The optimal segmentation

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  • We tackle the previously unaddressed problem of unsupervised determination of the optimal morphological segmentation for statistical machine translation (SMT) and propose a segmentation metric that takes into account both sides of the SMT training corpus. We formulate the objective function as the posterior probability of the training corpus according to a generative segmentation-translation model. We describe how the IBM Model-1 translation likelihood can be computed incrementally between adjacent segmentation states for efficient computation. ...

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  • Pulmonary tuberculosis produces a broad spectrum of radiographic abnormalities. During the primary phase of the disease these include pulmonary consolidation (50%), which often involves the middle or lower lobes or the anterior segment of an upper lobe; cavitation (29%) or pneumatocele formation(12%); segmental orlobar atelectasis(18%); pleural effusion (24%); hilar and mediastinal lymphadenopathy (35%); disseminated miliary disease (6%); and a normal chest radiograph (15%).

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  • Market segmentation enables the marketers to understand and serve the customers more effectively thereby improving company’s competitive position. In this paper, we study the impact of price and promotion efforts on evolution of sales intensity in segmented market to obtain the optimal price and promotion effort policies.

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  • International migrants include rural and urban women and men with different socio-economic profiles and ages. Some are highly educated and specialized people (whose migration is referred to as ‘brain drain’). Some are poor people for whom migration is a subsistence strategy. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that the typical profile of migrants comprises young women and men from 15 to 35 years of age, 8 generally belonging to medium and low socio- economic groups, but not to the poorest segments of society (Hatton and Williamson 2004, 1-30).

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  • There exist several methods of calculating a similarity curve, or a sequence of similarity values, representing the lexical cohesion of successive text constituents, e.g., paragraphs. Methods for deciding the locations of fragment boundaries are, however, scarce. We propose a fragmentation method based on dynamic programming. The method is theoretically sound and guaranteed to provide an optimal splitting on the basis of a similarity curve, a preferred fragment length, and a cost function defined. ...

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  • This paper presents a joint optimization method of a two-step conditional random field (CRF) model for machine transliteration and a fast decoding algorithm for the proposed method. Our method lies in the category of direct orthographical mapping (DOM) between two languages without using any intermediate phonemic mapping. In the two-step CRF model, the first CRF segments an input word into chunks and the second one converts each chunk into one unit in the target language. In this paper, we propose a method to jointly optimize the two-step CRFs and also a fast algorithm to realize it. ...

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  • Dental X-ray image segmentation is a necessary and important process in medical diagnosis, which assists clinicians to make decisions about possible dental diseases of a patient from a dental X-ray image. It is a multi-objective optimization problem which involves basic components of fuzzy clustering, spatial structures of a dental image, and additional information of experts expressed through a pre-defined membership matrix.

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  • Despite all the skepticism, the ‘old savings’ bonds turned out to be the perfect opportunity for the development of financial market in Serbia. This was a new and liquid security that carried virtually no risk for its holders. However, for a number of reasons, the bond market became distorted, dividing into primary and secondary markets, with the secondary market further segmented into over-the-counter and stock exchange markets.

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  • We consider the task of unsupervised lecture segmentation. We formalize segmentation as a graph-partitioning task that optimizes the normalized cut criterion. Our approach moves beyond localized comparisons and takes into account longrange cohesion dependencies. Our results demonstrate that global analysis improves the segmentation accuracy and is robust in the presence of speech recognition errors.

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  • In this paper, a dynamic multi-objective linear integer programming model is proposed to optimally distribute a firm’s advertising budget among multiple products and media in a segmented market. To make the media plan responsive to the changes in the market, the distribution is carried out dynamically by dividing the planning horizon into smaller periods.

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  • Market segmentation has emerged as the primary means by which firms achieve optimal production policy. In this paper, we use market segmentation approach in multi-product inventory system with inventory-level-dependent demand. The objective is to make use of optimal control theory to solve the inventory-production problem and develop an optimal production policy that minimizes the total cost associated with inventory and production rate in segmented market.

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  • The results reveal that the proposed technique is able to orient the search mechanism toward desired segments of search space, which therefore significantly improves the overall search performance of HSA, especially for non-shifted optimization functions.

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  • Few fi elds of medicine have witnessed such impressive progress as the diagnosis and treatment of liver tumors. Advances in imaging technology, the development of novel contrast agents, and the introduction of optimized scanning protocols have greatly facilitated the non-invasive detection and characterization of focal liver lesions. Furthermore, image-guided techniques for percutaneous tumor ablation have become an accepted alternative treatment for patients with inoperable liver cancer.

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  • In shared-nothing database systems, data often needs to be moved whenever there is a join or an aggregation process for which the data requires repartitioning across the segments. As a result, the interconnect serves as one of the most critical components within Greenplum Database. Greenplum’s gNet interconnect (Figure 8m) optimizes the flow of data to allow continuous pipelining of processing without blocking on all nodes of the system.

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  • A database or file is a collection of information on a particular subject and contains a number of separate documents all with the same structure. Each database on Dialog is identified by a number (e.g., U.S. Patents Fulltext is “File 654”).The content in a database may be an online version of something previously published in print, entirely new material or a compilation of information appearing in many different publications. Databases are sometimes divided up into several file segments.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Improving the Performance of Bus Platforms by Means of Segmentation and Optimized Resource Allocation

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  • This paper describes a new efficient speech act type tagging system. This system covers the tasks of (1) segmenting a turn into the optimal number of speech act units (SA units), and (2) assigning a speech act type tag (SA tag) to each SA unit. Our method is based on a theoretically clear statistical model that integrates linguistic, acoustic and situational information. We report tagging experiments on Japanese and English dialogue corpora manually labeled with SA tags.

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  • Several spectrally based pattern recognition problems appear in many areas e.g., image segmentation in computer vision, alignment of protein-protein interaction networks in bio-informatics, recognizing hard instances for combinatorial optimization problems such as the travelling salesman problem.

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  • Learning objectives: Understand the central role played by end-users and their demands in the design of marketing channels, define “service outputs” and identify and analyze them, recognize how to divide a market into channel segments for the purposes of marketing channel design or modification, understand how to target channel segments to optimize sales and profits.... and other contents.

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  • There are some fundamental economic uncertainties. We cannot forecast economic events with a very high scientific precision. It is very clear that there does not exist a unique "general" model, which can yield all answers to a wide range of macroeconomic issues. Therefore, we use several different kinds of models on segments of the macroeconomic problem.

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