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  • Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways. Practicing power plant engineers not only look after operation and maintenance of the plant, but, also look after range of activities including research and development, starting from power generation to environmental aspects of power plants.

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  • The international technology concern SCHOTT decided back in the 1990's to focus on solar energy. Today SCHOTT is the only company worldwide that offers products and solutions for all solar technologies. SCHOTT delivers solar thermal tube collectors for water heating, photovoltaic modules for decentralized power generation, and receivers for parabolic trough power plants for centralized generation of electricity. SCHOTT employs outstanding solar experts. They are convinced of the great future prospects for solar energy.

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  • In harbour, not only has breakwater affected on the reduction of wave height but it also has prevented sedimentation depositing in access channels. Hence, dredging volume each year will be decreased. The content of this paper presents all natural factors that influence deposition-erosion process in access channels, relying on calculating tool MIKE 21 to calculate deposition-erosion volume in each factor. According to the input data, authors calculated the breakwater’s effects on deposition-erosion process in access channel of Dung Quat thermal power plant.

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  • Thermal power plants in India are facing unprecedented crisis. Their capacity utilization (known as Plant Load Factor, PLF) has been consistently falling over the years. In the year 2019-2020 the national average PLF stood at 55.4%, down from 78.6% in 2007-2008. It is predicted that the national average PLF may fall to 48% by 2022. Many new thermal power plants, set up with substantial capital investment are staring at a bleak future.

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  • Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past few decades, the power sector has been facing a number of critical issues. However, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways.

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  • Rational planning of thermal power capacity is one of the main measures to reduce emissions. According to air pollution control plan, different environmental capacity regions provide different constraints to the scale of thermal power plants.

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  • The paper presents the compressive strength of mortar samples when replacing naturalsand by bottomash of An Khanh and CaoNgan thermal power plants (TPPs) in Thai Nguyen province. Experimental research is the main method applied in this research. Research results show that replacing natural sand by bottom ash in the two TPPs, the compressive strength of samples reached the required mortar’s strength.

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  • Thermodynamic/exergy analysis is performed at different inlet pressure conditions of steam and identified conditions at which the performance of the plant is best. This software also helps to develop correction factor curves for power and heat rate at different inlet pressure conditions.

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  • The state indicators react well to the changing operating conditions and can be used in smart working point control to further improve the operation. The working point can be chosen in a way which improves the efficiency of the energy collection. A trade-off of the temperature and the flow is needed to achieve a good level for the collected power.

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  • This paper evaluates application feasibility of a Hybrid Multi-terminal HVDC system and wind-thermal-bundled plants simulated in DIgSLIENT PowerFactory environment. The proposed hybrid MTDC system consists of two line-communicated converters (LCC), which are connected to both wind farms and thermal power plants, and one voltage source converter (VSC) at the grid side.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "power plant technology" has contents: a thermodynamics review, the rankine cycle, fossil fuel steam generators, fuels and combustion, turbines, the condensate feedwater system, the circulating water system, gas turbine and combined cycles, principles of nuclear energy, thermal fission reactors and powerplants.

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  • This paper presents an experimental investigation of the effect of heating temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of the superheater steel (grade P22). The steel samples were cut from a new industrial pipe and heated to 500, 600 and 700 oC. The obtained results showed the distribution of ferrite and pearlite, a slight increase in the grain size and degradation of the strength as increasing the temperature.

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  • The failure of steam generators (SGs) due to corrosion is one of the most important problems in power plants. Impurities usually accumulate in the hot sides of SG and form deposits on the SG surfaces. In this paper, the sensitivity analysis of the accumulation of water impurities in the heat exchangers of nuclear power plants is presented.

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  • Sugarcane bagasse is one of the largest fuels used for electricity generation in Brazil and its usage has continuously increased to supply the energy demand. This paper presents emission inventory based on power plants burning sugar cane bagasse. The inventory involves the spatial distribution and the estimated flows for the following major pollutants: nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate material (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2) and total organic carbon (TOC). A total of 384 power plants were inventoried, representing a generated power of 9.

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  • This paper proposes a new control strategy for improving the performance of the superheated steam temperature control system in thermal power plants. Based on the analysis of the limitations of the static feedforward compensators (SFC) for temperature and boiler load disturbances in the existing control system of the auxiliary boiler in Dung Quat refinery, two adaptive dynamic feedforward compensators (ADFC) for temperature and boiler load disturbances were proposed to replace the SFCs.

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  • In the present study, the impact of air pollutants mainly particulate deposition on wheat and rice were observed in the vicinity of NTPC Dadri TPP in Uttar Pradesh at ten locations.

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  • This study investigates load frequency control based generalized extended state observer (GESO) for interconnected power system subject to multi-kind of the power plant. First, the mathematical model of the interconnected power system is proposed based on the dynamic model of thermal power plant with reheat turbine and hydro power plant.

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  • The present science book "Application of Solar Energy" is edited by Professor R. D. Rugescu in the series on Solar Power and consists of 7 chapters that begin with the proof of the high thermal efficiency of the gravitational draught through concentrated solar heating. It continues with novel technologies of producing organic fuels through solar heating, new types of photovoltaic cells, long term use of thermal solar power plants, the efficiency of thermal storage and applications in Niger of the Solar power.

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  • East and Southern Europe), India, parts of South America, Southwest U.S./northern Mexico and Australia. The operating characteristics of STPPs are relatively well matched with the intermediate and peak electricity load requirements in these regions. Two types of collectors have been used in STPPs: parabolic trough and central receiver. Electricity is generated by incorporating the solar collectors with a Rankine cycle power plant or as an add-on to a natural gas combined cycle (referred to as an ISCCS).

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  • This book covers various topics, from thermal-hydraulic analysis to the safety analysis of nuclear power plant. It does not focus only on current power plant issues. Instead, it aims to address the challenging ideas that can be implemented in and used for the development of future nuclear power plants. This book will take the readers into the world of innovative research and development of future plants. Find your interests inside this book!Steam Generator

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