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  • As a creative director, business owner or manager of a creative team, the chances are you already coach your people to an extent - and you may be better at it than you realise. But there's also a fair chance that you have received little support in developing your people management skills. In the creative industries, so much attention is lavished on creative ‘talent’ and the products of creativity that vital aspects of the creative process are often overlooked.

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  • We wrote this book for many types of youth volunteer coaches. For first-time coaches looking for some guidance before they step on the court to conduct practices and oversee games. For coaches who’ve been on the sidelines for a season or two and want to gain some more insight on specific areas of the game. For coaches looking to transition from working with younger kids to coaching older, more advanced kids. For veterans of the postseason pizza parties who have spent countless hours at the local basketball courts. And even for coaches who want to manage all star or travel teams....

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  • Mick and I have only known each other for a relatively short time, however, during this period, I have learnt a great deal about his ‘Learning Through Sport’ philosophy that encourages players and coaches to think for themselves. Since I have been involved in the Worcester programme, I can see that he has drawn upon his extensive experience as a coach and an educator to create a vision that will enhance the development of many types of people in basketball-related areas.

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  • The subject of this book is the National Basketball Association (NBA), which, for various reasons, has evolved into one of the most competitive, prominent, and successful organizations in the history of American team sports.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Online Annuity Marketing By: Jason Hornung – President Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. Below you will find the transcript from a coaching call I did with my client Robert Eldridge, who is an agent in Las Vegas, on 7-19-2012 where we discuss his annuity marketing system that he currently had online. We also went into detail about how get him set up using my Agent's Lead Machine Internet Marketing Mastery program to accomplish his online insurance marketing goals. If you'd like to build out your own system for annuity marketing or any other type of insurance...

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  • Chapter 14a: Question about HUMAN RESOURCES 1. What are the major advantages of the functional type of organization? a. b. c. d. Single point of contact for the customer Stable organizational structure Project orientation Multifunctional teams are easy to form 2. The project manager’s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order: a. b. c. d. Disciplinary, autocratic, participative. Projectized, matrix, functional. Team building, team development, responsibility assignment.

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  • I wrote this book for you as a manager, someone who is the steward of any organization, be it large or small. The concepts of business apply no matter whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager for a well-established, publicly traded company. Companies are organizations, no matter what their size, type, or product. This means you must have an integrated business plan no matter who you are or what you do. Business planning is important whether you are a start-up company in e-business or working on a multinational planning team.

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  • TLC at Work presents a practical approach for developing workplace competencies. It is designed as a resource for trainers, leaders, coaches, and human resources professionals, and for people who recognize a need to build their performance at work. You can use this book to define, describe, and clarify specific areas of performance key to workplace success. You will learn an effective process for assessing performance gaps and facilitating development in others or in yourself.

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  • Sell! you want to choose two that are strong in terms of their appeal, so if your book offers something new or different, pick the two chapters that best exemplify this. If a chart or other illustrative material is essential to the chapter, enclose that, too. These chapters should be typed just like the rest of your material. How long the proposal is depends on how long your sample chapters are. A typical book proposal might run between 20 and 50 pages, double spaced. You can see a full sample proposal on the website This chapter has covered the...

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  • Moe Gibson stood alone, facing his locker, bawling like a baby. He had already removed his shoulder pads and the navy blue jersey emblazoned on both sides with No. 22, the one with his surname printed in large capital letters on the reverse and “Villanova,” in smaller type, along the front. Gibson, by now the only person remaining in the university’s spacious football locker room, cried for the name on the back of the jersey, and he cried for the name on the front.

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  • The  car  stock module  calculates  the  size  and  composition  of  the  car  stock.  Its output  is a  full de‐ scription of the car stock in every year, by vehicle type (fuel), age and (emission) technology of  the  vehicle.   The  vehicle  stock  is  represented  in  the  detail  needed  to  compute  the  transport  emissions.   For buses,  coaches,  road  freight vehicles,  inland navigation and  rail  the  car  stock  is not mod‐ elled in detail.

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