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  • Aleksander Peczenik unexpectedly died in 2005 at the age of 68. At that time, he was still very active both as the chairman of the IVR (International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy) and as a scientist. During his prolific scientific career, Peczenik wrote several books, and it is a hazardous enterprise to pick out one of them as the most important one. If this hazardous enterprise needs to be undertaken, however, On Law and Reason would be a responsible choice.

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  • Mortality from breast cancer is falling in all age groups; in 1999, case- fatality rates were about one-fifth lower than in the mid-1980s. The reasons for this are not certain, but earlier diagnosis through screening and improvements in treatment, particularly greater use of adjuvant therapies, undoubtedly contribute. 3 Five-year survival rates are highest among people aged 50-59 at diagnosis; both younger and older patients have a lower survival rate (Figure 2).

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  • IQ tests are a common feature of both the educational system and recruitment and selection procedures. Practicing the different types of tests can improve one's verbal, numerical, and spatial reasoning skills, boost confidence and improve IQ rating. Succeed at IQ Tests contains 400 questions, typical of those likely to appear in actual IQ tests. The questions are organized into 10 timed tests of 40 questions each. Each test includes a guide for scoring the results.

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  • Every year, tens of thousands of young engineers and university graduates enter the fascinating professional field of radio frequency (RF) design. Most of them have a reasonable understanding of applied mathematics and physics, circuit theory, electromagnetism, and electronics as well as computers and programming.

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  • Chapter 3 Investing for retirement usually means placing at least a portion of your money in the stock market. The reason is that, over long periods of time, it is highly probable that the returns from stocks will exceed the returns from most other asset classes, such as bonds and money market funds.

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  • One key distinction is that business angels invest their own funds, unlike VC funds, who primarily invest funds committed by others (e.g. institutional investors). For this reason they typically invest in companies with which they can maintain close contacts (OECD, 2006). Furthermore, typically companies that receive BA financing are smaller (i.e. in terms of turnover – see also table 1 later in this text) than VC backed companies. Most of the companies that receive BA financing, do not receive VC financing at the same time.

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  • Popular American films penetrate nearly every aspect of contemporaryWestern life, and to an only somewhat lesser degreemost all cultures of the world. Historically, there are powerful sociological, cultural, economic, and even political reasons for this, but we would also argue thatHollywood-style filmhas evolved so that filmmakers havemore control over the attention of filmgoers (Smith 2006) and, in essence, the humanmind. One source of evidence concerns the changing pattern of shot lengths.

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  • Chapter 8 - Business-government relations. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Understanding why sometimes governments and business collaborate and other times work at arm’s length from each other, defining public policy and the elements of the public policy process, explaining the reasons for regulation, knowing the major types of government regulation of business,...

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  • Pesticide exposure has long been a cause for concern, and with good reason. Studies have shown that all persons, but especially children, pregnant women, farmers, farmworkers, and the elderly, may experience negative health effects from pesticide exposure. These effects may include acute poisoning, cancer, neurological damage, birth defects, reduced sperm count, suppressed immune systems, and reproductive and developmental harm. This book is a comprehensive examination of pesticide use, pesticide harm, and alternatives to harmful pesticides.

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  • I begin with a brief rationale for the book. This needs to go beyond reasons for writing such as the clarification of my own ideas or publication of my own research. Those are both necessary motivations for the writer, but I hope the book will contribute to debates on urban issues during the first decade of the twenty-first century. In particular, I hope it will illuminate what certain kinds of cultural practices contribute, not only reflectively, but in actively shaping the agendas of future urban development and change....

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  • At the open burning sites, some metals were present at concentrations over one hundred times typical background levels for soils, including lead, a highly toxic metal. High levels of other toxic metals, including cadmium and antimony, were also present. Numerous classes of organic chemicals were also present in one or more of the samples, including many halogenated (chlorinated or brominated) chemicals. Many of the compounds identified are intentionally used in electronic devices.

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  • A non-mathematical presentation has necessary limitations; and the reader who wishes to learn how certain exact results follow from Einstein's, or even Newton's, law of gravitation is bound to seek the reasons in a mathematical treatise. But this limitation of range is perhaps less serious than the limitation of intrinsic truth. There is a relativity of truth, as there is a relativity of space.|

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  • The second reason illustrates a more profound difficulty. The image of nonchalance is linked in perhaps subtle ways to power, and ethical aspects of its use. A challenging book, born out of a deep understanding of mostly western culture, is Robert Greene’s The concise 48 Laws of Power. In his preface (page xii) he states, “If like the courtier of times gone by, you can seduce charm, deceive and subtly outmaneuver (sic) your opponents, you will attain the heights of power. You will be able to make people bend to your will without them realizing what you have done....

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  • Falls Falls are a common event, particularly among the elderly. Modest changes in balance function have been described in fit older subjects as a result of normal aging. Subtle deficits in sensory systems, attention, and motor reaction time contribute to the risk, and environmental hazards abound. Epidemiologic studies have identified a number of risk factors for falls, summarized in Table 24-3. A fall is not a neurologic problem, nor reason for referral to a specialist, but there are circumstances in which neurologic evaluation is appropriate.

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  • At the present time the majority of cases of prostate cancer in the United Kingdom are identified following “opportunistic screening” or “case finding” whereby men present to their clinician for one of a number of other reasons and then undergo PSA-testing, ideally following appropriate and adequate counselling. A smaller proportion of cases are identified following clinical presentation with lower urinary tract symptoms or with the symptoms related to advanced prostate cancer.

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  • Smart-home technology may give the nursing personnel security in that they will be warned when dangers occur in other parts of the house. The result is that the nursing personnel can concentrate entirely on one person at a time. More time may in this way be spent on human care, instead of control routines. Altered routines lead to less stress and less exhaustion for nurses. This will in the long run have a positive effect on the occupiers. Elderly people often have objections to ICT. Ignorance is often a decisive reason. Information and knowledge about ICT will be important in...

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  • When an item of property, plant and equipment or an intangible asset is considered to be impaired, the impairment loss is recognized in the income statement for the period.The decision to recognize an impairment loss involves estimates of the timing and amount of the impairment, as well as analysis of the reasons for the potential loss.Furthermore, additional factors, such as technological obsolescence, the suspension of certain services and other circumstantial changes are taken into account.

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  • Extent of knowledge sharing: Related to the above problem is the question of how much knowledge is available to the system during its query optimization process. In particular, the first step in choosing a query evaluation strategy is likely to be identifying which nodes have materialized views that can speed query processing. A simple technique would be to use a centralized catalog of all available views and their locations, analogous to the central directory used by Napster. Yet this model introduces a single point of failure and a potential scalability bottleneck.

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  • Following the same logic, the magnitude of the effect of an event is considered sufficient if the effect on the policyholder is significant when compared to the minimum benefits payable in a scenario of commercial substance. Payments made which do not compensate the policyholder for the effect of the insured event, e.g. payments made for competitive reasons, are not taken into consideration in the assessment of insurance risk. However, IFRS 4 does not limit the payment by the insurer to an amount equal to the financial impact of the adverse event.

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