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Ultrafine and fine aerosol

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  • Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power). The terms cogeneration and CHP are used interchangeably in this paper and are defined as the combined simultaneous generation of heat and electrical energy with a common source of fuel. Common examples of cogeneration applications include pulp and paper mills, steel mills, food and chemical processing plants, and District Heating (DH) applications.

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  • How much of a supplemental nutrient to apply should be determined based on prior experience of the farmer, obser- vation of plant growth, knowledge of soil characteristics such as organic matter, cation exchange capacity, phosphorus and potassium supplying ability, and base saturation, knowl- edge of crop needs and field history, and understanding of the nutrient supplying power of the material to be used. An example of nutrient application rates is provided in Table 2. Overapplication can cause problems in crop production as well as in the environment.

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  • Term and termination The normal term of a project will begin with the signing of a written agreement and end with the client’s acceptance of your completed services. If something happens in the meantime to make cancellation necessary, the agreement must describe in advance the process for doing that, from notifi cation through calculation of your fi nal invoice. That fi nal billing might cover time and materials for actual services performed through the date of cancellation, or it might be a lump-sum cancellation fee, or perhaps a combination of the two.

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  • The Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI) is the Indonesian government’s current development master plan. Launched in May 2011, this ambitious policy aims to leapfrog Indonesia into the ten biggest economies by 2025, by increasing GDP to US $4.5 trillion as well as by increasing GDP per capita income from a current level of US$ 3000 to US$ 15,000.

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  • Mechanical Reproduction’, in which he argued that mechanical reproduction destroys the aura of the formerly unique work of art and thus, for the first time in history, ‘emancipates the work of art from its parasitical dependence on rit- ual’ (Benjamin, 1979: 224) It is precisely in the dissemination of mechanical- ly reproduced artworks that quantity leads to the quality of a modern society, thereby gaining a new politically relevant status. In contrast to the ‘pure’ art of former centuries, it affords modern artworks a social function for the masses....

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  • We have no recognized standards in sales, but we have plenty of sales models to choose from. Many sales forces use all of them, some of them, or some hybrid of them. Unfortunately, allowing the sales force to follow their own model creates a considerable disparity of which model is working best. Let’s examine some of the models that have been developed along the way and that sales trainers have been delivering. Which ones are you using? This model contains instructions on not only what salespeople should say, but also what they should do while saying it.

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  • Following a comprehensive understanding of the luxury construct, all relevant current and potential value sources of the consumers‘ luxury perception should be integrated into one single model. A customer‘s luxury value perception and the motives for luxury brand consumption are not simply tied to a set of social aspects of displaying status, success, distinction and the human desire to impress other people, but also depend on the nature of the financial, functional and individual utilities of the certain luxury brand.

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  • This case study examines an integrated marketing communications success story: Subaru’s 14-year unwavering, authentic relationship with the gay and lesbian communities during which sales have doubled. Subaru reached out to the gay and lesbian consumers in 1995, beginning with corporate sponsorship of the Rainbow Card, followed by gay and lesbian-specific advertising campaigns and numerous strategic sponsorships. Subaru’s corporate communication efforts were and continue to be revolutionary considering U.S.

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  • It is possible that once efficient human-to-human transmission of H5N1 occurs certain countries may close their borders sporadically believing (rightly or wrongly) that this measure would be effective in reducing the spread of influenza. Screening (with quarantine measures) could be established at borders. If justified by risk/benefit analysis it may be advisable to request employees to consider postponing non-essential travel outside Canada when the pandemic starts. Arrangements may also be required for employees who are stranded outside of the country because borders are closed.

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  • In short, risks increase if the bank considers the synthetic ETF structure as a stable and inexpensive source of funding for illiquid securities. ETF investors may not always have sufficient control over collateral arrangements to enable them to prevent such a situation. More broadly, investors in synthetic ETFs need to exercise an adequate level of scrutiny and due diligence on collateral selection and arrangements, which in turn depends on the level of transparency made available by ETF providers.

