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  • Many services running on modern digital telecommunications networks require accurate synchronization for correct operation. For example, if switches do not operate with the same clock rates, then slips will occur and degrade performance. Telecommunication networks rely on the use of highly accurate primary reference clocks which are distributed network wide using synchronization links and synchronization supply units.

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  • In the past twenty years, a wide array of social, environmental and quality standards, codes of practices and certification programmes have appeared in agriculture and the food sector.1 Governments and their research and extension branches have traditionally developed production guidelines for specific commodities or systems. In recent years, especially in developed countries, governments have also established regulations on food safety and quality, voluntary standards on organic agriculture, and sustainability assessments schemes.

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  • The reporting entity concept was adopted by the accounting profession in June 1992 in an attempt to reduce the reporting requirements imposed on certain entities by the application of Accounting Standards. Under this concept, “reporting entities” are required to prepare a financial report in compliance with all Accounting Standards and Urgent Issues Group Consensus Views (referred to as general purpose financial reports (GPFRs)).

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  • Research objectives: On the basis of theoretical studies and practical summaries, this thesis propose a solution to complete the policy for importing higher education service in Vietnam to meet the requirements for internation intergration. Assessment of the import policy of higher education service in Vietnam under four modes: cross-border supply; consumption abroad; commercial presence; presence of natural persons.

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  • There are three problems with the above set of reasonings. First, conventional indices of the standard of living pertain to commodity production, not to the natural-resource base onwhich production depends. Statistics on pastmovements ofworld (or regional) income and agricultural production say nothing about this base. They don’t say if increases in GNP per head in a country aren’t being realized by means of a depletion of natural capital (e.g., ecosystem functioning). It could be, for example, that increases in agricultural production are in part accomplished by "mining" soil and water.

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  • This paper presents a study on if and how automatically extracted keywords can be used to improve text categorization. In summary we show that a higher performance — as measured by micro-averaged F-measure on a standard text categorization collection — is achieved when the full-text representation is combined with the automatically extracted keywords. The combination is obtained by giving higher weights to words in the full-texts that are also extracted as keywords.

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  • Research objectives: The study is based on the basis of studying the theories research, survey, evaluating situations, building up solution systems of management of in-service primary teacher training programmes based on the professional standards, thereby improving the quality of primary teaching staff and serving the education reform goals.

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  • The e-customs procedures are popular applied around the world, especially developed countries which had the implementing process from the 80th century ago; There are many foreign works which are primarily researched on professional application of modern customs on customs procedures. With regard to domestic works which mainly focuses on pilot deployment of e-customs procedures on building organization model of information technology and wider as the customs modernization plans.

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  • Game theory is a mathematical system for analyzing and predicting how humans behave in strategic situations. Standard equilibrium analyses assume all players: 1) form beliefs based on analysis of what others might do (strategic thinking); 2) choose a best response given those beliefs (optimization); 3) adjust best responses and beliefs until they are mutually consistent (equilibrium).

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  • Covers everything beginners need to know about the HTML and CSS standards and today's JavaScript and Ajax libraries - all in one book, for the first time Integrated, well-organized coverage expertly shows how to use all these key technologies together Short, simple lessons teach hands-on skills readers can apply immediately By best-selling author Julie Meloni

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  • The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) in 1992 issued Internal Control – Integrated Framework to help businesses and other entities assess and enhance their internal control systems. Since that time the Framework has been recognized by executives, board members, regulators, standard setters, professional organizations and others as an appropriate comprehensive Framework for internal control. Also, changes have taken place in the financial reporting and related legal and regulatory environments.

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  • HEIs that pass the audit receive a quality label and are added to the register of audited institutions maintained on FINHEEC’s website. The quality label is valid for six years from the Evaluation Council’s meeting at which the audit decision was made. The audit certificate related to the quality label explains whether the audit was carried out by a Finnish or an international audit team, provides a summary of the key findings and describes the optional audit target.

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  • Aimed at helping Java developers, Servlet/JSP developers, and J2EE developers pass the Sun Certified Web Component Developer Exam (SCWCD 310-081), this study guide covers all aspects of the Servlet and JSP technology that Sun has determined necessary. This new edition adds aspects of servlet/JSP development, such as the Expression language, and updated materials of servlets with a particular focus on using filters to make request processing more efficient.

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  • Member States and thus differences in investor protection. Some Member States apply a so- called 'strict' liability regime, where the depositary has an immediate obligation to return the lost asset to the UCITS, while others take the view that the loss of assets does not always imply an unjustifiable failure to perform its duties on the part of the depositary that should lead to liability for that depositary. As a consequence, the liability standard is not the same in all Member States. ...

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  • Many enterprises that compete in today’s market model business problems and opportunities and implement model scoring, which means applying the model to answer strategic questions. Applications for campaign planning, fraud detection, risk management, and customer retention require the processing of very large volumes of data that is stored in the DBMS. Model training (development) typically involves many passes through the data. Once trained, the model score often depends on customer-specific information that is frequently under regulatory and security restrictions.

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  • The case studies included in this discussion paper are part of a project that Resources for the Future (RFF) is conducting under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with general support from RFF. The case studies were originally vetted as RFF Discussion Paper 97-08 in 1996, and this revised version of the discussion paper reflects many useful comments and corrections supplied by reviewers.

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  • User benefits are derived from valuing traveler impact measurements such as changes in person hours traveled or vehicle hours traveled (VHT), person miles traveled or vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and safety and reliability improvements. Unit costs are then applied to these metrics to derive the direct user benefits. (Examples of unit costs are the vehicle operation expenditures per mile or hour, the value of time per hour, and the costs of accidents per incident, by type.

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  • Most analyses of the relationship between health and the economy focus on average health, but health is actually very unevenly distributed across society. In all countries with available data, significant differences in health exist between socioeconomic groups, in the sense that people with lower levels of education, occupation and/or income tend to have systematically higher morbidity and mortality rates.

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  • The Total Suspended Solids (TSS) standard identified in the USEPA Cluster Rules for New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) is the benchmark for existing mills, as Alberta mills currently apply the technology required to achieve this standard. This was based on a review of the current performance values for Alberta mills, other Canadian mills, top performing mills in the U.S., and allows for sufficient flexibility for plant operations during shutdown, start-up and upset conditions. Alberta’s standards for TSS are a monthly average of 4.0 kg/ADt and daily maximum of 8.

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  • The aims of thesis: studying of the phase structure of LSM and LSMq with two different forms of symmetry breaking term: the standard case and non – standard case; studying of the effect from neutrality condition on the phase structure of LSM and LSMq; studying of the chiral phase transition in compactified space

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