The robotic manipulator

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  • This present study proposes a design and the analysis of the novel adaptive robust neural networks (ARNNs) based on the backstepping control method for industrial robot manipulators (IRMs). In this research, the ARNNs controller has combined the advantages of Radial Basis Function neural network (RBFNN), the robust term, and adaptive backstepping control technique without the requirement of prior knowledge.

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  • Lecture Artificial Intelligence - Chapter 25: Robotics. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: The rubber hits the road, mobile robots and manipulators, degrees of freedom to define robot configuration, localization and mapping as probabilistic inference problems (require good sensor and motion models), motion planning in configuration space requires some method for finitization.

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  • This paper presents work on calculation and design of under-actuated 3- finger gripper which is suitable for research in robot manipulation of objects for industrial and service applications. The conceptualization, the design and the prototype of the gripper are presented, along with the kinematic and static analysis of its mechanism.

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  • The paper has developed an adaptive control using neural network for controlling a dual-arm robotic system in moving a rectangle object to the desired trajectories. Firstly, the overall dynamics of the manipulators and the object have been derived based on Euler-Lagrangian principle. And then based on the dynamics, a controller has been proposed to achieve the desired trajectories of the grasping object

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  • This paper presents build a finite time observator (FTO) and applies it to the Almega 16 robot motion system. The main content of the article is to design a FTO so that the observation of the external noise of the Almega 16 robot motion system will converge to the desired true value over a period of time. finite, is done by estimating the external noise quantities and then feeding them into the available Robot controller.

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  • This paper addresses the kinematic and dynamic modelling and analysis for a robot arm consisting of two hydraulic cylinders driving two revolute joints of the arm. The two cylinders and relevant links of the robot constitute two local closed kinematic chains added to the main robot mechanism.

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  • In this study, a combination of backstepping technique, double recurrent fuzzy wavelet based on neural networks (DRFWBONNs), adaptive sliding mode controller (ASMC), and adaptive proportional-integral (API) control with dead-zone friction is introduced to the industrial robot manipulator (IRM). Simulation results show the high performance of this control method when compared to adaptive-fuzzy (AF) and proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller.

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  • Researching methods of controlling pan-tilt tracking moving target using image information from 2 cameras with many uncertain parameters. Developing algorithms for controlling integrated system include mobile robot, pan-tilt and two cameras tracking moving targets.

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  • This paper presents a build of Repetitive Control Law with desired trajectory periodic in joint space so reduced on-line computation for the motion system of the Almega16 manipulator. In a Repetitive Control Law always has the desired cycle trajectory with time T and always provides state information update on the time-variant parameters. The true value is compared to the reference set-point and its evaluation result is input to the controller for adjustment.

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  • This paper shows the development of a teleoperation system for a hybrid robot, which counts with locomotion system by caterpillar tracks and has a 5 DOF manipulator arm. The document begins with a brief review of exoskeletons to present a proposal for upper limb exoskeleton. A brief description of the Robot VALI (Light Anti-explosive Vehicle) is presented, but nevertheless the robot is not the object of study of this article, there are not going to be comments about it.

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  • The primary function of these robots is to move to the site and manipulate elements which present risk, while well as transmit images with cameras. Behind all the mechanical engineering that supports the structure and gives the robot the ability to interact with its surroundings, a sophisticated electronic system that operates the different robot systems (caterpillars, cameras, manipulator arm) is hidden.

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  • The paper presents a complete generalized procedure based on the Euler-Lagrange equations to build the matrix form of dynamic equations, called dynamic model, for robot manipulators. In addition, a new formulation of the Coriolis/centrifugal matrix is proposed. The link linear and angular velocities are formulated explicitly. Therefore, the translational and rotational Jacobian matrices can be derived straightforward from definition, which make the calculation of the generalized inertia matrix more convenient.

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  • This article presents analysis of inverse dynamics of a serial manipulator in milling process. With the exception of positioning accuracy issue, machining by robots have more advantages than by conventional CNC milling machines, due to higher flexible kinematics (many links and degrees of freedom) and larger working space. Therefore, motion of the robot links is more complicated. Process forces and complicated motion involve to difficulties in solving dynamic problems of robots. This affects the robot control to match machining requirements.

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  • Computing the optimal geometric structure of manipulators is one of the most intricate problems in contemporary robot kinematics. Robotic manipulators are designed and built to perform certain predetermined tasks. There is a very close relationship between the structure of the manipulator and its kinematic performance. It is therefore important to incorporate such task requirements during the design and synthesis of the robotic manipulators.

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  • A computational algorithm is developed for estimating accurately the attitude of a robotic arm which moves along a predetermined path. This algorithm requires preliminary input data obtained in the static mode to yield phase observables for the precise, 3-axis attitude determination of a swinging manipulator in the dynamic mode. Measurements are recorded simultaneously by three GPS L1 receivers and then processed in several steps to accomplish this task.

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  • Due to material savings and acceleration time reduction, robotic manipulators are designed to be more slender. Therefore, the elasticity of the links should be taken into account in the dynamic study and control design. This paper concerns modeling and control of a single flexible manipulator (SFM).

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  • In this paper, a new artificial skin tissue device which can emulate the stiffness of several organs of human is proposed and analyzed utilizing magneto-rheological (MR) fluid (MR skin). The proposed skin could be applied for the robot-assisted surgery manipulated by haptic devices as a controllable tactile sensor. The method in this paper is design of multi- embedded valve networks inside the structure of the master actuator.

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  • This paper presents a control structure for orbital servicing mission of CEASAR robotic arm developed by German Aerospace Center (DLR). In order to reduce mass the CEASAR arm is equipped with Harmonic-Drives with high ratio which unfortunately lead to high joint elasticity and high motor friction and have to be considered in controller design for successful manipulator in-orbit operations.

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  • This paper proposes an adaptive robust Fuzzy controller based on Backstepping scheme to solve with the model unknown and parameter disturbances for robot manipulator. In this research, the robust adaptive fuzzy system is combined with Backstepping design method to remove the matching condition requirement and to provide boundedness of tracking errors, even under dominant model uncertainties.

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  • The paper proposes a new adaptive control method to control the position and force of the robot manipulators without velocity and force measurements. This method is performed by a combination of a position and force adaptive control algorithm with a force/velocity observer. With GPI technique (Generalized Proportional Integral), the force/velocity observer is designed to give estimates of force and velocity to feedback to the controller.

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