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  • This Business Plan shows how astronomers at the Armagh Observatory will deliver on the Observa- tory's key business areas in support of the Northern Ireland Executive's Programme for Government, the cross-cutting STEM Strategy and key actions and objectives of its sponsor government department, the Northern Ireland Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure (DCAL). First, we provide an introduction to the organization and the principal research themes in astronomy and related sciences addressed by sta in the Observatory and their international partners.

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  • The fourth row of Table 3 indicates that for over half of nongovernmental organizations at least 85 percent of borrowers are female. At least a quarter of nongovernmental organizations serve women exclusively. Banks serve many women, but in lower numbers; for slightly less than half of institutions, men make up the majority of borrowers. Column 4 breaks out the median only for profitable nongovernmental microfinance organizations, and their data on women as a share of all borrowers are much closer to that of other nongovernmental organizations than that of banks.

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  • A lot has changed in 170 years. Middlesex Savings Bank’s commitment to being strong for our customers has never wavered. Today, we remain a place where depositors are assured their deposits are 100% protected by FDIC and DIF insurance and where qualified individual and business borrowers can still get the loans they need to reach their goals. With no sub-prime loans in our portfolio and a continuing commitment to employ prudent decision-making, Middlesex is well positioned to be here for you and your community for years to come.

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  • In the framework of Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing models, by employing exotic options instead of plain options or warrants, this paper presents an equivalent decomposition method for the Callable Convertible Bonds (CCB). Furthermore, the analytic valuation formulae for CCB are obtained by using the analytic formulae for those simpler securities decomposed from CCB. This method is validated by comparing with Monte Carlo simulation. Besides, the effects of call clauses, coupon clauses, soft call condition clauses and dividend payment are analyzed respectively.

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  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria: Patients were eligible for enrollment in the study if they were aged 18 yr or more, had newly diagnosed pulmonary TB, had no history of previous treatment for TB, had knowledge of their HIV status, resided within 20 km of study site, assessed to be cooperative and willing for DOTS therapy as judged by counselor, had no major complications of HIV disease like encephalopathy, renal or hepatic disease, malignancy or any end stage disease and did not have any medical condition that might interfere with the management of the pulmonary tuberculosis like diabetes,...

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  • The last few months have seen continuing volatility in Britain’s economic data. After a fall of 0.5% in the fourth quarter of last year, GDP has risen by the same amount in the first quarter of this year. So over the two quarters taken together there has been no economic growth – an outcome weaker than many people, including me, had expected two or three months ago, but nevertheless one which has not fulfilled fears of a new contraction. The inflation rate moved sharply higher in January, under the influence of the increase in VAT. And...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'interagency guideline on opioid dosing for chronic non-cancer pain:  an educational aid to improve   care and safety with opioid therapy', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Industries with identified critical infrastructures should have full and complete participation in the development of cybersecurity standards and best practices. Any standards should be performance-based rather than technology-based to ensure that they are not out-paced by the advancement of technology. Owners and operators know best how to protect their own systems, and it is nearly impossible for the speed of bureaucracy to keep pace with ever changing threats.

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  • Educational programmes* such as those presented as examples in this report should equip health care providers* with standards that would enable them to plan, implement and evaluate high-quality therapeutic patient education* for chronic diseases*. Two sets of criteria are needed: for the expected outcome of care for patients, and for the quality of the educational process. Care providers and educational specialists would then perform periodic evaluation* against those cri- teria.

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  • So it has to be explored how much knowledge of organic farming consumers already have, and how they would like to be more informed. Studies concerning consumer demand for organic food products are still un- der-developed in the Northern Thai region. Therefore, the present paper aims to understand the perceptions and attitudes towards organic food products in this region, to collect detailed infor- mation of the demographic characteristics and to identify the reasons affecting consumers’ be- havior towards organic food products. ...

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