The weyl equation

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  • This book grew out of the notes of the course on quantum field theory that I give at the University of Geneva, for students in the fourth year. Most courses on quantum field theory focus on teaching the student how to compute cross-sections and decay rates in particle physics. This is, and will remain, an important part of the preparation of a high- energy physicist. However, the importance and the beauty of modern quantum field theory resides also in the great power and variety of its methods and ideas.

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  • We study how the trapping time of an electron in a circular graphene quantum dot depends on the electron’s angular momentum and on the parameters of the external Gaussian potential used to induce the dot. The trapping times are calculated through a numerical determination of the quasi-bound states of electron from the two-dimensional Dirac-Weyl equation. It is shown that on increasing the angular momentum, not only the trapping time decreases but also the trend of how the trapping time depends on the effective radius of the dot changes.

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  • In this paper we construct Weyl’s theory for the singular left-definite Dirac systems. In particular, we prove that there exists at least one solution of the system of equations that lies in the Sobolev space. Moreover, we describe the behavior of the solution belonging to the Sobolev space around the singular point.

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