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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Chemistry of the textile industry" has contents: Introduction - The structure of fibres, the whitening of textiles, fire retardant textiles, physical and chemical effects of domestic laundering processes.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Chemistry of the textile industry" has contents: Easy care, machine washable knitwear – production routes, coated and laminated fabrics, scouring, enzymes and softeners, the colouring of textiles, the environmental impact of the textiles industry.

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  • Part 1 the book "Textile fibre microscopy" presented the contents chapter 1 - Introduction to textile includes: Introduction, the textile industry - Its range and markets, sequence of fabric construction. Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • Technical staff in the textile industry are the backbone for the industry to run successfully. Management employ adequately qualified technical personnel and allot them to the supervisory jobs, whereas basic control of the raw materials, men, machinery procurement, devising policies etc. is controlled by the top management.

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  • The organisation of sewers and systems is closely related to the different types of industry and, as a result, a whole array of configurations exist. In all cases, it is essential to avoid unnecessary dilution during treatment.

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  • Textile industry is a leading industry for most countries, such as China, Singapore, UK, Bangladesh, Italy, Turkey etc. But, environmental pollution is one of the main results of this industry. Parralel to usage of huge amounts of water ad chemicals, the textile dyeing and finishing industry is one of the major polluters among industrial sectors, in the scope of volume and the chemical composition of the discharged effluent (Pagga & Brown, 1986).

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  • With expanded listings and illustrations, The book was offered in response to numerous requests from customers and others in the textile industry for an up-to-date glossary of terms encountered in the manufactured fiber and textile trades.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Membranes for industrial wastewater recovery and Re-use" has contents: Introduction (water reuse motivations and barriers, industrial water, membrane technology), membrane technology (the membrane, the process fundamentals, the theory...), industrial waters (the pulp and paper industry, the textile industry, the beverage industry,...).

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  • Environmental managers, engineers, and scientists who have had experience with process industry waste management problems have noted the need for a book that is comprehensive in its scope, directly applicable to daily waste management problems of the industry, and widely acceptable by practicing environmental professionals and educators.

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  • There is increasing political and environmental pressure on industry to clean up the water which it uses in many processes, and to re-use this water where possible. This cleaning is done using specially-developed industrial membranes and this book covers the types and design of membranes, how they work and in which industries they are used. Special attention is paid to the textile, food/ beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and pulp and paper industries where such membranes are in regular use.

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  • The importance of maintaining and managing humidity and temperature in a textile mill is not a new concept, but understanding the requirements, the equipment capabilities and utilizing them to get the best results is a challenge the technicians face all the time. Now the systems have changed from manually operated to fully automatic; however, unless one knows how to monitor, he shall still have the problem. Some guidelines are needed for the shop floor technicians relating to maintenance of humidity and monitoring the air....

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  • Th e ste el industry is one of man y major wo rl d industries exte nsively restructured in th is era of globalizatio n. The Global Restructuring of the Steel Indu stry explains how and why th e steel ind ustry has shifted from advanced ca pita list countries to late ind ustria lizing countries. Drawing upon case studies of th e steel industr y in th e US, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and India, Anthony P.D'Costa examines the relationship between industri al cha nge and institutional responses to techn ological diffusion....

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  • industrialisation strategies adopted and economic policies followed have shown great differences before and after 1980. An import substitution policy had been implemented until 1980. However, after 1980, significant progress has been made towards establishing the principles and fundamentals of a market economy through the introduction of export-oriented industrialisation. These reforms made significant contribution to the dynamism of the private sector and improved the adaptability of Turkish economy to internal and external impacts.

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  • At the turn of the millennium, we must question the basic expectations of technology. As new technologies can have a great impact on industry and economy, much is expected of technology. Society expects economic results from technology. Ought not the fi eld of textile technology to change its direction to concentrate on meeting, through new inventions and discoveries, the most important and essential needs, such as widening our views of the world, creating new cultures, protecting our health, keeping us safe, and raising the quality of our daily lives and welfare?...

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  • The paper, written largely before Multi-Fibre Agreement (MFA) quotas on developing country exports of textiles and garments were removed on 31 December 2004, argues that Cambodia’s garment industry is well placed to withstand the increase in competition in its export markets that quota removal has brought. This conclusion is highly significant for the Cambodian economy, over 80% of whose exports now consist of garments.

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  • This paper uses firm-level panel data to study the development and determinants of technical efficiency and productivity in the textile and garment sector in Vietnam during the period 1997-2000.

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  • On the basis of clarifying the general theoretical issues about market risk, methods of identifying, measuring and controlling market risk, the system of market risk management softwares at commercial banks; analyzing and evaluating the status quo of the market risk management in Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade; the thesis proposed solutions to improving market risk management ability at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade in accordance with international practices.

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  • CỘNG HÒA XÃ HỘI CHỦ NGHĨA VIỆT NAM QCVN 13 : 2008/BTNMT QUY CHUẨN KỸ THUẬT QUỐC GIA VỀ NƯỚC THẢI CÔNG NGHIỆP DỆT MAY National technical regulation on the effluent of textile industry HÀ NỘI 2008 QCVN 13 : 2008/btnmt Lời nói đầu QCVN 13 : 2008/BTNMT do Ban soạn thảo quy chuẩn kỹ thuật quốc gia về chất lượng nước biên soạn, Tổng cục Môi trường và Vụ Pháp chế trình duyệt và được ban hành theo Quyết định số /2008/QĐ-BTNMT ngày tháng năm 200 8 của Bộ trưởng Bộ Tài nguyên và Môi ...

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  • Chiếu sáng nhân tạo trong nhà máy xí nghiệp dệt thoi sợi bông Artificial lighting in the textile industry Tiêu chuẩn này thay thế cho TCVN 2062 : 1977. Tiêu chuẩn này quy định chiếu sáng nhân tạo trong nhà máy xí nghiệp dệt thoi sợi bông. Tiêu chuẩn này được sử dụng để thiết kế sửa chữa, thay thế và quản lí các thiết bị chiếu sáng nhân tạo trong nhà máy, xí nghiệp dệt thoi sợi bông.

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  • Chapter 2 HAZARDS IN THE CHEMICAL PROCESS INDUSTRIES INTRODUCTION The multitude of products and diversity of processes in the petrochemical industries is vast, with numerous situations that may lead to high risk situations both for workers and communities neighboring operations. Perhaps one of the worst chemical disasters of the century was Bhopal, India. The city of Bhopal (1991 pop. 1,063,662), central India, capital of Madhya Pradesh state, was founded in 1728. Bhopal is a railway junction and industrial center, producing electrical equipment, textiles, and jewelry.

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