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Tendons and imaging

Xem 1-8 trên 8 kết quả Tendons and imaging
  • Achilles tendon is beside a quadriceps one, the strongest tendon in human body. Its name arises from the ancient hero Achilles. His mother Thetis wanted to make him invulnerable by immersing him in the saint river Styx. As she had to hold him his heel remained unprotected and thus his weakest point. This was a cause of his death – he was hit in a heel by a poisoned Paris’ arrow (led by a God Apollo) in the siege of Troy (term “Achilles heel” is so commonly used to describe the weakest point of someone). The name Achilles tendon comes from the story of the siege...

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  • Velocity encoded phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (VE-PC MRI) is another imaging technique used to noninvasively measure Achilles tendon strain and changes in its force-displacement relationship concomitant with chronic unloading and subsequent recuperation. This technique will be reviewed in terms of its ability to quantify the Achilles tendon Young’s modulus (MPa) from a stress-strain curve.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "diagnostic imaging - emergency" presents the following contents: central nervous system, chest/cardiovascular, abdomen pelvis, achilles tendon tear and tendinopathy, achilles tendon tear and tendinopathy,...

    pdf750p thangnamvoiva4 01-07-2016 13 1   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book "imaging anatomy musculoskeletal" presents the following contents: shoulder overview, shoulder radiographic and arthrographic anatomy, shoulder labrum, shoulder ligaments, elbow overview, elbow radiographic and arthrographic anatomy, elbow muscles and tendons, wrist measurements and lines,...

    pdf621p thangnamvoiva5 14-07-2016 13 1   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book "imaging anatomy musculoskeletal" presents the following contents: thigh radiographic anatomy and mr atlas, knee overview, knee extensor mechanism and retinacula, cruciate ligaments posterior capsule, knee and leg measurements and lines, ankle ligaments, foot overview, ankle tendons,...

    pdf573p thangnamvoiva5 14-07-2016 19 1   Download

  • (bq) part 2 book “musculoskeletal imaging” has contents: pelvic girdle and hip, knee and tibial injuries, meniscal pathology, anterior cruciate ligament tears, quadriceps tendon injuries, ankle injuries, achilles tendon pathology, atlantoaxial fractures,… and other contents.

    pdf166p tieu_vu15 07-09-2018 4 0   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book "introduction to musculoskeletal ultrasound getting started" presents the following contents: introduction, physics of ultrasound, understanding the equipment, image optimization, scanning techniques and ergonomics, doppler imaging, imaging tendon.

    pdf91p thangnamvoiva4 01-07-2016 11 1   Download

  • There are only a few studies on calf muscle strength in patients with Achilles tendon disorders. Calf muscle strength has been measured after rehabilitation in pa- tients with surgically treated complete Achilles tendon ruptures4,14,15,17 and in patients with complete Achilles tendon ruptures treated either surgically or nonsurgi- cally.

    pdf5p quynho77 14-11-2012 24 0   Download


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