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  • This report has been prepared by Environmental Resources Management the trading name of Environmental Resources Management Limited, with all reasonable skill, care and diligence within the terms of the Contract with the client, incorporating our General Terms and Conditions of Business and taking account of the resources devoted to it by agreement with the client. We disclaim any responsibility to the client and others in respect of any matters outside the scope of the above.

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  • To help ensure that water is safe to drink and to address the nation’s aging drinking water infrastructure that can impact water quality, $850 million for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund will support new infrastructure improvement projects for public drinking water systems in FY 2013. In concert with the states, the EPA will focus this affordable, flexible financial assistance to support utility compliance with safe drinking water standards.

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  • This paper describes a summarization system for technical chats and emails on the Linux kernel. To reflect the complexity and sophistication of the discussions, they are clustered according to subtopic structure on the sub-message level, and immediate responding pairs are identified through machine learning methods. A resulting summary consists of one or more mini-summaries, each on a subtopic from the discussion.

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  • Research aims: The research clarifes scientific evidences, practical basis and proposes a model of Information and Library system for training at Technical universities in Vietnam.

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  • Research objectives: Supplement and complete a biodata and production technics of a native species with high economic values; the findings of the study are references for future researches, curriculums, technical officers, advisors and students; the study is also expected to build a technical guidance for producing Phay’s seedlings contributing to development andproduction of Phay, a native large-timber species, in Bac Kan province and other provinces with similar natural conditions.

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  • Research objectives: It is to determine agrobiological features as a scientific basis for the study of the mechanism creating seedless fruits, and to intervene with technical measures in order to improve productivity and quality of fruits of citrus trees. It is to study applications of some technical measures to improve productivity and quality of fruits in some citrus tree cultivars.

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  • Study objectives: To clarity the scientific basis (both theoretical and practical) to recommend measures to overcome the technical barriers of importing countries, promote the export of garment and textile in Vietnam.

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  • This revision, which supersedes the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Standard X-673-64-1E, Engineering Drawing Standards Manual, is intended to update and reflect the latest formats and standards adopted by GSFC.The following is a summary of the principal changes and improvements incorporated in this issue.

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  • Industrial robots are currently employed in a large number of applications and are available with a wide range of configurations, drive systems, physical sizes and payloads. However, the numbers in service throughout the world are much less than predicted over twenty years ago (Engelberger 1980). This is despite major technological advances in related areas of computing and electronics, and the availability of fast, reliable and low-cost microprocessors and memory. This situation is mainly a result of historical and economic circumstances, rather than technical considerations.

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  • GNU GPL: GNU General Public License. Mọi người đều có thể có source code của mã nguồn mở, chỉnh sửa, biên dịch theo ý riêng. Mã nguồn mở đã chỉnh sửa có thể dùng cho mục đích riêng hoặc công khai. Nếu công khai phải cung cấp đầy đủ source code. Linux là hệ điều hành mã nguồn mở, được phân phối theo quy định của GNU GPL.

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  • This book has been a project spanning several years. Many have commented that the first edition was one of the best technical books they ever read. What’s made this book a reality are the many people that aided in its development. We took a big risk in developing the second edition of this book and decided to build the book on the Web. We received feedback from around the world when writing this book, and thus we have an evolving list of contributors and reviewers.

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  • The JICA-assisted “The Study on Urban Transport Master Plan and Feasibility Study in Ho Chi Minh Metropolitan Area” was conducted with the following main objectives: Formulation of a comprehensive Master Plan up to 2010 and 2020 for the urban transport system in the HCM metropolitan area, and a Short-term Action Plan up to 2005; conduct of feasibility studies on selected priority projects; and conduct of technology transfer on database development, modeling, and plan formulation to the Vietnamese counterpart staff during the course of the study. 

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  • Using your voice as a sales tool, the telephone, and per- haps some related technology, you can cost effectively launch a telemarketing effort that will allow your company to increase its sales, reach more qualified prospects faster, and more easily reach its sales goals. At the same time you’re working to ex- pand your customer base, the telephone can be used to en- hance and strengthen the relationships you have with existing customers and help you generate more repeat business.

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  • Chapter 1 Overview 1.1. Warning This chapter provides a non-technical summary of some themes of this book. We debated whether to put this chapter first or last. A way to use this chapter is to read it twice, once before reading anything else in the book

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  • We have been able to develop 23 Regional Cancer Centres and several Oncology Wings in India, which provide comprehensive cancer care services. One of the major limitations of the programme is the late stage at presentation of common cancers thus reducing the chances of survival. There is a need to increase awareness among the community regarding prevention and early detection of cancers. The programme is developing IEC materials for the same.

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  • A range of factors contributed to this situation, such as the lack of access to basic health facilities - only 40% of the population is in the coverage areas of basic health facilities, and only 9% of rural households surveyed in 2003 reported a health facility in their village;1 lack of female staff at the existing facilities particularly in rural areas; marked rural-urban disparities in availability of health facilities; and lack of infrastructure (roads and transport) and security that reduce mobility and access.

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  • In this part, we will have a look at the environment in which the digital projection system will be installed. Actually, more recent projection booths were not necessarily designed for a double projection system. The booths that are equipped or were formerly equipped with two reel systems are more suitable for a transition to digital. The others sometimes have to be rearranged....

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  • To determine if the presence of reproductive messages is a long term, enduring feature of song lyrics, the fourth study was based on a content analysis of the lyrics contained in a sample of representative art songs and opera aria dating back as far as 1597. Arias are usually a melodic segment set within the context of a larger composition called an opera. Though arias are often performed independent of the full opera, they derive much of their meaning from the framework of the surrounding composition. In contrast, Art songs are smaller scale compositions that...

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  • In the 1980s, the design profession experienced substantial growth with the emergence of a dominant retailing sector and the mergers and de-mutualisation of major financial institutions. This investment in design was especially in interiors, corporate identity, packaging and graphics. Graphics/corporate identity/packaging companies dominate the profession and these companies serve retail and service companies in the UK, as well as exporting their services.

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  • Qualitative research was conducted on these issues in the 1990s, but since then, India has experienced rapid economic growth, considerable improvements in net school enrolment ratios, and reductions in gender differentials in school enrolment.

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