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  • It is thought that between a third and a half of all medicines1 prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as recommended. If the prescription is appropriate, then this may represent a loss to patients, the healthcare system and society. The costs are both personal and economic. Adherence presumes an agreement between prescriber and patient about the prescriber’s recommendations. Adherence to medicines is defined as the extent to which the patient’s action matches the agreed recommendations.

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  • From time to time, an event may need to be canceled, postponed, or interrupted. If a crowd has already gathered, these actions have the potential to create dangerous crowd reactions. Have plans in place to manage an angry crowd appropriately and to address the possible readmission of patrons to the venue. One major aspect to consider is authority to cancel or postpone an event. During the planning phase, the promoter and the planning team must discuss who has the authority to cancel or postpone an event as well as when and under what conditions the event...

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  • For the HR context there is a supplementary and vital research question: ‘How should an HR manager respond to the competing pressures of recruiting and retaining attractive employees while at the same time keeping legislative and professional competence intact?’ What stance, either personal or organisational, gives rise to potential ethical anxieties? Unanswered here but noted are gender differences for aesthetic labour and also for sprezzatura, treated historically as the male mind at work.

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  • The Review takes an international perspective. Climate change is global in its causes and consequences, and international collective action will be critical in driving an effective, efficient and equitable response on the scale required. This response will require deeper international co-operation in many areas - most notably in creating price signals and markets for carbon, spurring technology research, development and deployment, and promoting adaptation, particularly for developing countries. ...

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  • Further development of banding techniques and study of prometaphase chromosomes facilitated better identification of these variations with high resolution. Culturing of free amniocytes was another breakthrough that allowed the identification of chromosomal abnormalities associated with birth defects. These classical cytogenetic techniques became mandatory for several clinical conditions and were adopted by many laboratories as a routine.

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  • The residence time that contaminants and nutrients remain in lichen tissue differs among elements (Pucket 1985). Macronutrients, such as nitrogen, sulfur, potassium, magnesium and calcium are comparatively mobile and easily leached and therefore measurable changes in tissue concentrations can occur over weeks or months with seasonal changes in deposition (Boongaprob et al. 1989). In one study, mobile elements reached the same levels in transplants as the indigenous lichens within four to six months (Palomäki et al. 1992).

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  • Implementation planning must identify who is accountable for the realisation of benefits – particularly if the stakeholders concerned are external to departments or agencies. You are encouraged to consult the relevant policy area of PM&C in developing your approach to this. Be mindful that the milestones, tracked through the CIU reporting process, will focus on outcomes and benefits, such as the expected impacts or level of user take-up, as well as the development of products, services and programmes and their roll-out.

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  • Small businesses’ share of private-sector employment is a constant shuffle of employer-employee matches. Some employees may even consider the size of the firm in their decision to accept an employment offer or to jump ship. But even though economists may think in terms of individuals choosing to work for small or large firms, it’s more likely that workers choose an occupation and then a job that an employer offers. Some occupations are in greater supply in small firms than large firms. For instance, someone choosing to be a dental hygienist would tend to work for a small...

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  • Ultimately, the individual must incorporate those ideas that are most appropriate and comfortable for them; an unnecessarily rigid program is bound to deliver sub-par results. Once a program is custom-tailored to an individual’s unique style, it’s vital that they get consistent reminders, support and follow-up accountability to ensure that they actually begin to use these techniques with their clients, referral sources and prospects.

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  • Raising capital gains taxes will lower the return on some types of assets, and could decrease investment. If investors decrease stock holdings, and businesses rely on financing from in-state investors, then a state’s economy could grow more slowly. But a debate on capital gains taxes in the 1980s and 1990s inspired a considerable body of research, which ultimately found that these taxes have little impact on long-term investment.

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  • Another result of FCSRCA has been the development of a model program for certification of embryology laboratories. The CDC published these requirements in 1999. They include requirements for administration of a continuing certification program by the states, quality assurance and control standards, an inspection system, and conditions under which certification can be suspended or revoked. Adoption of such a laboratory certification program is left up to the states.

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  • Much of the literature on carbon offsets (and nearly all aspiring “standards”) point out that credible offsets must be “real, surplus, permanent, verifiable, and enforceable” – or some variation of these terms. 15 Different sources do not always agree on the definitions of these criteria, however, and having a “standard” for carbon offsets really depends on how they are interpreted.

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  • The Experts’ Meeting was held in the Mitsubishi Research Institute and was attended by 81 people (see Appendix I for the list of participants). Childnet International and the Internet Association, Japan have been co-operating for some years on issues that affect child safety and participation on the Internet. The two organisations held a joint meeting at the Second World Congress on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Yokohama in December 2001. At that meeting some of the challenges posed by the new 3G mobile services in Japan were first discussed.

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  • Creative accounting is a growing issue of interest in Spain. In this article we argue that the concept true and fair view can limit or promote the use of creative accounting depending upon its interpretation. We review the range of meanings that true and fair view can take at an international level and compare the experience of the United Kingdom with the Australian one by analysing the use of true and fair view to limit creative accounting. Finally, we suggest lines of action to be considered by the Spanish accounting standards-setting institutions.

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  • The report this year is far more exhaustive in its scope and reach than the previous editions and is backed for the first time, by extensive market research in four significant media markets in the region, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon on shifting media consumption habits. We have expanded the coverage of the report to include 15 Arab countries, namely, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, the UAE and the Yemen....

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  • According to Coppock (1994) under pastoralist management conditions, age at first calving is about four years of age. At Abernossa ranch in Ethiopia, weight and age at puberty in heifers were found to be about 155 kg and 22 months, respectively. Calving rate under a single-sire mating system was also improved to above 80% (Azage 1989), compared to about 45% under pastoral management conditions (Coppock 1994). These results would therefore indicate the improvement that could be achieved through proper selection scheme and better management....

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  • Physical and mechanical properties of several bamboo species have been studied extensively. Chapter 3 presents the fiber length distribution of Phyllostachys pubescens at different age, layer and location. Contact angle of different layers of the bottom portion of three year old bamboo were measured by dynamic contact angle measurement. Specific gravity and bending properties of bamboo at different ages, horizontal layers, and height locations were also determined. Also compressive strength at different ages and height locations were determined.

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  • Research has shown that institutional reputation is the most important criterion in online MBA program selection, with workload and time to complete the next most frequently given reasons (Chiu, 1999). Other research has found convenience (Dunning & Mijayaraman, 2000; Tallent-Runnels, Thomas, Lan & Cooper, 2006) or flexibility in time management to be of greatest importance in choosing online education in general (McEwen, 2001; Moskal & Dziuban, 2001; Ryan, 2001; Smith, 2001).

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  • In a culture like ours, long accustomed to splitting and dividing all things as a means of control, it is sometimes a bit of a shock to be reminded that, in operational and practical fact, the medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium-- that is, of any extension of ourselves -- result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology. Thus, with automation, for example, the new patterns of human association tend to eliminate jobs, it...

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  • Daily or thrice-weekly interactions with patients for directly observed treatment offer many opportunities for health education. At every visit, health workers need to show a welcoming and supportive attitude so that patients will be willing to return for the next treatment. Patient education is very important in the intensive phase of treatment. However, it is vital to a successful treatment outcome that patient education be an ongoing process throughout the duration of treatment. ...

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