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  • This report was concerned with the situation of learning English for Engineering (EEE). It is fact that ESP subjects, especially EEE are worried problems. Although EEE is one of compulsory subjects, many students in FOFL, HUT did not get good marks and d06, k52 students were not an exception. The objective of this report was to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of learning EEE as well as the main reason why they did not get good mark in the final test.

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  • Sometimes it is necessary to write a special letter for a special situation in life.

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  • Elementary English for Tourism and Hospitality LESSON 22 – Dealing with a situation STUDY NOTES Characters Leo: Mona: Jack: Justine: Receptionist Guest Guest Hotel Manager. The story Mona is very worried about her missing father. Whilst she is talking to the hotel manager, her father returns. Language Point - Suggesting an alternative explanation Below are some questions that offer alternative explanations regarding Jack’s absence. Read them out loud. Practise the stress and intonation.

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  • The spoken situations which follow are intended to cover a wide range ofbusiness interactions, from the brief and informal through to the more formal andprolonged exchange typical of the negotiating or interview situation. The user isencouraged not simply to read the situations together with their parallel Englishversion, but to attempt, individually or in group work, with the help of therecording if applicable.

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  • We present a natural language generation approach which models, exploits, and manipulates the non-linguistic context in situated communication, using techniques from AI planning. We show how to generate instructions which deliberately guide the hearer to a location that is convenient for the generation of simple referring expressions, and how to generate referring expressions with context-dependent adjectives.

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  • It is claimed that a variety of facts concerning ellipsis, event reference, and interclausal coherence can be explained by two features of the linguistic form in question: (1) whether the form leaves behind an empty constituent in the syntax, and (2) whether the form is anaphoric in the semantics. It is proposed that these features interact with one of two types of discourse inference, namely Common Topic inference and Coherent Situation inference.

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  • Brief Report: Study on the current situation of services delivery of commune health centres in some regions and associated factors includes subjects and research methods; results; discussion; recommendations.

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  • The AIDS pandemic negatively affects OVC. The situation has been heightened by the deteriorating economic situation in Zimbabwe and the weakening of support structures at all levels, that is, at individual, family, and community level. Although OVC support services were in place, these were largely overwhelmed and could not meet OVC material and psychosocial needs.

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  • To enable conversational QA, it is important to examine key issues addressed in conversational systems in the context of question answering. In conversational systems, understanding user intent is critical to the success of interaction. Recent studies have also shown that the capability to automatically identify problematic situations during interaction can significantly improve the system performance. Therefore, this paper investigates the new implications of user intent and problematic situations in the context of question answering. ...

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  • Situation entities (SEs) are the events, states, generic statements, and embedded facts and propositions introduced to a discourse by clauses of text. We report on the first datadriven models for labeling clauses according to the type of SE they introduce. SE classification is important for discourse mode identification and for tracking the temporal progression of a discourse.

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  • During thc past two decades, much work in linguistics has focused on sentences as minimal units of communication, and the project of rigorously characterizing the structure of sentences in natural language has met with some succcss. Not surprisingly, however, sentcnce grammars have contributed little to the analysis of discourse, Human discourse consists not just of words in sequences, hut of words in sequences directed by a speaker to an addressee, used to represent situations and to reveal intentions.

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  • The PUNDIT system processes natural language descriptions of situations and the intervais over which they hold using an algorithm t h a t integrates ~ p e e t and ~en~e [ogle. It analyzes the tense and aspect of the real- verb to generate representations of three types of situations-states, processes and events-- and to locate the situations with respect to the time at which the text was produced. Each situation type has a distinct temporal structure, represented in terms of one or more intervals.

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  • Situation Semantics is one of the most recent and controversial theories in formal semantics. Machine Translation (MT) is a highly complex application domain, in which research is expensive of both time and resources. On the surface, the space for interaction between these two fields would seem fairly limited, and in practice the the application of formal semantics in MT has been very limited, a notable exception being the Rosetta project (Landsbergen 1982, 1987).

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  • This report encompasses a situational analysis which was carried out in seven research sites in Botswana: Palapye, Letlhakeng, Kanye, Mahalapye, Molepolole, Serowe and Maun. Information was collected from orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), their caregivers, community

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  • An attempt is made to prepare Linguistics for Situation Semantics. I INTRODUCTION Computational Situation Semantics (yet?). So what is there? Besides a few published papers, each of them containing at least one position since abandoned~ there is a book ~ Attitudes literally on the very verge of publication. This contains the philosophlcal/theoretlcal background of the program The Big Picture. It also contains a very brief treatment of a very simple fragment of ALIASS.

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  • This paper presents a format for representing the linguistic form of utterances, called situation schemata, which is rooted in the situation semantics of Barwise and Perry. A treatment of locative prepositional phrases is given, thus illustrating the generation of the situation schemata and their interpretation in situation semantics.

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  • Research objectives: Describe the situation and several factors related to hypertension and diabetes among the middle aged (40-59) in Dong Son District, Thanh Hoa Province in 2013; evaluate effectiveness of several prevention and management measures for the middle aged (40-59) patients of hypertension and diabetes in Dong Son, Thanh Hoa.

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  • This study investigated into the current situation of teaching English to primary pupils at six primary schools in Thai Nguyen province during the year of 2012. Particularly, this study aimed at finding out the challenges of teaching English to primary pupils in Thai Nguyen in terms of teacher education, teaching techniques, teaching materials, and teaching & learning conditions. Based on the findings, the researchers would like to recommend some changes to improve English teaching quality.

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  • The Situational Leadership approach requires that a leader analyze the whole situation and then choose a leadership strategy to match it. In this model, leadership is described as being on a continuum between "directive," or telling people what to do, and "supportive," or helping people find their own answers to a problem or challenge. This chapter presents the following content: Situational approach perspective, leadership styles, developmental levels, how does the situational approach work?

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  • Under multicriteria situations, we define a power mensuration rule and its efficient extension by applying maximal-utilities among level (decision) vectors. We also adopt some axiomatic results to present the rationalities for these two rules. Based on the notions of reduced game and excess function respectively, we introduce different formulation and dynamic results for the efficient extension.

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