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  • Against this background, we make several advances over the literature. We construct a new dataset that covers virtually the entire global stock market in capitalization terms and find—for this more comprehensive dataset—that industry effects have gone from less than half as important as country effects in the mid-1990s to almost twice as important in recent years. This shift is primarily driven by a dramatic rise in magnitude of industry effects, with country effects roughly stable since the mid-1990s.

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  • Surajpur Lake is a prominent wetland site in National Capital Region, India, known for its rich avifaunal and aquatic biodiversity. The present study was carried out to analyse water quality and to check the relationship among various physicochemical parameters in both temporal and spatial scales from March 2012 to February 2013. The water samples were collected from five different locations on monthly basis. Standard methods were followed for the collection, sampling and analysis for 12 physicochemical parameters. The data were analyzed using PAST (version 2.15) software.

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  • Groundwater-surface water interactions include the exchange of fluids and solutes between groundwater and surface water, which can affect water quality and water supply. Investigating the interaction of groundwater and surface water is essential to water managers and hydrologists for the improvement of effective waterresource policy, water resource protection and management. The effects of groundwater-surface-water exchange can occur on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

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  • Moreover, results from these studies shall broaden our knowledge with relevance to other or similar hydrosystems more or less connected with one another both at the national and sub-regional scales regarding the environmental phenomenon of interest.

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  • Land management is presently undergoing enormous change: away from managing single resources to managing ecosystems. From forest to tundra, to desert, to steppe, the world’s ecosystems vary vastly. To manage them effectively we need to understand their geographic distribution better. We need to do this at various levels of detail because ecosystems exist at multiple scales in a hierarchy, from regional to local. Maps are needed to display ecosystem distribution and hierarchy. Until now, information on defining ecosystem boundaries has been scarce.

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  • CO2SINK Project – CO2SINK is a European Commission funded mid-scale (60,000 tonnes over two years) demonstration project that aims to increase the knowledge-base of CO2 storage in saline formations and increase public confidence and awareness of GS. The CO2SINK field site is located in Ketzin, Germany, approximately 20 km west of Berlin at the site of a former natural gas storage field. Storage will be at an approximate depth of 650 meters in the saline Stuttgart Formation.

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  • absolute pollen frequency (APF) *Pollen data from sediments, expressed in terms of the absolute numbers for each *species, *genus, or *family, per unit volume of sedi- ment and, where deposition rates are known, per unit time. In certain circumstances this approach gives clearer information than does the traditional way of expressing pollen data as *relative pollen frequencies (RPFs). APFs are particularly useful in site comparisons in which one or more high pollen producers vary.

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  • RNA secondary structure around splice sites is known to assist normal splicing by promoting spliceosome recognition. However, analyzing the structural properties of entire intronic regions or pre-mRNA sequences has been difficult hitherto, owing to serious experimental and computational limitations, such as low read coverage and numerical problems.

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  • As the Enterprise Network Administrator for International Travel Agency, you are responsible for designing and implementing internetwork connectivity. To ensure success by reducing complexity, you start scaling the network by connecting only the Asia region and one local site, West Tasman, to the San Jose corporate headquarters and ISP2. When you are satisfied with the results, you will implement all other regions and sites.

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