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  • Microsoft Visual Basic developers have long clamored for complete objectoriented language support. Microsoft Visual Basic .NET supports all the features of an objectoriented language. In addition, the entire Microsoft .NET Framework, which includes the development support for Microsoft Windows applications, Web applications, Web services, graphics, and data access, is designed according to object-oriented principles. Developers who have a firm grasp of object-oriented principles will be the strongest .NET developers....

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  • Created by the Microsoft Visual Basic development team in convenient, easy-to-digest print form, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's Guide is a comprehensive resource for beginning to intermediate users. It is designed to help you get the best possible results from one of Microsoft's most popular programming systems for Windows. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's Guide

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  • Nếu bạn không biết chắc một tên Funstion đánh vần như thế nào, thí dụ bạn không nhớ rằng Funstion " Sendkeys" có chứ "s" ở cuối không. Thử đánh " Sendk" rồi bấm " Ctrl+ Space" ( nhấn nút " Ctrl" trong khi bấm "Space" bar), VBIDE ( Visual basic Intergrate Development Enviroment) sẽ đánh những chữ còn lại của chữ " Sendkeys"...

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide experienced software developers with the means to quickly become productive in Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET development environment. The only assumption I make about you as a programmer is that you're comfortable with the concepts and processes of software development. This book will not teach you how to program. However, if you're currently a working Visual Basic, C++, or Java developer, this book will help you transfer your existing skills to this new environment....

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  • Viết chương trình đầu tiên Bạn đang làm quen với môi trường triển khai lập trình (Integrated Development Environment IDE) của MS VB6 và rất nóng ruột muốn viết những dòng mã đầu tiên để chào mừng thế giới. Ta thử ôn lại một số vấn đề mà có lẽ bạn đã biết rồi. Một chương trình Visual Basic gồm có phần mã lập trình và các hình ảnh (visual components).

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  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 is an important upgrade and enhancement of the popular Visual Basic programming language and compiler, a technology that enjoys an installed base of millions of programmers worldwide. Visual Basic 2010 is not a stand-alone product but a key component of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010—a comprehensive development system that allows you to create powerful applications for Windows, the Web, handheld devices, and a host of other environments.

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  • Bạn đang làm quen với môi trường triển khai lập trình (Integrated Development Environment - IDE) của MS VB6 và rất nóng ruột muốn viết những dòng mã đầu tiên để chào mừng thế giới.Ta thử ôn lại một số vấn đề mà có lẽ bạn đã biết rồi. Một chương trình Visual Basic gồm có phần mã lập trình và các hình ảnh (visual components). Bạn có thể thiết kế phần hình ảnh bằng cách dùng những đồ nghề (Controls hay Objects) từ Túi đồ nghề (Toolbox) nằm bên trái.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'developing xml web services and server components with microsoft visual basic .net mcsd/mcad/mcdba version 5.0', công nghệ thông tin, quản trị mạng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Phần 2 cuốn sách "Kỹ thuật và Thủ thuật lập trình Visual Basic 2010 - 2011 - Tập 2" có nội dung trình bày về cơ sở dữ liệu và lập trình web như khởi động vói ADO.NET, biểu diễn dữ liệu sử dụng Control DataGridView, tạo các Website và trang Web bằng cách sử dụng Visual Web Developer và ASP.NET và một số nội dung khác.

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  • With every release of Visual Basic, Microsoft has added new functionality to enhance the applications that can be created. Visual Basic 6 took the first real step toward a client/server development tool that could create robust Windows applications. This newest release of Visual Basic, titled Visual Basic .NET, makes the jump from a mostly Windows-based application system to a truly dynamic development environment that allows you to design both Windows and Web-centric applications.

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  • Ever since Visual Basic was merged into .NET, it’s become the core language for creating business applications with Windows. The latest version, VB 2008, is even more useful — and provides even more incentive for migrating from VB 6. All it lacks is a good book on how to harness its power. Programming Visual Basic 2008 fills the void. Written in a lively and engaging style by a developer who’s grown up with Visual Basic, including both VB 6 and VB .NET, this hands-on guide addresses the core topics of the new VB, from basic to complex, with plenty of...

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  • Developing Secure Applications with Visual Basic first provides you with an understanding of encryption, and then guides you through adding security features to your own applications using the Microsoft CryptoAPI, and the new security features of Windows 2000. Developers who have been confused by the high-end, academic style of other encryption books and cryptography theory will delight with Chapman's understandable style and hands-on methods.

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  • Web services are the next revolution in the way applications are built and used. This book will give developers the information they need to design and build next generation distributed interoperable applications with Web services. It has a unique blend of theory and practice, and is focused on Visual Basic developers. The first four chapters explain the architectural foundation on which Web services are built.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'visual basic 6 portable full (msdn library)', công nghệ thông tin, hệ điều hành phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Visual Basic 2005 adds new features to Visual Basic (VB) that make it a more powerful programming language than ever before. This combined tutorial and reference describes VB 2005 from scratch, while also offering in-depth content for more advanced developers. Whether you're looking to learn the latest features of VB 2005 or you want a refresher of easily forgotten details, this book is an ideal resource.

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  • Visual basic is a high level programming language developed from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. Though, Visual Basic .NET is the latest technology introduced by Microsoft with tons of new features including the .NET framework and educational institues, Universities and Software Development companies have migrated to VB .NET, Visual Basic 6 is still widely learned and taught.

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  • You are a Web developer for TestKing. You create an ASP.NET application that accesses sales and marketing data. The data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database on a server named TestK01. The company purchases a factory automation software application. The application is installed on TestK01, where it creates a second instance of SQL Server 2000 named Factory and a database named FactoryDB. You connect to FactoryDB by using Windows Integrated authentication. You want to add a page to your ASP.NET application to display inventory data from FactoryDB.

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  • Before we dig into the details of Visual Basic .NET, let’s take a look at an overview of all the changes and new features.This new release is a significant change from the previous version. It will take some effort to get used to, but I am sure you will feel that the new features will make it worthwhile.Visual Basic .NET is more than just an upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0. As you would expect, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been enhanced with some new features. All of the Visual Studio development tools will now share the same environment.

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  • With the advent of ASP.NET we see a shift from traditional scripting to the beginning of full-fledged programming online.VBScript isn’t the only option anymore, as programmers can now employ the full power that lies behind both Visual Basic (VB) and C within their ASP.NET assemblies. There is no denying the widespread acceptance that .NET received from the developer community. It’s proven itself to be a well-developed framework with solid ideas on how the programming world should continue to change.

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  • This is the first Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) book to provide a comprehensive discussion of the major data structures and algorithms. Here, instead of having to translate material on C++ or Java, the professional or student VB.NET programmer will find a tutorial on how to use data structures and algorithms and a reference for implementation using VB.NET for data structures and algorithms from the .NET Framework Class Library as well as those that must be developed by the programmer.

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