. Planning began in 1974, when the Alberta government formed the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority to proactively develop oil sands technologies that would allow bitumen to be recovered at relatively low costs.

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  • the case studies that follow, from across sub-saharan africa, south asia, europe and central asia, latin america and north america, highlight the rich diversity of community initiatives that bridge sexual and reproductive health and rights and Hiv. the report has a strategic emphasis on the innovation that is being led by women living with Hiv and features pioneering endeavours that reflect community and key stakeholder interpretation and understanding of how this intersection is defined.

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  • The plans banks submitted to regulators in January 2012 suggest that the shedding of bank assets will play a small part in reaching the target ratio. As the example of bank B in the left-hand panel illustrates, banks can deleverage either by recapitalising (moving upward) or by reducing RWA (moving leftward). The EBA’s first assessment shows that banks intend to cover 96% of their original shortfalls by direct capital measures, although the proposed measures also surpass the original capital shortfall by 26%.

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  • Many employers have tried to educate their employees to make better decisions or supplied tools to help them improve their choices. The empirical evidence does not suggest that these methods are, in and of themselves, adequate solutions to the problems. The same large employer discussed above that offered its employees the chance to switch from a defined benefit to a defined contribution plan offered its employees a financial education program free of charge. The employer measured the effectiveness of this education by administering a before-and-after test of financial literacy.

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  • What we have detailed in this section, in terms of modules, areas and subjects, is not a drastic change from the previous system, although perhaps, it is slightly better structured and links better with the demands of the labour market. However, what would represent a vast improvements is the focus on competences if we manage to pass on not just facts to the students, but also knowledge, and particularly know-how that not only relates specifi cally to ‘Business Administration’, but that can, more generally, be transferred to any fi eld of knowledge....

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