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  • The purpose of this study is to discover and characterize speaking skills, some common mistakes and common points of students when learning speaking skills, as well as suggest suitable techniques for students to improve their skills in which research focuses on finding the reality of the first-five major problems in English learning to speak English and giving them suggestions for better communication. It is expected that first-year English majoring students at HPU can improve their English speaking skills.

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  • The aim of this study are to investigate the difficulties and errors when the second year English majors learn speaking as well as to give some suggestions to improve their speaking skill. Expectation is that this study can truly help them improve their speaking skill and be confident to communicate to foreigners in English.

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  • The purpose of this study is to find out the difficulties and common mistakes made by second-year English non-major students in doing the picture description of the PET speaking test and to provide suggestions to help them really improve their speaking skills. Hopefully, this study will help them improve their speaking skills and can confidently take the PET exam as well as confidently communicate with foreigners.

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  • The article concludes with some suggestions for future qualitative meta researchers, such as working in teams that include members from a plurality of contexts who speak a multiplicity of languages, as well as transparently reporting on decisions taken during the research process.

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  • This paper aims to analyse the major sources of this counterproductive phenomenon as well as act as a reference for students, teachers to gain comprehensive understanding of speaking anxiety for further interventions.

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  • Ten subjects of this study who are studying at Yersin University at the pre-intermediate level also offer the same reason for refusing to speak in class. Many methods have been used to urge English learners to engage in English speaking, but not many worked really well.

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  • In recent years, a raising problem encountered by high school students in general and rural ones in particular is extremely bad speaking skill. This leads to a serious subsequence is that quality of students is low as well as learning and teaching have to face to many difficulties due to the reason that speaking skill is an essential instrument when learning communication in any another language. The problems were related to speaking materials, students’ physical limits, and supporting equipment.

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  • The study aims to explore the factor affecting English speaking of the first year English majors at HPU and suggest some main techniques which include the methods of strengthening the teaching of English speaking to help students enhance their English speaking skill. Only in this way, students who are learning English speaking can learn it well so that they can communicate in English fluently.

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  • This study examines speaking strategies employed by Asian international university students in the Australian EFL context as well as the frequencies of the strategies used. A quantitative method, employing Wahyuni’s 2013 adapted - SILL questionnaire from Oxford’s 1990 taxonomy as the research instrument, is used as the tool of collecting data for the present study.

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  • The aim of this study is finding out features and characteristics of speaking skills, some common mistakes and difficulties of students when learning speaking skills as well as suggest appropriate techniques for students to improve their speaking skill in which the study focuses on finding the reality of the first year English majors learning English speaking and giving them the suggestions for better communication. The expectation is that the first year English majors at HPU can improve English speaking skill.

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  • The aim of this study is to investigate the difficulties and errors when the second year English majors learn speaking as well as to give some suggestions to improve their speaking skill. Expectation is that this study can truly help them improve their speaking skill and be confident to communicate to foreigners in English.

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  • "Ebook Succeed in Cambridge ket practice tests 6 - Student's book" the test proves you can cope with spoken and written English at a basic level. It covers all four language skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking. The language used in the test comes from real-life situations. It will help you learn the English you need for study and work situations as well as travel. Cambridge KET (Key English Test) is a valuable qualification since universities and employers all over the world recognise Cambridge ESOL exams

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  • Teaching and learning how to utilize cohesion ties have always been an issue in EFL settings. With the desire of making some contribution to the understanding of discourse cohesion, this research aims to investigate and compare the types and frequencies of cohesion ties utilized in responses to speaking tasks of third-year English majors at Hanoi National University of Education as well as the efficiency of these cohesive ties in the cohesion of students’ speaking performances.

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  • This study aimed at investigating the use of supplementary sources on teaching speaking skills. Quantitative method is chosen in this research by using the survey for teachers and students. Results of the study demonstrate on the situation of supplementary materials in teaching process, the frequency use of these materials and the effectiveness of materials in organizing activities as well as suggest some solutions to enhance teaching speaking outcomes.

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  • Inspiring phenomenal English songs have a great contribution to develop, improve, and increase listening skills. This study aims to analyze the effect of inspiring phenomenal songs to develop students’ listening skill.

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  • This paper illustrates findings from a case study of applying role-play in EFL classroom. Role-play in this paper does not refer to the traditional model; it is the variations of role-play when students are exposed to authentic situations inside and outside class based on the task-based approach. This is a small cohort of around 16 first year students about seven weeks. Qualitative approach is employed.

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  • The study aims to explore the learning experiences of Vietnamese master students in the field of engineering at a Taiwan university to offer a well-known perception of learning experiences for Vietnamese prospective engineering students who look for foreign degrees in non-English-speaking Asian countries like Taiwan. Interviews with 14 master students were undertaken. The findings reveal that the Vietnamese students experience with 3 types of language-related problems in Taiwan: English language proficiency, lack of English medium of instruction from the host, and Chinese language issues.

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  • This study is particularly interested in what motivates lecturers to try emerging technologies – those teaching and learning technologies that are new, or are used in new ways, or in new contexts to change teaching practices. This paper analyses the responses of university lecturers in South Africa, who use emerging technologies in their teaching, to a national survey which asked what motivates their practice. The rationales that lecturers use to explain their practices include a mix of pedagogic concerns, pragmatism and external imperatives.

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  • The statements below are very approximately in order by the most likely topic and the most likely questions within each topic. That will mean that topics low in the list and questions low in each list are fairly unlikely, but they are given anyway to give some idea of the potential variability of IELTS questions. As the IELTS questions changed all the time and are no longer published, there will certainly be questions in the exam that are not in the list below, as well as some that are similar but stated differently and maybe some topics that are not here.

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  • The article is divided into 3 main parts, including difficulties in the four skills as speaking and listening for communication such as prosody and fluency; writing and reading. About the solutions for the difficulties mentioned above, to begin with, in prosody, solution focuses on the importance of combining phonological knowledge with rhythm, melody, English stress rules and syntax rules in teaching and learning English intonation affected by stress for Vietnamese students, verified by Experimental Phonetics.

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