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  • The teacher puts a box full of words on the board. The words fit together to either make one long sentence or lots of short sentences. The class is divided into strong groups and weak groups. The strong groups write down one long sentence while the weak ones write down as many different short sentences as possible. For stronger groups, the sentence with the most words in the given time is the winner. For weaker groups, the group with the most sentences is the winner.

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  • Lectures Teaching writing presented: Shape of a writing lesson, techniques for while (controlled) writing. Invite friends to read lectures reference content.

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  • This guide will walk through steps to turn a Basic Windows XP Install without any3 programs into a TFTP/DHCP Server able to roll out completely attended or unattended installs. The guide assumes that you have 2 partitions, a C: and a D:. It also assumes that you are keeping Programs and Services running on C: and using D: for shares. If you are using just a C:, then substitute C: wherever there is a D.

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  • The DevR response regulator mediates adaptation ofMycobacterium tuber-culosisto various signals that are likely to be encountered within the host such as hypoxia, nitric oxide, carbon monoxide and ascorbic acid. DevR is proposed as a promising target for developing drugs against dormant bac-teria.

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