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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Open tourism: Open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation challenging the tourism industry" provide readers with content about: crowdsourcing in the tourism industry - from idea generation towards merchandizing user-generated souvenirs; collecting tour plans from potential visitors - a web-based interactive tour planner and a strategic use of its log data; how quebec city crowdsources locals to promote its destination; crowdsourcing as a tool to help generate innovation in small and medium-sized hotels;... Please refer to part 2 of the ebook for details!

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  • Ebook "Smart choice 3 (Workbook)" gives students more ways than ever to get involved, get motivated, and get speaking with new videos at the right level and dedicated speaking lessons to give students opportunities to speak in English. The Workbook reinforces what is learned in each lesson, and can be used as extra practice during class or set as homework. Please refer to the ebook for details!

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  • Ebook "Test your professional English: Hotel and Catering" has been divided into eight sections. Each section deals with an important topic area in the hotel and catering industry including hotel services, food service and management. You may choose to work through the book from beginning to end or may find it more useful to select tests according to your interests and needs. Please refer to the ebook for details!

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  • Part 2 of ebook "Front office: Procedures, social skills, yield and management" with the third important skill is selling. Hotels are almost always profit-making concerns, and it is the rooms which provide most of the profits. Front office staff who are not sales-orientated are not likely to be much use. This explains why we have devoted a section to the various ways In which staff can improve the 'yield'.

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  • (BQ) This book which can be used alone, along with another writing-skills text of your choice, or in combination with the Learning Express publication, Writing Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day—will give you practice dealing with capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, sentence structure, organization, paragraph development, and essay writing. It is designed to be used by individuals working on their own and for teachers or tutors helping students learn or review basic writing skills.

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  • (BQ) Written by a team led by a world authority in English grammar, English Grammar for Today has established itself as a rich educational experience for both native- and non-native-speaking students. This engaging and stimulating course book enables students to learn grammar not just for its own sake, but also for the pleasure of exploring, appreciating and understanding the way language communicates in written text and spoken discourse. Throughout, the emphasis is on using grammar in present-day English.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Developing grammar in context (intermediate) is a grammar reference and practice book which can be used by learners for self-study, or can be used in class. A basic premise of the book is that learners need to meet examples of a grammatical structure in an authentic context, and think about its use, before they try to use it for themselves.

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  • This book is for elementary (and lower intermediate) students who want extra practice in grammar. It covers most of the grammar areas in Essential Grammar in Use. You can use it without a teacher. The book has 184 exercises. Each exercise relates to a particular part of Essential Grammar in Use. You can find the Essential Grammar in Use unit number in the top right-hand corner of each page. You can use this book if you don't have Essential Grammar in Use because all the answers, with lots of alternatives, are given in the Key (pages 95-106).

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  • This book takes a practical approach. Through fun illustrations and colorful diagrams, you'll learn the essential points of grammar. Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated gives you visual cues to the parts of speech and their usage, so you'll know how to use them correctly when are speaking or writing in English. The eight chapters of this book are organized around the eight parts of speech. It is important to become familiar with the name of each part of speech and to expand your knowledge about each one.

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  • (BQ) This section covers the main areas of English grammar at intermediate level and concentrates on all the papers in the exam you have to pass. The exercises contain helpful descriptions, explanations as well as grammar tips. These focus on what you can do with the language you have learnt, instead of just testing your knowledge of it. Why not take our practice tests now? The main contents of this part 2 include all of the following: Test your vocabulary 3, test your prepositions, test your business vocabulary in use, test your reading, test your english general.

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  • (BQ) The Good Grammar Book teaches all the grammar needed for speaking and writing in English. It explains the rules, shows how the language works, and gives plenty of practice. It can be used either with the course book in class or as extra practice at home. This book is divided into 2 parts, part 1 presents the following main contents: Be and have, present tenses, talking about the future, past tenses, perfect tenses, modal verbs, passive, questions and negatives, infinitives and -ing forms, special structures with verbs, a/an and the.

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  • (BQ) The good grammar book with answers is an excellent book aimed at elementary to lower-intermediate students of English as a Foreign Language but is also very useful for revision for intermediate students too. It's nicely illustrated and is a good starting point for further work in a lesson. Ebook The good grammar book with answers: Part 2 presents the following content: Personal pronouns, possessives; nouns; adjectives and adverbs; conjunctions; if; relative pronouns; indirect speech; prepositions; spoken grammar.

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  • (BQ) Word parts dictionary: Standard and reverse listings of prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms is based on word parts — those prefixes, suffixes, combining forms and roots which show up repeatedly to form words — and is meant to be used in conjunction with a standard dictionary and a thesaurus. It can help to retrieve words only dimly remembered, or it can lead to specific new words which otherwise might never have been discovered. The Word Parts Dictionary is divided into three sections.

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  • The reproducible, high-energy The power drill grammar book offers 70 lessons on basic grammatical structures, common usage problems, the fundamentals of punctuation and elementary paragraphing skills. It is intended for use with grammar students in elementary and middle schools.

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  • It was my intention to encourage the participants to expose their views because the purpose of this phase was to uncover and describe teachers’ perspectives on this issue, and these interviews were the sole means of gathering data in this case. This was a valuable method in that they provided useful and appropriate features in relation to understanding people’s view.

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  • In the field of medical physics, determining the dosage for organs is a very complex problem because it is impossible to directly measure the dosage inside a living person's body. Therefore, in order to estimate the dosage, one usually has to use phantoms. For dosage determination and safety assessment, Monte Carlo simulation programs and today's phantoms have become indispensable tools.

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  • This research explores whether Environmental Management Accounting can be applied to assist an Australian cogeneration company in improving both its financial performance as well as its environmental performance. Cogeneration or ‘combined heat and power’, in this particular case, involves the simultaneous production of heat and electricity using a single fuel, that is, natural gas. The heat generated is then used to produce steam to meet the customers’ requirements as well as boost the production of electricity.

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  • The research for this project seeks a deeper understanding of transitional objects during any stage of life. This research contributes to the fields of fine art, memory and psychology. Further inquiries for personal and psychoanalytical research may assist in understanding the potential of this research and its application for adults. Developing areas such as art therapy and the psychological support that extrapolates on an infant’s recognised use of a transitional object.

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  • The thesis "The Double Account System in Nineteenth Century U.K. Railways: An Analysis from an Accounting Theory Perspective" investigates the extent to which our knowledge of modern systems oriented accounting theories can explain the shortcomings in nineteenth century financial reporting as carried out by the railway companies. The work looks at historical events from the perspective of a modern accountant.

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  • This research is inspired by Advanced Program students in Thuyloi University who have to deal with overloaded vocabulary in ESP class. It is difficult for learners to memorize and use new technical terms to fulfill their learning.

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