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  • (BQ) Test your grammar and usage for FCE is part of the popular Test Your series devised by Peter Watcyn-Jones. Specially written for students preparing for Cambridge First Certificate, it features 60 enjoyable tests to practice the key grammar areas required in the exam. This fully revised and updated edition is more user-friendly than ever with new tips and information boxes, clear explanations and a full answer key.

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  • (BQ) This section covers the main areas of English grammar at intermediate level and concentrates on all the papers in the exam you have to pass. The exercises contain helpful descriptions, explanations as well as grammar tips. These focus on what you can do with the language you have learnt, instead of just testing your knowledge of it. Why not take our practice tests now? The main contents of this part 2 include all of the following: Test your vocabulary 3, test your prepositions, test your business vocabulary in use, test your reading, test your english general.

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  • (bq) this book includes these contents: missing verbs, the body, opposites: adjective, food and drink, choose the word, the house,... invite you to consult this book.

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  • (bq) this book includes these contents: in the kitchen, in the garden, in the study, things to buy, around the house, in the town, in the bathroom, food and drink, more money, electrical things,... invite you to consult this book.

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  • (bq) this book includes these contents: useful everyday phrases, the press, tools and equipment, outside the house, education, parts of the body, computers, shapes, add a letter, connections,... invite you to consult this book.

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  • (bq) this book includes these contents: things in the home, the body, food and drink, choose the word, around the house, disasters, cartoon, green issues,... invite you to consult this book.

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  • IQ Brainteasers is the ultimate test of your brain power. Packed with over 300 puzzles, your visual, mathematical and lateral thinking abilities will be stretched to the limit. Also included are some Japanese puzzles sudoku, Bridges and Slitherlink which will really get your brain cells working.

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  • IQ tests are now encountered in recruitment for the government, the armed forces, education, industry and commerce. Tài liệu Test your IQ contains 400 IQ test questions written and compiled by IQ-test experts, complete with a guide to assessing individual performance. By studying the different types of test, and recognizing the different types of question, readers can improve their test scores and increase their IQ rating.

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  • Test vocabulary 5 is for students of the Cambridge Proficiency Examination, or students at university. There are test on phobias and animal, foreign words and phrases, and proverbs, as well as synonyms, idioms and homophones. Alist of dictionaries for further research is included in the Introduction. Test your vocabulary 5 contains 60 test.

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  • Welcome to the Wiley Keys to Success series! The books in this series are practical guides designed to help you be a better student. Each book focuses on an important area of schoolwork, including building your vocabulary, studying and doing homework, writing research papers, taking tests, and more.

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  • Increase your powers of vocabulary, calculation and logical reasoning with this book of brand new IQ tests. Each timed test is approximately the same degree of difficulty and consists of a mixture of numerical, diagrammatic and logical reasoning questions. Answers are provided with detailed explanations where necessary, together with a guide to assessing performance on each test individually, and cumulatively on all ten tests.

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  • This research also differs from that of O’Loughlin and Arkoudis in that whereas the participants in their study were both undergraduate and postgraduate, in the current study they are undergraduates only, but representing a range of disciplines, namely, Nursing, Business, Engineering and Information Technology. Also differing from the O’Loughlin and Arkoudis study is the fact that for most of the participants in the research reported here, the results obtained in the July 2010 IELTS Test were not ‘exit scores’. Most of the participants had one more semester of study to complete.

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  • Practice Makes Perfect: English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners helps you develop your vocabulary by providing practice in word-building and encouraging you to analyze new words for an ever-increasing vocabulary. Each chapter of this comprehensive book focuses on a theme, such as family or travel, so you can build your language skills in a systematic manner. As you lay the foundation for an increasing vocabulary, you are able to perfect your new words with plenty of exercises and gain the confidence to communicate well in English....

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  • 400 never before published questions, complete with a guide to assessing your performance provide you with plenty of opportunity to practice, whether it's for a job interview or for your own entertainment.

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  • Sự xuất hiện các từ ngữ mới Các từ ngữ mới thường xuất hiện để bù đắp những thiếu hụt, không thoả mãn, không phù hợp với nhu cầu định danh các sự vật, hiện tượng trong đời sống và trong thế giới của con người. Đôi khi, chúng cũng xuất hiện một phần bởi mốt trong cách định danh, muốn dành cho sự vật một tên gọi mới hơn dù nó đã có tên gọi rồi. Tuy nhiên, lí do thứ nhất vẫn là lí do chủ yếu. Có hai con đường cơ bản làm xuất hiện một từ ngữ...

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  • Composer : Gon THE TEST ENGLISH I. VOCABULARY: (30 points) Part 1: Circle the letter (A, B, C or D) next to the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. 1. It's a good idea to see your doctor regularly for ................... . A...

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  • Because students benefit greatly from increased word power, the study of vocabulary should be enjoyable. Unfortunately, vocabulary workbooks often lose sight of this goal. To make the study of vocabulary an exciting and enjoyable part of college study, I wrote Academic Vocabulary. The goal of this book—the third in a three-book interactive vocabulary series—is to make the study of vocabulary fun through a variety of thematic readings, self-tests, and interactive exercises.

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  • Test Your Business Vocabulary in Use is a set of 66 tests based on the key corpus informed vocabulary highlighted in Business Vocabulary in Use. There is a clear one-page test for each unit of the parent book and a user-friendly answer key which enables learners to check their answers accurately. The scoring system provides the self-study learner with immediate feedback on their progress. The book contains both British and American English and is ideal for self-study or to complement classroom study....

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  • Welcome to 501 Synonym and Antonym Questions! This book is designed to help you prepare for the verbal sections of many assessment and entrance exams. By completing the exercises in this book you will also increase your vocabulary and refine your knowledge of words. Most standardized tests—including high school entrance exams, the SAT, civil service exams, and the GRE—use synonym and antonym questions to test verbal skills. These questions ask test takers to identify the word that is most similar or dissimilar to another word, effectively testing their knowledge of two words....

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  • Như những bài viết đã được đề cập từ trước thì đọc và nghe tiếng Anh được xem như là một cách học hiệu quả trong việc làm phong phú vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh, thế nhưng phương pháp đó được là một cách học từ vựng hiệu quả cho việc học tiếng Anh lâu dài, thế nhưng để chuẩn bị cho bài kiểm tra trong tuần tới thì liệu những phương pháp đó có thật sự hiệu quả không? Sau đây là một số phương pháp “cứu cánh khẩn cấp” cho các bạn trong trường hợp đó: 1. Cây từ...

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