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The holy land

Xem 1-5 trên 5 kết quả The holy land
  • For two centuries the princes and nations of the West were accustomed to wander towards the land of the morning. In vain was the noblest blood poured forth in streams in the effort to wrest the country of our heavenly Teacher from the grasp of the infidel; and though the Christian Europe of the present day forbears to renew a struggle which, considering the strength that has been gradually increasing for the last six hundred years, might prove an easy one, we cannot wonder that millions of the votaries of Christianity should cherish an earnest longing to wander in...

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  • MY grandfather, George Keppel, sixth Earl of Albemarle, was born in 1799. I remember him quite well. He was always a delightful raconteur, and many is the yarn we heard from him at Quidenham, when in the winter evenings he gathered us round him before the old library fire. He would tell us how as a child he had been frightened into obedience by the cry of " Boney is coming!" and he recalled quite clearly the alarm produced in England by the avowed intention of Napoleon to invade our country. As a boy he often stayed in London with his maternal grandmother, the Dowager...

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  • Norwich Cathedral stands on the site of no earlier church: it is to-day, in its plan and the general bulk of its detail, as characteristically Norman as when left finished by the hand of Eborard, the second bishop of Norwich.

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  • In the thirteenth century the manorial system may be said to have been in its zenith; the description therefore of Cuxham Manor in Oxfordshire at that date is of special interest. According to Professor Thorold Rogers[64]there were two principal tenants, each holding the fourth part of a military fee. The prior of Holy Trinity, Wallingford, held a messuage, a mill, and 6 acres of land in free alms; i.e. under no obligation or liability other than offering prayers on behalf of the donor. A free tenant had a messuage and 33/4 acres, the rent of which was 3s. a...

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  • The Britannia, 125 feet long. Number of persons on board: 27 engaged on the vessel, including the Captain, two mates, two cooks, two stewards and a carpenter, with nine passengers, making, with 152 steerage passengers, a total of 188. The Captain, Wm. Sketchley, an experienced seaman having crossed the Atlantic 132 times—very attentive to the wants of the steerage. List of passengers: Mr. Bassnett from Preston, has been a good deal in Canada, also in the West Indies and Holy Land. Mr. Hamilton, a clergyman of the Irish Epis., decrepit easy Christian. Mr.

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