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The historical context

Xem 1-20 trên 85 kết quả The historical context
  • Tourism is one of the strengths of Phu Yen province. This study was conducted the method of assessing the potential and exploitation value of in a tourist and recreational context in Tuy Hoa City. This potential was explored throughout a range of criteria in terms of aesthetic, scientific, historical, economic values, degree and modality of exploitation.

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  • Lecture Macroeconomics in context: A European perspective - Chapter 16: Deficits and debt. In this chapter you will learn: Deficits and the national debt, public debt: a historical perspective, arithmetics of debt dynamics, potential problems of excessive debts, european rules on debt and deficits.

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  • For this purpose, it has been attempted to determine new geological, seismological and environmental data by examining a large number of original sources, records and old international earthquake catalogs, other than the existing national catalogs used in seismicity studies in Turkey. In this context, a new local and updated historical earthquake catalog was prepared for İzmir and its immediate vicinity. The data obtained from the records show that the maximum intensity of some destructive historical earthquakes in the İzmir region was X.

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  • Research purposes: This thesis seeks to contribute to the collection and publicity of Thai folk literature treasure, to find out the historical and cultural values hidden in the treasure of place-name tales of Thai people in Vietnam, thereby point out the constants, the symbolic ways of thinking of the people through the symbolic world formed in the tale.

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  • The thesis analyzes the historical context and main reasons leading to the Spanish conquest of the Philippines and implementation of the "closed door" and "open-door" policy in this colony; analyze the impacts and consequences of these policies for Spain and the Philippines during the study period.

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  • This paper examines a reference by comparing the Korean War and the Vietnam War from a perspective of the Cold War system. Due to developing differently in the international, regional, and national contexts, the Korean War and the Vietnam War differed in various dimensions. The article proposes the similarities and dissimilarities between the two wars and how they still influence present historical issues.

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  • This is a context-based historical approach instead of a deterministic historical approach. In this article, besides clarifying what is “new” in Phan Boi Chau's historical outlook compared to traditional historiography, we present a modern historical framework of Phan Boi Chau based on pair of concepts nation-state is analyzed on the citizenry-territory relationship that discarded the old historiographical framework based on the relationship between rulers and subjects; of dynasties, individual rulers, and good or evil advisors.

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  • Chapter 3 - Historical and cultural context. History tends to be cyclical, and knowing what happened back then might help us understand what is going on now. Specifically, this chapter discusses seven milestones in the development of human communication: language, writing, printing, telegraph and telephone, photography and motion pictures, radio and television, and computers.

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  • Chapter 3 - Historical and cultural context. Chapter 3 presents the following content: Eight milestones in human communication, language, writing, printing, telegraph and telephone, photography and motion pictures, radio and television, digital media, wireless handheld media, concluding observations.

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  • Chapter 3 - Historical and cultural context. This chapter include objectives: describe the major events and general trends in media history recognize the milestones in the development of human communication understand the role that these advances played in prompting significant changes in our culture and society learn that the emergence of new communications advances changes but does not make extinct those communications that came before understand that each advance in communication increases our power to convey and record -information.

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  • This paper explores the role and place held by women in the context of Canadian criminal offences. The offences that will be examined involve women either as victims (sexual assault, voyeurism and domestic violence), as offenders (infanticide and abortion), or both (prostitution). While this paper solely constitutes an overview of this immense topic, the author brings a critical, social and historical perspective to some of the issues raised by these criminal offences.

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  • The research also applied historical method and logical method. Specifically, in historical method, the author perceived things and phenomena according to the chronological process (through different time milestones), and the logical method enabled the author to connect all events' sequences and discover the nature of research object. Periodization was also used to study more deeply and discover characteristics of objects and phenomena in specific historical periods.

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  • The paper studies on Vietnamese oversea prose from 1975 to present, focusing on two regions of North America and Western Europe, to describe the identities of immigrant literatures in these two regions in terms of major themes and literary inspirations, prominent features of literary forma, and typical authors, etc.

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  • Chinese Australian women are largely absent from scholarly accounts of Chinese Australian migration and settlement in the White Australia Policy period. This invisibility in research has been perpetuated by studies that emphasise the sex imbalance of the Chinese Australian population at the time, focus on male spheres of influence and activity, and utilise “traditional” historical sources that generally overlook the lives of women.

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  • The last two decades have witnessed extensive research on potential and observed vulnerability to climate change on all kinds of natural and social systems. Vulnerability depends critically on context, and the factors that make a system vulnerable to a hazard will depend on the nature of the system and the type of hazard in question. Thus, a clear description of the vulnerable situation is an important first step for avoiding misunderstandings around vulnerability.

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  • The authors propose a historical and conceptual analysis of the key concept of emergence to emphasize the potential bridge between econophysics and economics. Six methodological arguments will be developed in order to show the existence of conceptual bridges as a necessary condition for the elaboration of a common language between economists and econophysics which would not be superfluous, in this challenging context, to clarify the growing complexity of economic phenomena.

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  • Vietnam social sciences no 1 present the content: comparing Judicial Reforms in Vietnam and China; changes in Distribution of Capabilities across Great Powers since 2001; restructuring State-owned Enterprises in Vietnam at Present; state Management in Human Resources Development of Female Scientific Researchers; Dai Co Viet State in East Asian Historical and Political Context during the Tenth Century...

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  • The article presents generally the studies on satiric literature of the period from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, focusing on the historical, cultural and social context, and on satiric literature as a particular literary current, thence confirming the remarkable evolution step of satiric literature as it became a movement, a creation trend having particular important voice, contributing to literature evolution in general.

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  • The patterns and institutions applied by the Ngo, the Dinh, and the Early Le dynasties were then improved successfully under the Ly and the Tran dynasties. The state of Dai Co Viet was much different from the general types of states in history, such as the state for domination and the state for exploitation, which ever appeared in many Eastern and Western countries during the Middle Ages.

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  • The objective of the thesis is to studying the factors and evaluating the level of information disclosure in the annual report of listed companies at a certain historical period, in the context of a changing in the regulation of information disclosure of listed company. Specifically: (1) Evaluating the level of information disclosure in annual reports; (2) Identify and assess the influence of factors on the level of information disclosure of listed companies at this time.

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