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  • The asynchrony, heterogeneity, and inherent loose coupling that characterize applications in a wide-area network promote event interaction as a natural design abstraction for a growing class of software systems. An emerging build- ing block for such systems is an infrastructure called an event notification ser- vice [Rosenblum and Wolf 1997]. We envision a ubiquitous event notification service accessible fromevery site on a wide-area network and suitable for supporting highly distributed appli- cations requiring component interactions ranging in granularity from fine to coarse.

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  • Inventory data on land acquisitions highlight the role of policies and domestic players, as well as the limited benefits attained to date.Data from offi- cial registries in 14 countries3 suggest that policies influence the size and nature of large-scale land transfers, whether by lease or by sale. In Tanzania, where land rights are firmly vested with villages, less than 50,000 ha were transferred to investors between January 2004 and June 2009. By contrast, over the same period in Mozambique, 2.7 million were transferred.

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  • PBgC reviews the plan assets and plan funding for those plans that received financial assistance in the past but are neither currently receiving financial assistance nor repay- ing past financial assistance.

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  • In sub-Saharan Africa, as high as 2/3 of tuberculosis patients are HIV/AIDS co-infected and tuberculosis is the most common cause of death among HIV/AIDS patients worldwide. Tuberculosis and HIV co-infections are associated with special diagnostic and therapeutic challenges and constitute an immense burden on healthcare systems of heavily infected countries like Ethiopia. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis and their immunologic profiles among HIV positive patients.

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  • Outside the air regulatory setting, park, forest, and refuge managers may use data from air pollution related lichen studies to aid management decisions, conduct NEPA analyses, and provide information to the public about resource condition and impacts. To meet the requirements of the Wilderness Act, Organic Act, and National Wildlife System Improvement Act, federal land managers often subscribe to what is known as the “precautionary principle.

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  • The UN General Assembly Cloning debate evolved from calls for a Convention to the formulation of a Declaration, as a way to bridge the division over the international governance issues. The United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning (A/RES/59/280) was thus adopted on 8th of March, 2005. The Declaration was passed with 84 countries supporting it, 34 against, while 37 abstained. Comparisons are made between the reasoning of countries for and against the Declaration. Research efforts on reproductive as well as therapeutic cloning continue to be governed by national law and policy.

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  • Standard security hardening procedures should be applied to the guest OS, including disabling unnecessary network services, removing unnecessary packages, restricting remote root access, and enforcing strong password policies. Use if possible a centralized authentication service such as Kerberos. Consider installation of monitoring and intrusion detection tools. It is possible to install additional applications and provision additional users on the cell OS instance, but it is recommended that you do not do this—widening access to the cell OS may decrease security. ...

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  • The various trading and emissions schemes around the world can offer significant benefits of capital allocation for this scarce resource. For the first time carbon will become a real input cost for many businesses and managing the risks and opportunities of that input will become an important business priority. Accounting for carbon emissions will take many companies into entirely new territory for which no specific accounting standard currently exists.

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  • The gross cost increase of approximately $3.8 billion is primarily driven by: (i) the scope  evolution of the WTC Transportation Hub (“Hub”) in response to the mandate to open  the National September 11 Memorial and Museum  (the “Memorial”) by September 11,  2011,  (ii) anticipated allowances  to commercialize One World Trade Center  (“1 WTC”)  and  the  retail  spaces,  (iii) projects performed by  the Port Authority on behalf of  third‐ parties at the site (i.e.

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  • While critics call for targeting more experienced managers as MBA candidates, it is interesting to note that certain types of MBA programs tend to attract these types of students. For example executive MBA students tend to be experienced managers with a good sense of „real world‟ needs (Lorange, 2005). Yet much of the research we describe below has focused on more traditional MBA programs or on the perceptions of more experienced MBA students in executive MBA programs outside North America.

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  • Measures of quality of life assess a range of social, economic, and environmental factors. New Zealand sits in third place in the OECD in the United Nations Human Development Index (UNHDI). This index focuses on life expectancy, education, and income. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s quality of life index also gave a relatively high ranking to New Zealand, putting us in 14th place in the OECD in 2005. This index is based on a range of factors: material wellbeing; health; family life; community life; climate and geography; job security; political freedom; and gender equality.

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  • The culm of the bamboo is covered by its hard epidermis and inner wax layer. It also lacks ray cells as radial pathways. Several results have revealed that bamboo is difficult to treat with preservatives [Liese 1998; Lee 2001]. An oil-bath treatment can successfully protect against fungal attack, but severe losses in strength have to be expected [Leithoff and Peek 2001]. Since the amount of each chemical composition of bamboo varies with age, height, and layer, the chemical compositions of bamboo are correlated with its physical and mechanical properties.

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  • About $4 trillion is currently invested in U.S. domestic equity mutual funds, making them a fundamental part of the average U.S. investor’s overall portfolio. Since about 90% of these funds are actively managed, researchers have devoted extensive efforts in studying their performance and have found that, on average, active management underperforms passive benchmarks. For example, Wermers (2000) finds that the average U.S. domestic equity fund underperforms its overall market, size, book-to-market, and momentum benchmarks by 1.2%/year over the 1975–1994 period.

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  • The panel concluded that treatment of children aged 5 to15 years with hydroxyurea does not cause a growth delay. They felt there were insufficient data to allow them to evaluate the effects of hydroxyurea on pubertal development. The panel found no data regarding the effects on subsequent generations after exposure of germ cells to hydroxyurea, including exposure during fetal life, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

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  • In practice, a number of other factors are often critical in determining how a parent bank would respond to the realization of such risks independent of the chosen legal form of incorporation. Where the parent’s exposures to the affiliate (either through non-equity funding or revenues) render the host country operations of systemic importance to the health of the parent, extension of capital and liquidity support is equally common to branches and subsidiaries, as not doing so could compromise the survival of the group.

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  • Lean Thinking Brings Powerful Financial Incentives to Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention Improvement. Pollution prevention adherents often advocate a “pollution prevention pays” theme to promote more sustainable production behavior. As well, pollution prevention guidance encourages facilities to examine the total costs of polluting behavior to ensure investment decisions are fairly and completely evaluated. This “Total Cost Assessment” approach, according to advocates, can produce a strong business case (e.g.

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  • Several scholars (Narain, 1957; Nandy, 1980; Carstairs, 1957; Kakar, 1981; Seymour, 1999), following Murphy’s work, have explored child-rearing practices in India and comment on over-indulgence childhood, maternal enthralment and a very different cultural model of upbringing in comparison with the West.

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  • These recommendations have been developed to assist health care professionals to educate women about oral health and to improve the overall health of women and children. These guidelines can be used by: 1) prenatal care providers to integrate oral health risk assessment and referral into routine prenatal care; 2) oral health professionals to provide appropriate treatment for pregnant women; 3) child health professionals to include oral health risk assessment as part of well-child care and to provide referral.

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  • Risk mapping Draw a basic map of the workplace, marking on it the machines, workstations and the substances or processes used. Record on the risk map any health problems reported by workers doing particular jobs. Repeat the exercise periodically and see if any problems become apparent. If cancer causing substances or processes are being used, investigate alternatives and, if this is not possible, safer work methods. Body mapping Draw two body outlines on a large piece of paper, one representing the front of a person, one the back.

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  • Preventive medicine encompasses both the care of individual patients, and public health practice, and as is evident in the name, focuses on the prevention of disease rather than treatment, per se. The fields of preventive medicine and public health share the objectives of promoting general health, preventing specific dis- eases, and applying the concepts and techniques of epidemiology toward these goals.

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