Sustainability and schooling

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  • Over the past 20 years, the system of non-public preschool and general education in Vietnam has been formed and developed, initially meeting the diverse needs of preschool and general education of learners, reduce the pressure on the public education system. Despite the initial encouraging results, the development of the non-public preschool and general education system still has many problems that needs to be solved. The picture of non-public preschool and general education is quite contrasting in terms of class and school size, resources, service quality, geographic distribution, etc.

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  • This article shares what the authors have learned from over three decades of work supporting inclusive schooling practices. It defines inclusive education, examines the rationales for inclusive education, and presents what research and experience identify as critical variables for establishing and maintaining inclusive schools.

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  • The concern I want to raise in this chapter is related to the relationship between indigenous identities, knowledge systems and indigenous values and world views compared to world views found in South Africa’s new curricula after new dispensation. What are the values the indigenous pupils meet at home? Do they concur with those of the new curricula after 1994? The rationale for this focus is related to the question of whether the South African primary school is ‘their school’, i.e the school for the majority of South African children in terms of culture and knowledge....

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  • The only impact evaluations the IDB has are beneficiary evaluations; that is, the IDB asks the beneficiaries in the communities how they evalu- ate what they received: Was it working correctly? Did they like it? Was the choice an adequate one? Was the project sustainable? The IDB study summarized about 800 project visits in various countries in which this sort of beneficiary evaluation was done, and in general, the beneficiary evaluations are quite positive. School projects have the highest evalua- tions even if a few schools that were built are not operating.

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  • This document and its Psycho-social Environment Profile are designed to help school personnel assess qualities of the school environment that support social and emotional well-being. It is intended to be a starting point, leading to awareness, discussion, and action by school personnel, students and parents. It will help them recognize and sustain those aspects of the school environment that support social and emotional well-being and improve those aspects that do not.

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  • Research on forecasting is extensive and includes many studies that have tested alternative methods in order to determine which ones are most effective. We review this evidence in order to provide guidelines for forecasting for marketing. The coverage includes intentions, Delphi, role playing, conjoint analysis, judgmental bootstrapping, analogies, extrapolation, rule-based forecasting, expert systems, and econometric methods. We discuss research about which methods are most appropriate to forecast market size, actions of decision makers, market share, sales, and financial outcomes.

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  • The expansion of agriculture to open access forest lands is a major environmental consequence of poverty, food insecurity, and landlessness in many countries, notably in the tropics. Although nominally managed by the state, forests made accessible by the construction of roads become de facto “open access” in the wake of logging operations by private concessionaires, who often fail to comply with their obligations to manage the forest sustainably after harvest.

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  • The first part, the design of an ADAS system started with the investigation of user and stakeholder requirements. It was  found that drivers accept ADAS systems, as long as they keep a certain amount of control. To comply to these  requirements, the system uses so called system states. Every system state offers a certain amount of control, leaving the  choice with the driver.  To define which drive tasks were to be supported, a system analysis of current ADAS systems has been made.  Functions of these systems have been integrated into new multi­purpose functions and components.

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  • An appropriate level and quality of infrastructure is an important contributor to economic growth. Robust, internationally consistent data on infrastructure quality are diffi cult to obtain. Whenever possible, objective data have been used but this section still relies on some international surveys of business perceptions of infrastructure quality, which need to be interpreted with caution. New Zealand is perceived as having lower-quality infrastructure than the OECD mean.

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  • According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the University of Kentucky must use the official wording prescribed by SACS in all catalogues, brochures and advertisements when referring to reporting its accreditation status in its relationship with the Commission on Colleges. This regulation refers to any communication – either printed, broadcast or electronic -- that refers to the University’s accreditation by SACS.

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  • Alix Clark has an MA in Economics from UCT and will shortly obtain an MA from the School of Community and Regional Studies at the University of British Columbia. Prior to working independently as an energy researcher and consultant, Ms Clark was based at the Energy and Development Research Centre at UCT where she headed its Markets and Governance team.

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  • sustainability engages a wide variety of key stakeholders. First and foremost, our clients expect us to invest responsibly on their behalf, and our portfolio managers are increasingly updating clients or fund investors on our sustainable practices and accomplishments. to aid in our effort to maintain efficient and well-occupied buildings, we work with our contract property managers to communicate the goals and measures we set on a global level, as well as for each property, so that tenants are also encouraged to support and undertake sustainable activities.

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  • The Institutional Review Board approved this retrospective study, with a waiver of informed consent from the patients. TB outbreaks occurred in 15 senior high schools and chest radiographs from 58 students with identical strains of TB were analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis by two independent observers. Lesions of nodule(s), consolidation, or cavitation in the upper lung zones were classified as typical TB.

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  • d) What are the Provincial Policy Directions, Strategies and Mandates for Enabling all Children to Attain and Sustain Optimal Health and Developmental Potential? Attaining and sustaining optimal health and developmental potential for children is a shared mandate across provincial ministries. For example, the Ministry of Health Promotion (MHP) Healthy Ontarians, Healthy Ontario Strategic Framework document states, “Our fi rst priority will be our children and youth. Behaviours and attitudes developed in childhood last the rest of our lives.

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  • There is evidence from clinical and epidemiological studies of a relationship between heavy drinking and certain clinical presentations (injuries, physical and psychiatric illnesses, frequent sickness absence) and social problems (see Annex 2). There are some signs at physical examination recognised by experts as linked to heavy drinking, such as injuries (including in the elderly), tremor of the hands and tongue, and excessive capillarisation of the facial skin and conjunctivae.16,17 The exact association between these signs and actual heavy drinking has not been thoroughly investigated.

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  • Today’s new digital technologies and the spread of the internet have created numerous new opportunities and challenges for the education of the future. The rapid development of mobile and ubiquitous computing technology offered more chances to design and develop innovative learning approach with mobile devices in preparing schools and students for a future.

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  • Vivian Barnekow is serving as Technical Officer in the child and adolescent health and development programme of the WHO Regional Office for Europe. She taught in a comprehensive (primary and lower secondary) school in Den- mark for a number of years, during which she was also working as an adviser on health promotion and lifestyle education at the regional level. After she obtained a master’s degree in health education she started working for WHO. She is responsible for the Technical Secretariat for the European Network of Health Promoting Schools.

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  • Selected policies, institutions, and environmental factors, on the other hand, have a clear impact on education attainment. In particular, family background and teacher quality have been identified as important explanatory variables for student achievement. School autonomy and emphasis on assessing student performance are likely to raise education attainment, while teacher unions’ influence may have a negative impact.

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  • The MHS program in Environmental Health is designed to address the academic and practice needs of students in the diverse environmental health field. For some, it serves as a foundation and provides direction for further academic training in medical school or doctoral programs. For others, the knowledge base it provides allows them to successfully pursue positions that incorporate environmental health perspectives and practice activities.

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