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  • Chapter 1 Blue is one colour the Danube never manages. Slate grey, muddy brown, dirty rust, sweatstained khaki; all of these and most of the intermediate shades sabotage the dreams of any romantic who stands on her banks. Occasionally, where boats gather, she achieves a kind of oily radiance as the sun shimmers on a skin of spilled fuel, turning the river the iridescent hues of a pigeon's throat. On a dark night when clouds obscure the stars, she's as black as the Styx. But there, in central Europe at the turning of the new millennium, it cost rather more than...

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  • It may not be amiss to remark, in explanation of the startling and sensational title chosen for this production, that logic has not yet succeeded in framing a title-page which shall clearly indicate the nature of a book. The greatest adepts have frequently taken refuge in some fortuitous word, which has served their purpose better than the best results of their analysis. So it was in the present case.

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  • Being a beginner, I know what all beginners fear. Just like I first learnt ball room dancing, it took me almost 2 months to move like a robot, to struggle with music rythm and sway at the same time. I had to overcome the temptation of quitting several times before I could actually progress and enjoy the dances. Some of my friends, unfortunately, took the quick path to just give it up. In ball room dancing, the entry barrier was high enough to knock out a majority of beginners who had been earilier very eager to learn a new thing....

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  • PART I: Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1: A. eventually B. capacity C. altogether D. particular Question 2: A. appearance B. ambitious C. performance D. telephone Question 3:A. temptation B. property C. government D. beautiful Question 4:A. relation B. arrange C. summary D. eliminate Question 5: A. interview B. processor C. essential D. compliment...

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  • Creative accounting is nothing new. It has been a temptation and a problem from the moment that accounting principles were first used to report on business performance. There is an old joke about the accountant who is asked to add up two and two and who produces the response ‘What would you like the answer to be?’ It is an appropriate reminder that financial measurement is not an exact science. In fact this old joke provides a good starting point because it leads to a helpful working definition of creative accounting.

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  • Khi tôi còn là một cậu bé, chương trình truyền hình The Ed Sullivan Show phát hình vào đúng 8 giờ mỗi ngày chủ nhật. Hầu hết những người Mỹ có máy thu hình đều cố gắng có mặt ở nhà vào giờ có thể xem bởi vì chỉ có vào giờ đó mới có thể xem được các chương trình của the Beatles, Elvis Presley, the Temptations, hay chương trình xiếc của một người quay tròn mười cái đĩa đồng thời một lúc trên mũi của mười con chó. ...

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  • Ihave no idea where you are as you read this. You might be sitting in front of your computer, lounging on a beach in Martinique, or curled up under the covers with a flashlight. But there’s a chance you’re standing in a bookstore with a clerk behind you asking if you need any help. If so, you’re at what we in the book biz like to call the “point of purchase” (POP). From my perspective, the POP is a dangerous place, fraught with ambiguities and temptations. There’s a chance—however infinitesimal— that you might put this book back where you found it and buy a competing title....

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  • Because of their apparent “simplicity” simple atoms present a great challenge and temptation to experts in various branches of physics from fundamental problems of particle physics to astrophysics, applied physics and metrology. This book is based on the presentations at the International Conference on Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems (PSAS 2002) whose primary target was to provide an effective exchange between physicists from different fields.

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  • Accountancy and auditing are complex and technical processes. Ethics, in contrast, might be considered relatively simple. The difficult part of ethics, it may be argued, is not knowing what we ought to do, but getting ourselves, and others, to do the right thing. Truthfulness, honesty, care, loyalty, integrity: we know what they require, but we do not know if and how these requirements can be met.

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  • So many fantastic tales have come to us of students' life abroad, of their temptations, trials, finances, successes and failures, that I have attempted to give here the true story of the preparation for an operatic career, and its fruition. My road leads from New York to Paris, to Germany and thence to London, and back to the Metropolitan Opera House.

