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  • This whitepaper discusses how selected organizations view and ultimately compensate technical staff based on their level of technical certification, and by implication, technical competence. The information below is based on responses to a study by research firm, Gartner (“Gartner 2006 IT Market Compensation Study”, July 2006) in which compensation managers, hiring managers and IT managers from 188 US corporations were surveyed on a broad range of compensation related topics.

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  • Microsoft has once again come up with a new suite of certifications. So, what are these all about and why is there a new generation of credentials? One of the problems today is that there are an abundance of credentials in the IT world, making it increasingly difficult for managers to understand which certification best meets the needs of their department and organization.

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  • Once specific value drivers are defined, your company’s chief audit executive (CAE) should work with senior management and the audit committee to articulate the mission for internal audit. A formal mission statement or charter lays out the function’s goals and provides the basis to evaluate internal audit performance. An effective mission statement delineates the function’s authority and responsibilities and reflects the priorities of senior management and the audit committee.

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  • Maghyereh (2002) investigated the long-run relationship between the Jordanian stock prices and selected macroeconomic variables, again by using Johansen’s (1988) cointegration analysis and monthly time series data for the period from January 1987 to December 2000. The study showed that macroeconomic variables were reflected in stock prices in the Jordanian capital market.

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  • In our view, the most reliable estimate available is a total value of U.S. corporations of 1.54 times GNP, or 17.5 times after-tax corporate earnings. This estimate is based on a detailed study of 135 industrial corporations done by Laurence Sloan and Associates (1936) at the Standard Statistics Company, a company that later merged with Poor’s Publishing to become Standard and Poor’s (S&P). The estimate we will use, however, is a total value of 1.67 times GNP (or 19 times after-tax corporate earnings). This estimate is based on the price-earnings ratio of the S&P composite stock index.

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  • These studies are diverse, depending on the definition of maternal mortality used, the sources considered (death certificates, other vital event certificates, medical records, questionnaires or autopsy reports) and the way maternal deaths are identified (record linkage or assessment from experts). In addition, the system of reporting causes of death to a civil registry differs from one country to another, depending on the death certificate forms, the type of certifiers and the coding practice.

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  • Our results indicate that the assumed structural identi cation scheme is compatible with the data. Based on the con rmed identi cation of funda- mental and nonfundamental shocks, the historical stock prices are decom- posed into fundamental components and nonfundamental components. In contrast to Binswanger (2004), the decomposition shows that the linkage be- tween Japanese stock prices and real activity shocks became strengthened since the bubble collapsed in the beginning of 1990s.

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  • At Cisco Press, our goal is to create in-depth technical books of the highest quality and value. Each book is crafted with care and preci- sion, undergoing rigorous development that involves the unique expertise of members from the professional technical community. Readers’ feedback is a natural continuation of this process. If you have any comments regarding how we could improve the quality of this book or otherwise alter it to better suit your needs, you can contact us through e-mail at Please make sure to include the book title and ISBN in your message....

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  • At Cisco Press, our goal is to create in-depth technical books of the highest quality and value. Each book is crafted with care and precision, undergoing rigorous development that involves the unique expertise of members from the professional technical community.

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  • Video surveillance has been a key component of many organizations’ safety and security groups for decades. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by: ● Providing real-time monitoring of a facility's environment, people, and assets. ● Recording the movements inside and outside a facility's environment for delayed viewing. Many traditional video surveillance deployments are purely analog and have not yet been able to benefit from a converged network approach.

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  • The mobile user requires the same accessibility, security, quality of service (QoS), and high availability currently enjoyed by wired users. Whether you are at work, at home, on the road, locally or internationally, there is a need to connect. The technological challenges are apparent, but to this end, mobility plays a role for everyone. Companies are deriving business value from mobile and wireless solutions.

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  • Surprisingly the toxicity level of fertilizer industry discharge may influence by the environmental factors such as conductivity, temperature, pH, cardon dioxide (CO2), oxygen and elements. Through studies, these factors will influence the behavior and certain biochemical indices of the fish, such as C. striatus, by acting either in synergistic, antagonistic or simple additive manner (Yadav et al., 2005; Bobmanuel et al., 2006; Yadav et al., 2007). A high conductivity value indicates high concentration of dissolved ion within the industrial discharge.

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  • Several filers reported suspected Ponzi schemes where subjects gathered client funds for investment in commercial real estate or real estate securities without actually purchasing the underlying assets. A hedge fund claimed to invest millions in CMBS and credit derivatives, but the filer found no evidence of CMBS ownership. The hedge fund primarily bought long-term certificates of deposit earning minimal interest, which were inconsistent with the fund’s investment strategy. In addition, the filer noted many small client deposits, consistent with a Ponzi scheme.

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  • Aprofession is characterized by skill based on a unique body of knowledge, a code of ethics, and a social contract with society or government that grants it a certain degree of autonomy in exchange for self-regulation. The responsibilities of self-regulation in the medical profession are complex and involve many levels of oversight aimed at guaranteeing the continuing competence of practicing physicians. Today, professional associations in the United States play a significant role in upholding the ethical, educational, scientific, and practice standards of the medical profession.

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  • Adverse Credit History. To be eligible for a Federal PLUS loan, the borrower may not have an adverse credit history, which is defined as having a bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, tax lien, wage garnishment or default determination in the last five years or a current delinquency of 90 or more days. Alternative Student Loan. See Private Student Loan. Asset.

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  • ■ The acknowledgment contains a statement certifying that the charity intends to make a significant intervening use of the vehicle, a detailed description of the intended use, the duration of that use, and a certification that the vehicle will not be sold before completion of the use. ■ The acknowledgment contains a statement certifying that the charity intends to make a material improvement to the vehicle, a detailed description of the intended material improvement and a certification that the vehicle will not be sold before completion of the improvement. ...

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  • An additional method to show that the FI results depend on factor tilts is to replicate the FI returns with a portfolio of indices that contain the similar factor loadings. We have experimented with several such portfolios. While only one of these is presented, we find that there are a variety of ways to produce similar (or even larger) returns than FI. We agree with Arnott et. al., that FI is not simply a value portfolio. It has characteristics of both greater value and smaller size than a capitalization weighted portfolio. If we are correct...

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  • Thank you for taking our training. We’ve worked together with our Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions and Microsoft IT Academies to bring you a world-class learning experience, including: Microsoft Certified Trainers + Instructors. Your instructor is a premier technical and instructional expert who meets ongoing certification requirements. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Certified Partners for Learning Solutions offer a satisfaction guarantee and we hold them accountable for it. At the end of class, please complete an evaluation of today’s experience.

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  • The TrueNet CopperTen limited Warranty applies to a qualifying cabling system (“Certified System”) installed by a True-Net Value Added Reseller (VAR) in the United States, and appropriately registered with ADC as evidenced by a numbered TrueNet Certified System Registration Certificate (“Registration Certificate”) issued by ADC to the end-user. All of the above are referred to as “Conditions” to the effectiveness of the Warranty.

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  • over the years we have worked to embed sustainability concepts and EsG compliance into our investment process. Reflecting our role as fiduciaries, we focus on long-term strategies that enhance asset value and control risk. We can point to numerous achievements around the world, but we are especially proud of our green certifications, and of our involvement in the Greenprint Foundation. Chuck leitner, Chairman of RREEF Real Estate, is the CEo of Greenprint, and RREEF Real Estate submitted 360 properties into Volume 2 of the Greenprint performance index.

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