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  • In recent years, all western industrialized countries, and to a growing extent even many developed and developing Asian nations, have witnessed a remarkable growth in numbers of older people [1]. Future projections anticipate continued increases, particularly in numbers of individuals who are 85 years and older [1]. Although US statistics have indicated recent declines in disability trends [2], overall numbers of older individuals living with disability and functional dependence are likely to increase given projected increases in life expectancy [3].

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  • Greying of population can be viewed both as a concern as well as an opportunity. Preparing in advance is the key to harvest the benefits of the vast experience and skill the old population holds thereby contributing towards the building of nation. Countries everywhere outside Africa are rapidly growing older. With the change in our economy there comes the sea change in our traditional family system. In this era of globalization, our budding generation is busy in their careers while parents are struggling alone with their age related issues.

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  • The paper analyzes changing demographics and changes for old age support in Vietnam, and suggests some solutions for the issues, notably: a more coherent approach to old-age support, deeper consolidation of delivery systems in the interests of efficiency, transparency and client friendliness, more humane and fiscally sustainable aged and long-term care systems built around a system of home- and community-based care. The role of government will remain paramount both in short and long terms, but non-state providers would gradually be expected to player more of such a role.

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  • Diabetes mellitus is an important condition because it is common in developed countries, is becoming common in developing countries, and places a very great burden on individuals, healthcare systems and societies in all countries. In 1997 it was estimated that 124 million (2.1%) of the world's 5.8 billion total population had diabetes mellitus and it is projected that by 2010 this number will almost double to 221 million

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  • A representative random systematic sampling of clusters from 183 elderly people aged 65 and over was selected from the old age groups of Joaçaba, SC. Previous to the commencement of the research, workshops with the participants were conducted in order to discuss the method of performance of the interviews12. A pilot test was done to calibrate the 5 surveyors in relation to the observation of the clinical condition examined, and the (kappa) agreement test was used for these measurements until an adequate value was obtained.

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  • The retirement crisis is directly attributable to the failure of the “three-legged stool” of retirement security. Traditionally, defined benefit pension plans (“pensions”), personal savings, and Social Security were seen as the three pillars creating a solid foundation for our retirement system. Each should play an important role in supporting people in old age. However, the stool, never sturdy, has become increasingly wobbly as pensions have disappeared and the middle class is finding it harder and harder to save. ...

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  • One of the most crucial components of a country’s social security system is health insurance. Positive developments of health sector enable the opportunity to receive high quality service. In order to offer these services it is essential to deal with the premium calculation subject seriously. Moreover, the accuracy of these calculations provides the longevity of insurance companies and the lack of gap between their incomes and expenses. In this article insurance premium calculation in the private health sector in the Germany case was investigated.

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  • Ageing in place can be defined as the tendency of elderly people to live independently in their own house. The desires to live independently during old age throw challenge to interior designers to think up suitable dwelling that facilitate elderly to age in place. The present research aimed at identifying the gap between existing home communication system and housing needs of elderly. The elderly women in the age of sixty and above who were able to carry out their daily chores were selected as sample. The sample was drawn from Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

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  • The elderly in India often end up in a state of deprivation and negligence as there is no proper social security system as in the West (OASIS, 1999). The majority of the elderly work in the informal sector with low levels of wages and deficient working conditions and this has also put the aged in a state of deprivation, vulnerability and distress in old age in terms of both health and economic security (Helpage International, 2002). Empirical studies by different researchers have shown a gradual decline in the standard of life of the aged with high...

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  • Theoretical development in the area of health change in an older population began with the realization that the rapid mortality decline among the old beginning in the late 1960s could be linked to important population health consequences (15, 75). Fries (36) generated some of the interest in trends in health with his promotion of the idea that there was an ongoing “compression of morbidity.

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  • The chemistry of bamboo is important in determining its utilization potential. Several studies have investigated the chemical composition of bamboo. But systematic and thorough research on a commercially important bamboo species is needed to determine utilization potential for the products such as medium density fiberboard (MDF). Most of previous studies provide either only general information of several bamboo species or focuses on only one aspect of one species.

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  • In this study, the success of in vivo and in vitro micrografts of pistachio (Pistacia vera L. cv. "Siirt") materials are presented. The only variable tested was age (1, 5, 10, and 30-year-old trees). Ten- to 12-day-old axenic seedlings germinated in vitro or seedlings (3 to 5 months-old) grown in pots in vivo were used as rootstocks. Shoot tips collected from the four age classes of mature trees of pistachio were the source of scions.

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  • Human ageing is associated with a wide range of physiological changes that not only make us more susceptible to death, but also limit the normal functions and render us to be more susceptible to a number of diseases. A study was conducted on 60 elderly people of age ranging from 60-80 years in Hisar district of Haryana state living in different lifestyle i.e. living with family, living without family and living in old age homes. Majority of the respondents (46.67%) were in the age group of 70-79 years followed by 38.33% between 60-69 years of age. 33.

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  • Childhood vaccinations have been shown to be effective in protecting children against vaccinepreventable diseases. The systematic investigation of the causes of incomplete immunization is critical for the full immunization and develop health system interventions to improve immunization coverage.

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  • System of Rice Intensification (SRI) with weed management is an imperative to convince the today’s crop production in a sustainable way. Due to scarcity of water and energy, the weed competition is going to be the major constraint in achieving higher production in transplanted rice.

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  • Development of optimized pediatric formulations for oral administration can be challenging, time consuming, and financially intensive process. Since its inception, the biopharmaceutical classification system (BCS) has facilitated the development of oral drug formulations destined for adults. At least theoretically, the BCS principles are applied also to pediatrics. A comprehensive age-appropriate BCS has not been fully developed.

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  • The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of sex and age on physico-chemical and organoleptic qualities of Rajasri chicken at three different ages i.e. 16th, 20th and 24thweeks of age. Day old chicks (n=144) were reared to the age of 16, 20 24 weeks of age under the deep litter system. Six male and six females were slaughtered at 16, 20 and 24 weeks of age in each trail of total four trails.

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  • In general, the health status at old age has an important individual and social relevance. The vulnerability is increasing by physiological and morphological changes in the organism and central nervous system during the ageing process. The indicators of physiological health are based on prevalence of disabilities and causes of death. In Germany the main causes of death are circulatory diseases, neoplasms, diseases of respiratory system and diseases of digestive system (Statistisches Bundesamt 2007a; Nolte, Shkolinikov & McKee 2000).

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  • Hard to fathom, but it really wasn't all that long ago that even a plain old telephone was a luxury item. But, as we all know, technology's only constant is change. In this day and age, many folks need to be accessible everywhere, whether they're at work or play, in the office or at home. To meet this demand, the GSM standard (Global System for Mobile Communications) for mobile telephony was introduced in the mid- 1980s. Today, GSM is the most popular mobile radio standard in the world. A boom is underway, such that many GSM users find life without their phone practically inconceivable....

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  • Human ancestors have been using stone and other tools since long before the emergence of Homo sapiens approximately 200,000 years ago.[20] The earliest methods of stone tool making, known as the Oldowan "industry", date back to at least 2.3 million years ago,[21] with the earliest direct evidence of tool usage found in Ethiopia within the Great Rift Valley, dating back to 2.5 million years ago.[22] This era of stone tool use is called the Paleolithic, or "Old stone age", and spans all of human history up to the development of agriculture approximately 12,000 years ago....

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