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  • Our training site, Kitakyushu city is one of Japan’s four largest industrial zones. The city has a history in which the serious pollution problems occurred in the period of high economic growth 1950’s to 70’s, and the city has controlled the pollution by addressing it with the administration, companies and citizens as one. Especially, companies have achieved both industrial development and environmental conservation by developing CP which makes pollution measures consistent withenergy/resource saving with the guidance and support from the administration....

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  • Unlike many of our cathedral cities, "Royal" Winchester has a secular history of the greatest importance, which not only is almost inextricably interwoven with the ecclesiastical annals down to a comparatively recent date, but should at times occupy the foremost position in the records of the place. To attempt, however, to trace the story of the city as well as that of the cathedral would be to recapitulate the most important facts of the history of England during those centuries when Winchester was its capital town.

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  • "Evidently ashamed of the barbarism committed by British hands, Vice-Admiral Cochrane attempted to palliate it by a pitiful trick.

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  • This volume is not sent forth as a full history of the Sioux Missions. That volume has not yet been written, and probably never will be. The pioneer missionaries were too busily engaged in the formation of the Dakota Dictionary and Grammar, in the translation of the Bible into that wild, barbaric tongue; in the preparation of hymn books and text books:--in the creation of a literature for the Sioux Nation, to spend time in ordinary literary work.

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  • The great nations of antiquity lived and prospered in arid and semiarid countries. In the more or less rainless regions of China, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, the greatest cities and the mightiest peoples flourished in ancient days. Of the great civilizations of history only that of Europe has rooted in a humid climate. As Hilgard has suggested, history teaches that a high civilization goes hand in hand with a soil that thirsts for water. To-day, current events point to the arid and semiarid regions as the chief dependence of our modern civilization.

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  • Nine years have expired since the publication of the last NORWICH DIRECTORY (which was out of print almost as soon as in); during which period, alterations have been constantly taking place in the residence of the inhabitants, independent of those which have been entirely removed by death or otherwise. It will be found of those which were inserted in the former, and are still to be found in this, not half of them remain in the same residence.

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  • It may not be amiss to remark, in explanation of the startling and sensational title chosen for this production, that logic has not yet succeeded in framing a title-page which shall clearly indicate the nature of a book. The greatest adepts have frequently taken refuge in some fortuitous word, which has served their purpose better than the best results of their analysis. So it was in the present case.

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  • The city-state upheld Asian characteristics but also shared Western ideologies. It paid special attention to socialism in development but also succeeded in establishing a capitalist society. The willpower of Lee Kuan Yew is regarded as the crucial factor that has helped realize Singapore’s success story. He is also the cause for which Singapore does not only appeal to the world by positive things. Prosperity, however, has overshadowed the less humanitarian aspects of Singapore’s development, concealing and erasing the “dark spots” in history.

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  • On the edge of a grand plain, almost in the centre of France, rises a rich and beautiful city, time-honored and famous, for it stood there before France had begun and while Rome still spread its wide wings over this whole region, and it has been the scene of some of the most notable events in French history. The Gauls, one of whose cities it was, named it Genabum. The Romans renamed it Aurelian, probably from their Emperor Aurelian. Time and the evolution of the French language wore this name down to Orleans, by which the city has for many centuries been known. The broad Loire,...

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  • For much of its history, New York City has thrived as a place that both sus- tained a large middle class and elevated countless people from poorer back- grounds into the ranks of the middle class. The city was never cheap and parts of Manhattan always remained out of reach, but working people of modest means—from forklift operators and bus drivers to paralegals and museum guides—could enjoy realistic hopes of home ownership and a mea- sure of economic security as they raised their families across the other four boroughs.

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  • The Good Gray City San Francisco! San Francisco! Is there a land where the magic of that name has not been felt? Bohemian San Francisco! Pleasure-loving San Francisco! Care-free San Francisco! Yet withal the city where liberty never means license and where Bohemianism is not synonymous with Boorishness. It was in Paris that a world traveler said to us: "San Francisco! That wonderful city where you get the best there is to eat, served in a manner that enhances its flavor and establishes it forever in your memory."...

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  • At York the city did not grow up round the cathedral as at Ely or Lincoln, for York, like Rome or Athens, is an immemorial--a prehistoric--city; though like them it has legends of its foundation. Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose knowledge of Britain before the Roman occupation is not shared by our modern historians, gives the following account of its beginning:--"Ebraucus, son of Mempricius, the third king from Brute, did build a city north of Humber, which from his own name, he called Kaer Ebrauc--that is, the City of Ebraucus--about the time that David ruled in Judea.

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  • The attention of the world has been called to the great strike and lockout in the building trades in Chicago because it rested upon the question of individual liberty--a question which is not only vital alike to the employer and the employe, but which affects every industry, every class of people, every city, state and country. It is a principle which antagonizes no motive which has been honestly conceived, but upon which rests--or should rest--the entire social, political and industrial fabric of a nation. It underlies the very foundation of free institutions.

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  • This Volume presents to your notice an early Chronicle of the great Metropolis over which you preside. The rising taste for literature, and particularly that part of it relating to the History of your ancient City, which has lately been evinced by you in the formation of a Library, as well as in the private Collections made by several of your members on the same subject, renders it probable that the publication of this Chronicle, which has never before been printed, may not be deemed unacceptable....

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  • The idea of using CSAs explicitly to spur the social and eco- nomic development of children emerged from the conceptual framework of “asset building.” This perspective was initially described by Center for Social Development founder Michael Sherraden in his 1991 book, Assets and the Poor. 1 Since then, the paradigm of asset building has taken shape and become a widespread theme in social and economic development in the United States and a number of other countries.

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  • Many universities of education in Vietnam have a long history of development, following the French ENS model. In this model, the training of teachers in general, and Math teachers, in particular, focuses mainly on pure mathematical knowledge. During the past ten years, with the pressure of change from the Ministry of Education and Training, professional training has been receiving more and more attention. The proportion of subjects related to Education and Math Education has been increasing, although it is still small compared to the proportion of pure Mathematics modules.

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  • Okayama University is one of the largest universities in Japan. Its main campus, Tsushima, is located in the suburbs, blessed with a quiet natural environment far removed from the noise of the city, offering an excellent atmosphere for study and research. Okayama Prefecture is known for its educational history and its cultural achievements. Special efforts beginning before the Meiji Period (19th century) were made to establish a number of schools which lead to the present-day Okayama University.

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  • I can lay no claim to having discovered an America, but I do claim to have discovered a Columbus. His name is Benedetto Croce, and he dwells on the shores of the Mediterranean, at Naples, city of the antique Parthenope. Croce's America cannot be expressed in geographical terms. It is more important than any space of mountain and river, of forest and dale. It belongs to the kingdom of the spirit, and has many provinces.

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  • The spirit of the DIT community of academic and non-academic members of staff is something which defines the Institute and has been key to its successful development throughout its history. Circa 2,500 people are employed in DIT in many different roles. Although currently dispersed across so many locations around the city, there has been a concerted effort to develop a ‘One DIT’ approach to delivery of teaching and support to students.

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  • We focus on the city of Madison, Wisconsin, where a single Web site ( has become the dominant for-sale-by-owner platform. offered us access to all FSBO listings since its inception. We combined the FSBO data with data from two other sources. First, the South-Central Wisconsin Realtors Association granted us access to all MLS listings in the city. Second, we matched every listing with data from the city of Madison.

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