The theories of elasticity

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  • Different variants of the Uzawa algorithm are compared with one another. The comparison is performed for the case in which this algorithm is applied to large-scale systems of linear algebraic equations. These systems arise in the finite-element solution of the problems of elasticity theory for incompressible materials. A modification of the Uzawa algorithm is proposed. Computational experiments show that this modification improves the convergence of the Uzawa algorithm for the problems of solid mechanics.

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  • The scope of the series covers the entire spectrum of solid mechanics. Thus it includes the foundation of mechanics; variational formulations; computational mechanics; statics, kinematics and dynamics of rigid and elastic bodies; vibrations of solids and structures; dynamical systems and chaos; the theories of elasticity, plasticity and viscoelasticity; composite materials; rods, beams, shells and membranes; structural control and stability; soils, rocks and geomechanics; fracture; tribology; experimental mechanics; biomechanics and machine design.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "introduction to the mechanics of a continuous medium" has contents: fluid mechanics, linearlzed theory of elasticity. invite you to reference.

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  • Based on the theory of one-dimensional wave together with Dalembert solution and Hertz's law of deformation holds, in [1[ and we studied the problem of shock of two elastic bars with free spherical end. In this paper, we continue to study the above problem when the second end of the seccond bar meets visco-elastic resistance force.

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  • Analytic expressions of characteristic nonlinear deformation quantities such as the density of deformation energy, the maximum real stress and the limit of elastic deformation for bcc and fcc substitutional alloys AB with interstitial atom C under pressure are derived by the statistical moment method.

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  • In the present paper, the theory of generalized photo-thermoelasticity under fractional order derivative was used to study the coupled of thermal, plasma, and elastic waves on unbounded semiconductor medium with a cylindrical hole during the photo-thermoelastic process.

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  • The material presented is intended to serve as a basis for a critical study of the fun damentals of elasticity and several branches of solid mechanics, including advanced mechanics of materials, theories of plates and shells, composite materials, plasticity theory, finite element, and other numerical methods as well as nanomechanics and biomechanics.

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  • The state-of-the-art of controlled radical polymerization (CRP) in 2011 is presented. Atom transfer radical polymerization, stable radical mediated polymerization, and degenerate transfer processes, including reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer are the most often used CRP procedures. CRP opens new avenues to novel materials from a large range of monomers. Detailed structure-reactivity relationships and mechanistic understanding not only helps attain a better controlled polymerization but enables preparation of polymers with complex architectures.

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  • The term engineering rock mechanics is used to describe the engineering application of rock mechanics to civil, mining, petroleum and environmental engineering circumstances. The term mechanics, means the study of the equilibrium and motion of bodies, which includes statics and dynamics l. Thus, rock mechanics is the study of mechanics applied to rock and rock masses. ’Engineering rock mechanics’ is this study within an engineering context, rather than in the context of natural processes that occur in the Earth‘s crust, such as folding and faulting.

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  • In modern engineering, as a basis of construction, arches have a diverse range of applications. Today the theory of arches has reached a level that is suitable for most engineering applications. Many methods pertaining to arch analysis can be found in scientific literature. However, most of this material is published in highly specialized journals, obscure manuals, and inaccessible books. This is not surprising, as the intensive development of arch theory, particularly stability and vibration have mostly occurred in the 1940s to the 1960s.

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  • The paper presents the theory, model, weak form, finite element method and return-mapping algorithm for the isotropic hardening elastic-plastic problem. Then applying the algorithm to numerically simulate a variety of plane strain problems.

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  • In present paper, we will present the theory of elastic deformation for binary interstitial alloys with FCC structure at zero pressure and under pressure builded by the SMM. Then, we apply this theory to study the elastic deformation of interstitial alloy AgC by combining the Mie-Lennard-Jones pair potential [14] and the Morse pair potential.

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  • Architecture is an arts and science of organizing your space, design documentation architectural works. Architect with architectural expertise, in addition to the design work can participate in many of the areas of design management, such as urban planning, urban design, landscape design, urban management, project management and supervision, interior design, graphic design or industrial design.

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  • Solid mechanics, which includes the theories of elasticity and plasticity, is a broad discipline, with experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects, and with a twofold aim: on the one hand, it seeks to describe the mechanical behavior of solids under conditions as general as possible, regardless of shape, interaction with other bodies, field of application, or the like; on the other hand, it attempts to provide solutions to specific problems involving stressed solid bodies that arise in civil and mechanical engineering, geophysics, physiology, and other applied disciplines.

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  • Aims and Scope of the Series The fundamental questions arising in mechanics are: Why?, How?, and How much? The aim of this series is to provide lucid accounts written by authoritative researchers giving vision and insight in answering these questions on the subject of mechanics as it relates to solids. The scope of the series covers the entire spectrum of solid mechanics.

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  • Lectures Mathematical foundations of elasticity theory has contents: Boundary conditions, properties of W, square root theorem, formula for the square root, material symmetry, the ballistic free energy,...and other contents.

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  • On the auditory. Goals of chapters-lectures presented. Three basic parts of the book. Structure of the single chapter-lecture. On comments. On bibliography. On questions. Waves in the world around. Materials in the world around. The book is proposed for the auditory moderately educated in the field of mechanics and mathematics. It does not assume that the presence of elementary knowledge only will be sufficient for its understanding.

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  • Using the theory of elastoplastic processes and the modified elastic solution method we investigate the stability outside elastic limit problem of a plate under shear forces, taking into account its real bending form after the loss of stability.

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  • Basing on the theory of one-dimensional wave, authors have studied the problem of longitudinal shock of solid object onto the elastic bar placed on the viscoelastic foundation with constant resistance of a part of the bar side face.

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  • In this paper we consider the stability of viscoelastic plates in shear. The problem is solved by theory of pseudo-bifurcation points and "elastic analogy" method [2] in two cases: isotropic viscoelastic and orthotropic viscoelastic plates.

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