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  • As science has become more interdisciplinary and impinges ever more heavily on technology, we have been led to the conclusion that there is a great need now for a textbook that emphasizes the physical and chemical origins of the properties of solids while at the same time focusing on the technologically important materials that are being developed and used by scientists and engineers.

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  • The seeming simplicity of our daily activities is greatly contrasted by the complexity of our true nature—quite a paradox, no doubt. It is simple in that, on the outside, the goals of our body may appear few. We internalize food, water, and oxygen while at the same time ridding ourselves of carbon dioxide and other waste materials. These operations support reproduction, growth, maintenance, and defense. Yet on the inside our body may seem very complex as various organs participate in a tremendous number of complicated processes intended to meet the simple goals previously mentioned....

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  • In response to such changes we need a multifaceted, multi-agency approach based on strengthening individuals, families and communities, while at the same time improving the infrastructure and access to services. Midwives and midwifery services have a particular part to play in this. We could go a long way to achieving improvements in health and social outcomes by giving more people, particularly women and children, better life chances8.

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  • Whether the death of a loved one is sudden or expected, grieving the loss is a difficult yet transformative process. Grieving For Dummies approaches this very important subject with sensitivity, helping readers who are grieving the loss of a loved one as well as those who want to support them in this process. This compassionate guide covers all types of profound losses, including parents, spouses and partners, children, siblings, friends, and pets. It also addresses children’s grieving and how the manner of death may cause additional hurdles to grieving the loss.

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  • For the HR context there is a supplementary and vital research question: ‘How should an HR manager respond to the competing pressures of recruiting and retaining attractive employees while at the same time keeping legislative and professional competence intact?’ What stance, either personal or organisational, gives rise to potential ethical anxieties? Unanswered here but noted are gender differences for aesthetic labour and also for sprezzatura, treated historically as the male mind at work.

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  • This book was written as a thesis for the Doctorate of Laws, Leiden University. I am most grateful, first of all, to my supervisor, Professor Peter Kooijmans. Throughout my working at this study he allowed me to make use of his wisdom while at the same time affording inspiration and freedom. He never permitted his demanding task as a Judge at the International Court of Justice to stand in the way of discussing my thesis with me for many hours. I also wish to express my profound gratitude to Professor John Dugard, who acted as referent.

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  • Hence, there is an imperative need to re-engineer Pakistan’s dairy industry; both at farm and processor level. This paper seeks to investigate the tools that could bring about such change. We believe achieving the strategic change outlined in this paper for the dairy industry may prove challenging for at least some sectors.

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  • There was a time of optimism and progress in the 1960s, when there was greater hope for a braver new world, and for progressive international ideas. Colonies blessed with natural resources were becoming nations. The locals of co-operation and sharing seemed to be seriously pursued. Paradoxically, the 1970s slid slowly into moods of reaction and isolation while at the same time a series of UN conferences offered hope for greater co-operation on major issues.

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  • The Slovak National Cleaner Production Centre is composed of a non-profit organization and a business enterprise thereby enabling the centre to work effectively in delivering value-adding services to businesses and acting as a public advocate for Cleaner Production, while at the same time retaining the added value from close collaboration and joint efforts. CENTRE IN BRIEF The Slovak NCPC was established in 1994, originally as part of the National Industrial Association, and then as a separate not-for-profit independent civic association.

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  • In the fullness of time, our progress in understanding the natural order advances through the process of science, and psychology is no exception. To gain perspectives on this progress, one needs to take the long view of a historian. In so doing, one will come to appreciate the role of great ideas and creative individuals, while at the same time realizing that our cumulative progress is greater than any one idea or individual.

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  • The gracious intimation of your Royal pleasure that these Memoirs of your renowned Predecessor should be dedicated to your Majesty, while it increases my solicitude, suggests at the same time new and cheering anticipations. I cannot but hope that, appearing in the world under the auspices of your great name, the religious and moral purposes which this work is designed to serve will be more widely and effectually realised.

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  • Abstract. This book has no equal. The priceless treasures of elementary geometry are nowhere else exposed in so complete and at the same time transparent form. The short solutions take barely 1.5 − 2 times more space than the formulations, while still remaining complete, with no gaps whatsoever, although many of the problems are quite difficult. Only this enabled the author to squeeze about 2000 problems on plane geometry in the book of volume of ca 600 pages thus embracing practically all the known problems and theorems of elementary geometry.....

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  • Welcome to the National Security Agency (NSA) Information Assurance Methodology (IAM). In 1998, the NSA IAM was developed to meet the demand for information security (INFOSEC) assessments—a demand that was increasing due to Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD-63) while at the same time NSA was downsizing. NSA sought a way to maximize its resources to assist as many customers as possible. Due to Public Law 100-235, NSA was responsible for providing security guidance to all federal government classified computer systems.

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  • Each unit begins with a carefully designed text to stimulate interest while at the same time shows its grammatical focus in context. The explanation which follows draws attention to the relevant parts of the text while also providing further examples.

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  • Each unit begins with a carefully designed text to stimulate interest while at the same time shows its grammatical focus in context. The explanation which follows draws attention to the relevant parts of the text while also providing further examples. Practice is presented by means of a variety of activities to consolidate understanding of the grammatical concepts learnt.

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  • This series of two books is divided into units. Each unit begins with a carefully designed text to stimulate interest while at the same time shows its grammatical focus in context.

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  • Attractively designed with lively colour illustrations, it makes the learning of grammar interesting and fun. This series of two books is divided into units.Each unit begins with a carefully designed text to stimulate interest while at the same time shows its grammatical focus in context.

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  • The units followatried-and-tested 'presentation-explanation-practice' format- They begin with a text (e.g. a rhyme, a dialogue, a story) which has been carefully designed to stimulate interest while at the same time showing the lesson's grammatical focus in context.

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  • Forests are an integral part of global sustainable development. The World Bank estimates more than 1.6 billion people to be dependent on forests for their livelihoods with some 300 million living in them. The forest product industry is a source of economic growth and employment, with global forest products traded internationally is estimated at $327 billion. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that every year 130,000 km² of the world's forests are lost due to deforestation.

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  • VPN-1 SecuRemote/SecureClient allows you to connect to your organization in a secure manner, while at the same time protecting your machine from attacks that originate on the Internet. You can access private files over the Internet knowing that unauthorized persons cannot view the same file or alter it. With VPN-1 SecuRemote/SecureClient, remote users connect to the organization using any network adapter (including wireless adapters) or modem dialup. Once both sides are sure they are communicating with the...

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