The terrible answer

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  • THEY came down to Mars ahead of the rest because Larkin had bought an unfair advantage—a copy of the Primary Report. There were seven of them, all varying in appearance, but with one thing in common; in the eyes of each glowed the greed for Empire. They came down in a flash of orange tail-fire and

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  • Early Mystical Experiences Even as a young girl Bridget received extraordinary graces, including at least one apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary when she was six years old and one of Jesus Christ. The latter, when Bridget was ten years old, involved the vision of Christ with freshly received wounds over his whole body. Jesus said to her, “See how I have been wounded!” “Oh, my Lord!” Bridget cried out, terribly shaken by what she was seeing, “who has done this to you?” Christ answered her: “Those who despise me and forget My love.

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