Transport phenomena

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  • Việc sử dụng những mối tương quan trong việc xác định sự truyền động lượng, truyền năng lượng và truyền khối từ pha này sang pha khác dưới những điều kiện trạng thái ổn định đã được trình bày trong chương 4. Mặc dù một vài ví dụ trong chương 4 sử dụng sự bảo toàn vĩ mô, việc giải quyết có hệ thống của những cân bằng này cho sự bảo toàn chemical species, khối lượng và năng lượng không được trình bày.

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  • Things only move when they are forced to move! A bicycle only moves when a force is applied in the form of pedaling. A cloud on the sky only moves when a force is applied in the form of a storm or a wind. A soccer ball only flies into the goal net when a force in the form of a beautiful and precise shot from Peter Møller or another great soccer player is applied. Thus all sorts of transport only take place when a force, called a driving force, is applied. This is also the case when we are talking about transport of other...

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Handbook of heat transfer" has contents: Microscale transport phenomena, heat transfer in porous mediac, nonnewtonian fluids, techniques to enhance heat transfer, heat pipes, heat transfer in packed and fluidized beds, condensation,...and other contents.

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  • Electrokinetics is a subject that has been at the core of numerous fundamental advancements in the field of colloid science for over a century. Electrokinetics is a self-contained body of science that has led to spectacular applications in separations, characterization of surface properties, manipulation of colloidal materials, and facilitation of fluid transport in microchannels. For instance, electrophoresis is one of the common techniques for separation of biological macromolecules (such as proteins).

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  • This book is intended as a guide to the selection or design of the principal kinds of chemical process equipment by engineers in school and industry. The level of treatment assumes an elementary knowledge of unit operations and transport phenomena.

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  • This book is intended as a guide to the selection or design of the principal kinds of chemical process equipment by engineers in school and industry. The level of treatment assumes an elementary knowledge of unit operations and transport phenomena. Access to the many design and reference books listed in Chapter 1 is desirable. For coherence, brief reviews of pertinent theory are provided. Emphasis is placed on shortcuts, rules of thumb, and data for design by analogy, often as primary design processes but also for quick evaluations of detailed work....

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  • bridge University, Cambridge, 1967; Bird, Stewart, and Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, 2d ed., Wiley, New York, 2002; Brodkey, The Phenomena of Fluid Motions, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass., 1967; Denn, Process Fluid Mechanics, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1980; Landau and Lifshitz, Fluid Mechanics, 2d ed., Pergamon, 1987; Govier and Aziz, The Flow of Complex Mixtures in Pipes, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1972, Krieger, Huntington, N.Y., 1977; Panton, Incompressible Flow, Wiley, New York, 1984; Schlichting, Boundary Layer Theory, 8th ed.

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  • It is our pleasure to present this special volume on tissue engineering in the series Advances in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. This volume reflects the emergence of tissue engineering as a core discipline of modern biomedical engineering, and recognizes the growing synergies between the technological developments in biotechnology and biomedicine. Along this vein, the focus of this volume is to provide a biotechnology driven perspective on cell engineering fundamentals while highlighting their significance in producing functional tissues.

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  • Since the introduction of recombinant human growth hormone and insulin a quarter century ago, protein therapeutics has greatly broadened the horizon of health care. Many patients suffering with life-threatening diseases or chronic dysfunctions,whichweremedically untreatable not long ago, can attest to the wonder these drugs have achieved. Although the first generation of protein therapeutics was produced in recombinant Escherichia coli, most recent products usemammalian cells as production hosts.Not long after the first production of recombinant proteins in E.

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  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has emerged as one of the most important and widely used softwares for the social scientists in last two decades. Economists, sociologists, political scientists, public administrators, and geographers alike use GIS for capturing, storing, analyzing, and presenting spatially referenced socio-economic data. Election campaigns have been using GIS in a rapidly increasing manner. It has also been substantially used by urban and regional planners, natural resources scientists, and civil engineers.

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  • In the wake of energy crisis due to rapid growth of industries, urbanization, transportation, and human habit, the efficient transfer of heat could play a vital role in energy saving. Industries, household requirements, offices, transportation are all dependent on heat exchanging equipment. Considering these, the present book has incorporated different sections related to general aspects of heat transfer phenomena, convective heat transfer mode, boiling and condensation, heat transfer to two phase flow and heat transfer augmentation by different means....

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  • Some of these are things we can do something about directly ourselves (e.g. ensure that our homes are properly insulated, and use public transport, walk or cycle where possible rather than use our cars). Others are out of our control (e.g. how many new roads are built or whether schools use compact fluorescent light bulbs), though we can still influence them by our investment decisions and by writing to...

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  • The results of this study suggest that the lowest exposures (concentrations of pollutants) are experienced by train commuters, largely a reflection of the routes being removed from any significant road traffic. Motorcyclists experienced significantly higher average concentrations as a result of high-concentration and very-short-duration peaks not seen in the traces of car and bus commuters travelling on the same road.

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  • Membranes serve a number of essential cellular functions. They constitute the boundaries of cells and intracellular organelles, and they provide a surface where many important biological reactions and processes occur. Membranes have proteins that mediate and regulate the transport of metabolites, macromolecules, and ions.

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  • The natural question is whether these heterogeneous expectations co-evolve into homogeneous rational-expectations beliefs, upholding the efficient-market theory, or whether richer individual and collective behavior emerges, upholding the traders’ viewpoint and explaining the empirical market phenomena mentioned above. We answer this not analytically—our model with its fully heterogeneous expectations it is too complicated to admit of analytical solutions—but computationally.

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  • Membranes have proteins that mediate and regulate the transport of metabolites, macromolecules, and ions. Hormones and many other biological signal molecules and regulatory agents exert their effects via interactions with membranes. Photosynthesis, electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation, muscle contraction, and electrical activity all depend on membranes and membrane proteins. What are the properties and characteristics of biological membranes that account for their broad influence on cellular processes and transport?

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  • Living cells save up metabolic energy predominantly in the form of fats and carbohydrates, and they “spend” this energy for biosynthesis, membrane transport, and movement. In both directions, energy is exchanged and transferred in the form of ATP. How do cells oxidize NADH and [FADH2] and convert their reducing potential into the chemical energy of ATP?

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