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  • Seeding the soil and building the foundation, organically cultivating the body's vocal nrc states, reaping what we sow,... As the main contents of the teex book The Use and Training of the Human Voice. Invite you to consult.

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  • Autotune is a pretty popular audio software, which corrects the pitch of a singer’s vocals in real time. Melodyne has gone even further now. They found a way to separate the harmonics of each note in a chord, allowing individual notes to be manipulated at will. Really impressive stuff even if you don’t know anything about audio.

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  • The human voice is still the best way to communicate. And with the KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200, Panasonic introduces two feature-packed voice processing systems (VPS) designed for efficient communication. The KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 each offer automated attendant, automatic call routing, and message notification, and each can be customized to your needs. Other new features include e-mail notification when a caller leaves a message, and the capability to attach voice messages to e-mail messages, easier operation using the LCD on Proprietary Telephones (PT).

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  • The purpose of this proposal is to remind archaeologists and others that such past groups are not just collections of traits identified over geographic areas or spans of time but were once living and vibrant societies, each with a unique culture that deserves to be included in our understanding of the human experience.

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  • In the developing history of vocal arts, resonant singing technique is one of the most important techniques in order to promote maximum capacity of the human voice. Practicing resonant singing technique and applying it to Vietnamese vocal music works is a compulsory requirement for all students studying vocal music in the program of music pedagogy.

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  • People talk a lot about how the world of business has changed; how markets today are not just regional or national, but global; how fastevolving telecommunications technology has dramatically cranked up the speed of doing business; and how employees are seeking more meaningful work along with a voice in the decisions that affect them. It’s true, the world of business has changed. More than ever before, this means that managers must also change to meet these new challenges.

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  • Religions have too often been used to justify the violation of human rights, in part through the hierarchical and selective use of role ethics and the postponement of temporal justice to divine judgment or future karmic consequences. Yet the world religions have also provided a constant voice of critique against the violation of human rights by calling for equality, and universal compassion and love, calls which reach far beyond the mere protection of human rights.

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  • What are the compelling reasons for carrying out dynamic speech modeling? We provide the answer in two related aspects. First, scientific inquiry into the human speech code has been relentlessly pursued for several decades. As an essential carrier of human intelligence and knowledge, speech is the most natural form of human communication. Embedded in the speech code are linguistic (as well as para-linguistic) messages, which are conveyed through four levels of the speech chain.

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  • One of the greatest challenges South Africa faces is rural poverty and education. This book graphically illustrates the conditions that make the dreams of a better life for all virtually unrealisable in rural areas. Through the voices of rural people themselves, the reader is told

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  • Cross-cutting or inter-cutting is a primary narrative device of the continuity style. This technique pieces together sequences that occur at the same time but in different places in order to increase narrative tension. The literary equivalent of this device is simple narrative transition such as “meanwhile” or “in another part of town”. Some films borrow these verbal clues by using inter-titles or voice-over narration. Clips mentioned in this section are not available to view on the website but are readily available to buy or rent from the usual outlets. ...

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  • The simplest IP telephone system uses two basic components: - IP telephone: end device allowing humans to place and receive calls. - Media Gateway Controller: providing overall control and coordination between IP phones; allowing a caller to locate a callee (e.g. call forwarding)

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  • Miscommunication in speech recognition systems is unavoidable, but a detailed characterization of user corrections will enable speech systems to identify when a correction is taking place and to more accurately recognize the content of correction utterances. In this paper we investigate the adaptations of users when they encounter recognition errors in interactions with a voice-in/voice-out spoken language system.

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  • This paper describes MIMUS, a multimodal and multilingual dialogue system for the in– home scenario, which allows users to control some home devices by voice and/or clicks. Its design relies on Wizard of Oz experiments and is targeted at disabled users. MIMUS follows the Information State Update approach to dialogue management, and supports English, German and Spanish, with the possibility of changing language on–the– fly. MIMUS includes a gestures–enabled talking head which endows the system with a human–like personality. ...

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  • If I were to use only a few words to summarize my goal for this book, as well as my teaching philosophy, that’s what I would say. Students fi rst. I believe that an eff ective textbook must be oriented to students—informing them, engaging them, and exciting them about the fi eld and helping them connect it to their worlds. When students are engaged and challenged, they understand psychology at a deep and meaningful level. Luckily, psychology is a science that is inherently interesting to students.

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  • Ron Paul is an amazing individual. Not only has he been the most consistent voice for liberty in the U.S. Congress in our time— perhaps in all time—but he is also surprisingly well versed in economic theory. Indeed, if I were to dissect one of his speeches or articles, I would have to treat him as I would a fellow economist, not as “a politician.”

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  • Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Serving both service provider and enterprise customers, Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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  • During the first half of this century, the transmission of human voice through the telephone was the dominant means of communication next to telegraphy. Radio-supported mobile communication has constantly grown in importance during the last few decades and particularly the last few years to technical advances in transmission and switching technology as well as in microelectronics. Table 1.1 presents an overview of the chronological development of mobile radio systems.

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  • New structures for water management have been put in place in many countries. Usually these have been influenced by the need for integrated approaches to water management and consist of national (and state where relevant) coordinating and regulatory structures, basin management and local water user structures. There are variations according to local circumstances but usually they have been used to decentralise decision-making and to give more voice to stakeholders (see Box 3.3).

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  • The voice network still dominated, but was likely to be surpassed by the public Internet within a year or two. (For details of the measurements used to convert voice traffic to terabytes, and related issues, see [CoffmanO1].) In terms of bandwidth, the Internet is already dominant. However, it is hard to obtain good figures, since, as we discuss later, the bandwidth of Internet backbones jumps erratically. In terms of dollars, though, voice still provides the lion’s share (well over 80%) of total revenues.

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  • We hope that this report will put a face on the children who benefit every day from medical devices, lend a voice to some of the challenges they face in realizing the benefits of the devices, and give heart to those who want to make things even better. In spirit, our report is for these children and their families. As written, this report responds to a request from Congress to investigate the questions described in the Summary and Chapter 1, and we have aimed much of our analysis and recommendations at legislative and administrative policymakers and those who advise them.

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