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  • This book came about initially as a result of informal discussions between the authors, all of whom are involved directly, to a greater or lesser extent, with agricultural science and research.

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  • This article presented an extensive experience of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia - four of the countries which had established the evaluation system of research activities in universities in a comprehensive way, at national level - with the content including starting time and purpose of evaluation; main evaluation methods; and basic criteria of evaluation.

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  • Doing any critical analysis with English and English Language Teaching (ELT) requires a critical examination of the language and related matters. First, the English language has a long history of evolution and people all over the world have been speaking English as a first language, second language or an important foreign language. The United Kingdom, its former colonies and the United States of America are the starting points of the popular diffusion of English language. Thus, they are either native speakers of English or competent English users.

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  • Permit me, my dear friend, to inscribe to you this very imperfect Life of your beloved Queen, in remembrance of that dear old time when the world was brighter and more beautiful than it is now (or so it seemeth to me) and things in general were pleasanter;—when better books were written, especially biographies, and there were fewer of them;—when the "gentle reader" and the "indulgent critic" were extant;— when Realism had not shouldered his way into Art;—when there were great actors and actresses of the fine old school, like Macready and the elder Booth—Helen Faucit and Charlotte Cushman;.

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  • The author of this series has made it his special object to confine himself very strictly, even in the most minute details which he records, to historic truth. The narratives are not tales founded upon history, but history itself, without any embellishment or any deviations from the strict truth, so far as it can now be discovered by an attentive examination of the annals written at the time when the events themselves occurred.

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  • Thus, the proper question for prevention—and, ultimately, for all of health care—is not whether it saves money but whether it offers good value on the dollar. strategy—prevention, a new diagnostic test, or a better treatment—offers the greatest benefit per unit cost? Finding the best ways to enhance health for the same cost is common sense, and it is common practice in other countries, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan.

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  • We next turn over a new leaf, and open upon a pompous dedication, which answers many laudable purposes: if a coat of arms, correctly engraven, should step first into view, we consider it a singular advantage gained over a reader, like the first blow in a combat. The dedication itself becomes a pair of stilts, which advance an author something higher.

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Development, validity and responsiveness of the Clinical COPD Questionnaire Thys van der Molen*1,5, Brigitte WM Willemse2, Siebrig Schokker1, Nick HT ten Hacken3, Dirkje S Postma3 and Elizabeth F Juniper4 Address: 1Department of General Practice, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2Department of Pathology, University Hospital Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 3Department of Pulmonary Diseases, University Hospital Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 4Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Bi...

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  • Health and Quality of Life Outcomes BioMed Central Research Open Access Sample size and power estimation for studies with health related quality of life outcomes: a comparison of four methods using the SF-36 Stephen J Walters* Address: Sheffield Health Economics Group, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield, Regent Court, 30 Regent St, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S1 4DA Email: Stephen J Walters* - * Corresponding author Published: 25 May 2004 Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2004, 2:26 This article is available from: http://www.hqlo.

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  • A SHORT HISTORY OF SCOTLAND CHAPTER I. SCOTLAND AND THE ROMANS. If we could see in a magic mirror the country now called Scotland as it was when the Romans under Agricola (81 A.D.) crossed the Border, we should recognise little but the familiar hills and mountains. The rivers, in the plains, overflowed their present banks; dense forests of oak and pine, haunted by great red deer, elks, and boars, covered land that has long been arable. There were lakes and lagoons where for centuries there have been fields of corn. On the oldest sites of our towns were groups of huts...

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  • This little book is meant for those who have never read any Welsh history before. It is not taken for granted that the reader knows either Latin or Welsh. A fuller outline may be read in The Story of Wales, in the "Story of the Nations" series; and a still fuller one in The Welsh People of Rhys and Brynmor Jones. Of fairly small and cheap books in various periods I may mention Rhys' Celtic Britain, Owen Rhoscomyl's Flame Bearers of Welsh History, Henry Owen's Gerald the Welshman, Bradley's Owen Glendower, Newell's Welsh Church, and Rees Protestant Non- conformity...

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  • A preface rather induces a man to speak of himself, which is deemed the worst subject upon which he can speak. In history we become acquainted with things, but in a preface with the author; and, for a man to treat of himself, may be the most difficult talk of the two: for in history, facts are produced ready to the hand of the historian, which give birth to thought, and it is easy to cloath that thought in words. But in a preface, an author is obliged to forge from the brain, where he is sometimes known to...

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  • the meane time, Brenne aduertised hereof, assembled a great nauie of ships, well furnished with people and souldiers of the Norwegians, with the which he tooke his course homewards, but in the waie he [Sidenote: Guilthdacus king of Denmarke.] was encountred by Guilthdacus king of Denmarke, the which had laid long in wait for him, bicause of the yoong ladie which Brenne had maried, for whome he had béene a sutor to hir father Elsing of long time.

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  • Measured by the standards of duration, absence of violent commotions, maintenance of law and order, general prosperity and contentment of the people, and by the extent of its influence on the institutions and political thought of other lands, the English government has been one of the most remarkable the world has ever known.

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  • The appropriate treatment for patients in whom reperfusion fails to occur after thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction remains unclear. There are few data comparing emergency percutaneous coronary intervention (rescue PCI) with conservative care in such patients, and none comparing rescue PCI with repeated thrombolysis.

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  • In the 1990s, regulations in some countries (e.g. Sweden, France) limited to 1.5% the maxi- mum proportion of UVB in the UV output of tanning appliances. However, in practice, the UV output and spectral characteristics of tanning appliances vary considerably. Surveys in the United Kingdom on tanning appliances operated in public or commercial facilities revealed sub- stantial differences in UV output, mainly for UVB, for which up to 60-fold differences in output have been observed (Wright et al., 1996; McGinley et al., 1998). The proportion of UVB in total UV out- put varied from 0.

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  • It is the object of this series of histories to present a clear, distinct, and connected narrative of the lives of those great personages who have in various ages of the world made themselves celebrated as leaders among mankind, and, by the part they have taken in the public affairs of great nations, have exerted the widest influence on the history of the human race. The end which the author has had in view is twofold: first, to communicate such information in respect to the subjects of his narratives as is important for the general reader to possess; and,...

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  • The history of the English people would have been a great and a noble history whatever king had ruled over the land seven hundred years ago. But the history as we know it, and the mode of government which has actually grown up among us is in fact due to the genius of the great king by whose will England was guided from 1154 to 1189. He was a foreign king who never spoke the English tongue, who lived and moved for the most part in a foreign camp, surrounded with a motley host of Brabançons and hirelings; and...

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  • When, amidst various literary pursuits, I first applied my mind to the compilation of history, I determined, lest I should appear ungrateful to my native land, to describe, to the best of my abilities, my own country and its adjoining regions; and afterwards, under God's guidance, to proceed to a description of more distant territories.

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  • This article investigates the effects of both the viewpoints on the practice of certain diplomatic jobs by the UK’s goverments towards the EU from 1972 to 2016 and the research works by scholars in the world on this relationship

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