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  • A major objective of this book is to fill the gap between traditional logic design principles and logic design/optimization techniques used in practice. Over the last two decades several techniques for computer-aided design and optimization of logic circuits have been developed. However, underlying theories of these techniques are inadequately covered or not covered at all in undergraduate text books. This book covers not only the "classical" material found in current text books but also selected materials that modern logic designers need to be familiar with ...

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  • Many watermarking techniques for databases are available in the literature. This paper surveys and classifies them based on the way they express the watermark, their verifiability and their granularity.

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  • This book is designed to facilitate a thorough understanding of fundamental principles without requiring readers to memorize an excess of confusing technological details. Rather than focusing on techniques for one particular phase of design, it covers the complete design process, from specification to manufacturing

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'advanced techniques for designing distributed applications for windows® 2000', công nghệ thông tin, chứng chỉ quốc tế phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The efficient and effective speed controllers can be designed by using adaptive control techniques. In which the conventional PI controller is replaced by structures based on Sliding Mode Control (SMC) strategy. SMC is known for its capability to cope with bounded disturbance as well as model imprecision which makes it ideal for the robust nonlinear control of IM drives.

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  • Generally the methods have been used in face recognition and processing a group of images which belongs to similar objects, such as face image databases. In this paper a new method is introduced to compress one coloured image using PCA technique.

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  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) generally detects unwanted manipulations of computer systems, mainly through the Internet. (IDS), as a new defensive-security layer to the WSNs' security infrastructure; which it can detects unsafe activities and unauthorized access.

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  • This paper discussed about the text mining and its preprocessing techniques. Text mining is the process of mining the useful information from the text documents. It is also called knowledge discovery in text (KDT) or knowledge of intelligent text analysis.

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  • Data security is the very important thing in recent years. One organization has to share the data with other for business purpose. The owner of the data can also be called as data distributer and the other business organization can also be called as data agents. Agents should not share the important business data with other agents or third-party. How to detect who among the agents are guilty and done data leakage is challenging issue.

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  • The C programming language was designed for computers, though, and not embedded systems. It does not support direct access to registers, nor does it allow for the reading and setting of single bits, two very important requirements for 8051 software.

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  • That’s where The Creative Training Idea Book can help. By providing a comprehensive resource of research on learning, creative tips, techniques, and sources for obtaining innovative and inexpensive items to add pizzazz to any training program, I hope to spark your imagination. I also intend to provide you with a valuable tool for future reference in your efforts to create the best possible learning environment and experience for your audiences

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  • Algorithm is used to define the notion of decidability. It is a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations. This is essential for computers to process information. Computer programs contain algorithms that detail specific instructions a computer should perform to carry out a specified task. The traditional computer program performs specific instructions sequentially, and uses crisp values of information which do not support uncertainties.

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  • This module introduces students to planning a search strategy, conducting searches, and creating and editing indexes for searching. After completing this module, students will be able to: Discuss the three search options in Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001, use the two Search Web Parts to perform simple and advanced searches, and apply various techniques for maximizing search results.

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  • Multicast and group security (Artech house computer security series) is a handbook for engineers, architects and other practitioners working in the field of Internet security. It presents detailed coverage of security technologies and techniques for IP (Internet protocol) multicast networks from the leading developer of the standards. It also examines important security issues relating to other group communication technologies. Algorithms and protocols for multi-party secure communication are included.

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  • As digital libraries and the World Wide Web (WWW) continue to grow exponentially, the ability to find useful information will greatly depend on the associated underlying framework of the indexing infrastructure or search engine. The push to get information on-line must be mediated by the design of automated techniques for extracting that information for a variety of users and needs. What algorithms and software environments are plausible for achieving both accuracy and speed in text searching today?...

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  • Learn how to build your own computer vision (CV) applications quickly and easily with SimpleCV, an open source framework written in Python. Through examples of real-world applications, this hands-on guide introduces you to basic CV techniques for collecting, processing, and analyzing streaming digital images. You’ll then learn how to apply these methods with SimpleCV, using sample Python code. All you need to get started is a Windows, Mac, or Linux system, and a willingness to put CV to work in a variety of ways. Programming experience is optional....

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  • Traffic Analysis is a set of techniques for arranging and visualizing data so that patterns and relations can be identified, tagged or tracked. This course serves as a primer for taking logfiles of virtually any format, organizing the data and performing the analysis.

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  • This volume, in the ITECH Vision Systems series of books, reports recent advances in the use of pattern recognition techniques for computer and robot vision. The sciences of pattern recognition and computational vision have been inextricably intertwined since their early days, some four decades ago with the emergence of fast digital computing. All computer vision techniques could be regarded as a form of pattern recognition, in the broadest sense of the term.

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  • The urgent need for computer-assisted detection of tumors and lesions in medical images becomes clear when one considers the state of affairs in X-ray film mammography for breast cancer screening. In the United States it is estimated that there are currently more than 50 million women over the age of 40 at risk of contracting breast cancer.

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  • Each information-gathering technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose the technique that would be most effective for the project and the organization. In this activity, you will look at two different scenarios and choose the information-gathering techniques for each. In this activity, you will review the case study and determine which information-gathering techniques are appropriate and what information you intend to collect with each technique.

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