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  • Foreword 7 Berin Szoka 25 Years After .COM: Ten Questions 9 Berin Szoka Contributors 29 Part I: The Big Picture & New Frameworks CHAPTER 1: The Internet’s Impact on Culture & Society: Good or Bad? 49 Why We Must Resist the Temptation of Web 2.0 51 Andrew Keen The Case for Internet Optimism, Part 1: Saving the Net from Its Detractors 57 Adam Thierer CHAPTER 2: Is the Generative Internet at Risk? 89 Protecting the Internet Without Wrecking It: How to Meet the Security Threat 91

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  • I am a cardiologist—a physician who specializes in the prevention and medical treatment of heart disease. I have spent the past twenty-five years fully engaged in the battle to lower the likelihood of heart disease for my patients and my country. In addition to my work with patients, I have written several cardiology textbooks and continue to edit the major intensive care textbook in the country, Irwin and Rippe’s Intensive Care Medicine. I have also written books for the general public concerning simple steps that we can all take to lower our risk of heart disease.

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  • In a dynamic admissions landscape, one of the primary drivers of admissions success is static and unchanging—an effective, error-free application. While it may seem rudimentary, applicants are encouraged to thoroughly proofread their applications for careless errors and enlist trusted friends, family, colleagues or a skilled admissions consultant to do the same to avoid the number one most common application faux pas. Applicants also need to resist the temptation to copy and paste material from one appli- cation to another, or to decide that an essay is “good enough.

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  • Đứng trước những bức họa dưới đây, người ta đặt câu hỏi, những danh họa đã vẽ nên vẻ đẹp thiêng liêng của tình mẫu tử, hay, chính sự vĩ đại của tình mẫu tử đã làm nên vẻ đẹp cho tranh? William-Adolphe Bouguereau – Bức Temptation (1880) Không gian trong tranh thật đẹp, bầu không khí ấm áp bao trùm. Người mẹ và em bé đang tận hưởng niềm vui giản dị chơi đùa, trò chuyện cùng nhau. Bức “Temptation” (Sự .quyến rũ) là một điển hình của những bức tranh cổ, tuân thủ nghiêm ngặt những quy chuẩn về tỷ lệ,...

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  • Before starting with the process of acquiring, correcting and measuring images, it seems important to spend a chapter addressing the important question of just what it is that can and should be measured, and what cannot or should not be. The temptation to just measure everything that software can report, and hope that a good statistics program can extract some meaningful parameters, is both naïve and dangerous. No statistics program can correct, for instance, for the unknown but potentially large bias that results from an inappropriate sampling procedure.

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  • Drawing on the words of Jesus, and on his own experience as a pastoral counselor, Arnold guides the reader from frustration, guilt and self-doubt to single-minded freedom and finding peace in Christ.

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  • Sometimes there’s a temptation to advertise a collector vehicle in a local newspaper. But for the most part, any perceived convenience or economy is overshadowed by a small number of potential buyers. A national or inter- national ad will greatly increase your chances of getting top dollar for your car. Print ads have long since ceased to be your only viable option for selling a collector vehicle. The Internet ac- counts for such a large portion of the marketplace for any product that you avoid it at your peril.

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  • The preceding paragraph is not an indictment of application-oriented curricula per se, only of the particular way [N1] wants such a curriculum implemented: it allows the utilitarian impulse to overwhelm the basic ed- ucational mission, with the result that basic ideas and skills not directly related to the so-called real world problems often get left out. By yielding to the temptation of “doing just enough to get the problems solved”, the curriculum of [N1] ends up presenting a fragmented and amorphous version of mathematics.

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  • This sustained defence concerns the physical safety of citi- zens, territory and interests, legal culture and liberty. It will be played out in many theatres, and will cover many policy domains that have traditionally been kept separate from each other. Understanding how different matters are interrelated is a very important first step in beginning to be able to address them effectively.

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  • Only staff who are authorized to disclose information would post it on social media. Therefore, the same or similar sign-off processes as traditional media would normally apply. However, the speed and informal nature of social media generate a higher risk of accidental or inappropriate disclosure, which must be guarded against by ensuring that clear practices and procedures are developed and that all staff are aware of these and adhere to them.

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