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  • Any writing that requires familiarity with (or willingness to learn about) a technical field would be considered technical writing. Writing about museum conservation is technical writing as much as writing user manuals for a software product or a troubleshoot¬ing guide for a broken tractor.

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  • Methods of sheet metal processes such as stretching, shearing, blanking, bending, deep drawing, redrawing are introduced. • Variables in sheet forming process will be discussed together with formability and test methods. • Defects occurring during the forming process will be emphasised. The solutions to such defect problems will also be given.

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  • Writing about museum conservation is technical writing as much as writing user manuals for a software product or a troubleshoot-ing guide for a broken tractor. Technical writing is a useful com-munication tool whenever information of a technical nature must be transmitted.

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  • GoPower tabletop press for around US$1,000. Although the press usually comes with a 240V/50 cycle electric motor, you can buy the press with a 120V/60 cycle motor from the U.S. distributor. The press looks like a powerful juicer. To operate it, pour the oilseed into the funnel and wait for the vegetable oil to pour out of the bottom. The meal oozes out of the side of the press. The Three Ways to Use Vegetable Oil as a Fuel Diesel engines that are found in cars, trucks, generators, boats, buses, trains, planes, pumping stations, tractors, and agricultural equipment can all...

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  • This chapter provides fundamental of metal working process for forging in order to understand mathematical approaches used in the calculation of applied forging loads required to cause plastic deformation to give the final product. • Classification of metal forging methods is also provided with descriptions of defects observed from the forging processes. • The solutions to tackle such defects will also be addressed.

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  • This chapter provides information on different types of metal rolling processes which can also be divided in to hot and cold rolling process. • Mathematical approaches are introduced for the understanding of load calculation in rolling processes. • Finally identification of defects occurring during and its solutions are included.

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  • Farm mechanization helps in effective utilization of inputs to increase the productivity of land and labour. Besides it helps in reducing the drudgery in farm operations. The early agricultural mechanization in India was greatly influenced by the technological development in England. Irrigation pumps, tillage equipment, chaff cutters, tractors and threshers were gradually introduced for farm mechanization.

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  • This chapter aims to provide useful information on different extrusions processes, which can be mainly divided into direct and indirect extrusion processes. This also includes basic background on hydrostatic extrusion, extrusions of tubing and production of seamless pipe and tubing. • Principal background and concept of extrusion will be addressed along with the utilisation of mathematical approaches to understand the calculation of extrusion load.

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  • This chapter aims to provide basic backgrounds of different types of machining processes and highlights on an understanding of important parameters which affects machining of metals. • Mechanics of machining is introduced for the calculation of power used in metal machining operation • Finally defects occurring in the machining processes will be discussed with its solutions. Significant factors influencing economics of machining will also be included to give the optimum machining efficiency.

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  • T. COLIN CAMPBELL, at his core, is still a farm boy from northern Virginia. When we spend time together we inevitably share our stories from the farm. Whether it is spreading cow manure, driving tractors or herding cattle, both of us share a rich history in farming. But from these backgrounds, both he and I went on to other careers. It is for his other career accomplishments that I came to admire Colin. He was involved in the discovery of a chemical later called dioxin, and he went on to direct one of the most important diet and health studies ever conducted, the China Study.

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  • John Deereis the world‟s leading manufacturer of farm equipment. In the fall of 2010, the company launched a giveaways campaign, in which the prize was one of its tractors customized by a famous automobile designer. “In a departure from traditional equipment promotions, John Deere has launched its unique Big Buck customized 4020 tractor giveaway, as well as significant purchase incentives on utility tractors for customers for the end of 2009 and into 2010,” read the press releaseannouncing the campaign.

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  • Capital ownership costs for milk production (economic depreciation and interest) are computed using the capital recovery approach. Capital recovery is an estimate of the cost of replacing the capital investment for cattle housing, milking facilities, feed storage structures, manure handling and storage structures, feed handling equipment, tractors, trucks, and purchased dairy herd replacements used up in the annual production process, plus interest that the remaining capital could have earned in an alternative use.

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  • Bis in die 70er Jahre bestanden Gerätesteuerungen vorwiegend aus Hardware; neue Funktionen konnten nur durch immer komplexere Hardwareentwicklungen realisiert werden. Mit der Erfindung des Mikroprozessors Mitte der 70er-Jahre war es dann erstmals möglich, teure Hardwareentwicklungen durch standardisierte Mikroprozessor- Hardware plus „billiger“ – da reproduzierbarer – Software zu ersetzen. Doch die Euphorie hielt nicht lange an.

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  • Adjustable height desks are certainly a great advantage, allowing quick adjustment for users of different sizes, and for individuals when they change tasks. However, if the cost of these items is a problem, we should not overlook the possibility of modifying fixed desks to suit individuals. This can usually be done quite cheaply by a tradesperson. Cluster workstations, in which work surfaces are attached to dividing partitions, are increasingly popular for furnishing office spaces, but most of these products pose problems with height adjustment.

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  • Design of automotive engines.Nowadays the main problems in the field of development and improvement of motor-vehicle and tractor engines are concerned with wider use of diesel engines, reducing fuel consumption and weight per horsepower of the engines and cutting down the costs of their production and service.

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