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  • The extensive application of AI in domestic animals is demanding an efficient technique with high rate of success. Methods of improving the success of AI are subsequently emanating from continuous research in the areas of procuring the best quality semen that also require employing a rigours semen evaluation system. This book was prepared with an intention of creating a useful addition to an already available literature on different aspects of AI.

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  • Mutation is the sudden heritable change that occurred in an organism. It may be caused by spontaneous or through artificial induction and the resulted mutant shows change in the gene or chromosomes. Induced mutagenesis techniques have successfully produced and commercialized quite a large number of new promising varieties in different crops worldwide, including ornamental plants. Induced mutagenesis has been most successful in c.

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often referred to as a branch of science which deals with helping machines find solutions to complex problems in a more human-like fashion. It is generally associated with Computer Science, but it has many important links with other fields such as Maths, Psychology, Cognition, Biology and Philosophy. The AI success is due to its technology has diffused into everyday life. Neural networks, fuzzy controls, decision trees and rule-based systems are already in our mobile phones, washing machines and business applications....

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  • The current trend of increasing construction project size and complexity results in higher level of project risk. As a result, risk management is a crucial determinant of the success of a project. It seems necessary for construction companies to integrate a risk management system into their organizational structure. The main aim of this paper is to propose a risk assessment framework using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique. Three main phases of the proposed framework are risk management phase, ANN training phase and framework application phase.

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  • The present study was carried out to know the sap transmission nature of sunflower necrosis virus and detection by serological and molecular means. The disease was successfully transmitted through mechanical sap using 0.05 M potassium phosphate buffer. A maximum transmission of 52.33 per cent on cultivar KBSH-44, 51.33 per cent on KBSH-1, and 48.33 per cent on Morden. Under artificial inoculation, the newly emerged leaves showed slight downward curling, puckering and chlorosis followed by necrosis.

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  • Hydrological modelling is a powerful technique of hydrologic system investigation for both the research hydrologists and the practicing water resources engineers involved in the planning and development of integrated approach for management of water resources. In present study, the observed rainfall and runoff data of 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014years were used as input data. In ANN, input data was divided in 70 per cent, 15 per cent and 15 per cent for training, testing and validation purpose, respectively.

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  • Cattle is one of the major livestock species for milk production, contributing significantly to the economy of our country and continuous milk production needs regular conception and successful calf crop production. World-over, for dairy economy, there is emphasis on one calf per year per cattle. Successful calving follows survival of the conceptus through embryonic and fetal development.

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  • An efficient lighting system (Compact 3U) was successfully applied to the micropropagation of gloxinia and potato plants. To compare the in vitro growth of plantlets under Neon and Compact 3U lighting systems, gloxinia and potato shoots were cultured on suitable media at different light intensities: (1) 45 µmol m-2s -1 (under Neon lighting system as a control); (2) 45 µmol m-2s -1, (3) 60 µmol m-2s -1, and (4) 75 µmol m-2s -1 (under Compact 3U lighting systems).

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  • Apple is the leading fruit in the temperate regions of the world due its major share in the production of temperate fruit crops. Heterozygocity is the major problem for the production of true-to-type plants which leads to the production of propagule through vegetative means. Grafting is the one of the major artificial vegetative means of propagation. But the graft incompatibility and many other things lead to the failure of grafted plants.

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  • A ligament advanced reinforcement system (LARS) artificial ligament has been proposed for use in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, and many reports have shown its success in ACL reconstruction.

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  • A review of the literature shows that AI techniques have been successfully applied in predicting PPV in open - pit mines. Nonetheless, they have not been applied anywhere. In this study, the k - nearest neighbors (KNN) algorithm was investigated and applied to predict PPV at the Deo Nai open - pit coal mines (Vietnam).

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  • Artificial neural networks may probably be the single most successful technology in the last two decades which has been widely used in a large variety of applications. The purpose of this book is to provide recent advances of architectures, methodologies, and applications of artificial neural networks.

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  • RClass*: A Prototype Rough-Set and Genetic Algorithms Enhanced Multi-Concept Classification System for Manufacturing Diagnosis 19.1 Introduction 19.2 Basic Notions 19.3 A Prototype Multi-Concept Classification System 19.4 Validation of RClass * 19.5 Application of RClass * to Manufacturing Diagnosis 19.6 Conclusions 19.1 Introduction Inductive learning or classification of objects from large-scale empirical data sets is an important research area in artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, many techniques have been developed to perform inductive learning.

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  • Artificial neural networks may probably be the single most successful technology in the last two decades which has been widely used in a large variety of applications in various areas. The purpose of this book is to provide recent advances of artificial neural networks in biomedical applications. The book begins with fundamentals of artificial neural networks, which cover an introduction, design, and optimization.

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  • Genetic programming (GP) is a branch of Evolutionary Computing that aims the automatic discovery of programs to solve a given problem. Since its appearance, in the earliest nineties, GP has become one of the most promising paradigms for solving problems in the artificial intelligence field, producing a number of human-competitive results and even patentable new inventions. And, as other areas in Computer Science, GP continues evolving quickly, with new ideas, techniques and applications being constantly proposed....

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  • Artifi cial neural networks may probably be the single most successful technology in the last two decades which has been widely used in a large variety of applications in various areas. An artifi cial neural network, oft en just called a neural network, is a mathematical (or computational) model that is inspired by the structure and function of biological neural networks in the brain.

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  • “Acacia hybrids” refers to the inter-specific hybrids of A. mangium and A. auriculiformis, including natural, artificial and polyploid ones. The superiorities of selected acacia hybrid are fast growth, straight stem form, small branches, high productivity, and high ratio of wood utilisation. Acacia hybrids are recognized as having a higher pulping potential and greater soil improvement ability than that of the parental species, which may be shown to have 2.5-13 times larger numbers of nitrogen - fixing nodules on its roots in nursery stage.

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  • Tomato is affected by a large number of diseases. Among these, collars rot disease of tomato cause by S. rolfsii is a threatening disease in eastern coastal regions of Odisha. Since, this disease is soil borne in nature, it is very difficult to control by chemical fungicides. The native rhizosphere soil of tomato was used for isolation and screening of bacterial antagonists for their efficacy and growth promotion potential. A total of 54 bacterial isolates were isolated from rhizosphere of tomato of which five isolates viz.

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  • An 18 month old cross bred heifer was brought to Veterinary Teaching Clinical Complex showing estrus behavior with congenitally fused vulvular labia. Two small opening of approximately 8mm and 2mm in diameter were observed at the dorsal and ventral commissure of vulva respectively. Surgical correction of the vulva with subsequent artificial insemination of the heifer was successfully accomplished.

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  • Cordyceps is a genus of fungi from the Cordycipitaceae family that grows using host insects as the nutritional source. This genus comprises approximately 500 species worldwide. In the present study, culturing 16 species from 3 genuses of Chu-Soh, namely, Cordyceps, Ophiocordyceps, and Isaria, were successfully artificially cultured We then specifically investigated the antitumor effects of Ophiocordyceps pulvinata on human cancer cells. Secondary metabolites of O.

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