Wireless sensor networks

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) can be defined as a self-configured and infrastructure-less wireless networks to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion or pollutants and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location or sink where the data can be observed and analysed. A sink or base station acts likean interface between users and the network. One can retrieve required information from the network by injecting queries and gathering results from the sink.

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  • This paper presents a low power Wireless Sensor Network using TCP/IP to use Ethernet configuration and hybrid networks to extend range or improve connectivity in distant areas, in particular is Agriculture. The system is designed with soil moisture sensor based on Atmega8L to monitor environmental parameter. The Nordic nRF24L01 was used to transmit the obtained data to the Web server based on Ethernet configuration. Moreover, the SIM800L module was used to upload these data based on GSM/GPRS service in order to make data available globally.

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  • This paper presents a power aware routing protocol designed for wireless sensor networks. The proposed routing protocol is an extended and enhanced version of Dynamic Source Routing protocol. It adds energy awareness to the existing implementation of DSR protocol.

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  • In this paper, we analyze the nature of wormhole attack in ad hoc and wireless sensor networks and existing methods of the defending mechanism to detect wormhole attacks without require any specialized hardware.

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  • The monitored information about each oil well is wirelessly transmitted to an administrator located in a remote location. By this method, multiple oil wells within the transmission range of the wireless sensor network used can be monitored and controlled.

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  • The most common possible threat is DDoS. These attacks flood target with plentiful fake packets in order to drain the battery, prevent the genuine packets to pass thru and thwart the legitimate user to get the desired response. In this research article, we propose a detection and defense mechanism using packet filtration which deploys mitigation constraints to save the wireless sensor networks from the causes of DDoS.

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  • To achieve the goal, different performance metrics have been analyzed such as throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR), loss packet ratio (LPR) and end to end delay (End to End) by varying packet interval time, packet size and number of nodes through network simulator NS3 for wireless sensor network with a practical wildlife scenario.

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  • In multievent wireless sensor networks, different priority level events can appear at the same time and require different QoS (Quality of Service) provision based on various priority levels. So, in this paper, we propose a new MAC protocol using beacon and CSMA p-persistent varied by packet priority levels to reduce collisions for different priority level packets in multiple event wireless sensor networks.

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  • Based on the context of ubiquitous wireless sensor network (WSN), design of a wireless sensor network and a low power water level monitoring station for urban environment are proposed in this paper. A ubiquitous WSNs based on a high performance and low power consumption Texas Instrument CC1110 module is presented and investigated.

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  • In this paper, the authors present the architecture of wireless sensor network systems used to monitor radiation sources. The system consists of sensor nodes integrated with radioactive sensors and linked together to form a radioactive network monitoring system.

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  • The most important issue for designing wireless sensor network routing protocols is energy efficiency. Our study uses a combination of both fuzzy logic and A-star algorithms that improve priority level in selecting node to form route.

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  • In this paper, we propose an improvement of our previous protocol for geographic routing in wireless sensor networks. The original protocol uses a combination of greedy forwarding and recovery strategies for route discovery. At the same time, shortcut paths are created and then each of these paths is gradually made shorter than the one preceding.

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  • In the duty-cycled networks, packet delay is greatly affected by node deployment, therefore we aim to determine node density in a wireless sensor network in order to guarantee the average E2E delay given network parameters using the probability theory. Simulation results show that the proposed node deployment method consumes less energy while requiring a smaller number of sensor nodes than those of other existing works.

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks hold the promise of delivering a smart communication paradigm which enables setting up an intelligent network capable of handling applications that evolve from user requirements. With the recent technological advances of wireless sensor network, it is becoming an integral part of our lives. However, due to the nature of wireless sensor networks, researchers face new challenges related to the design of algorithms and protocols.

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  • In this paper, the authors analyze and compare two existing approximation approaches that are considered as the most suitable for the sensor network, namely the grid-based and the convexhull-based approaches.

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  • This paper is referring to as helpful for giving brief overview about each and every protocol and responsible for entire underwater wireless sensor network.

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  • The emergence of precision agriculture has been promoted by the many developments in the field of wireless sensor actor networks (WSAN). These WSANs provide valuable information for harvesting, work management, growth of crops, and prevention of crop diseases. This paper focuses on introducing cloud computing as a new approach to be used in addition to WSANs to further enhance their application and benefits to the field of agriculture.

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  • The location of sensor nodes is necessarily predefined and not known. Such a feature allows us to release them in hazardous or inaccessible places. Another unique feature of sensor networks is the ability to collaborate and coordinate sensor nodes. Each node of the sensor has a processor on its board, and if it uses related algorithms, instead of sending all the raw data to the center, it first performs its initial and simple processing on them and then sends the semi-processed data.

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  • The Nearest Neighbour Search is one of these techniques. It uses the Euclidean or Mahalanobis distance for detecting outliers in a given sensor networks. In this paper, we proposed a distributed adaptive approach for the detection of outliers. The proposed approach is based on Euclidean or Mahalanobis distance, depending on the size of the data collected. Extensive experiments have been conducted and the results confirmed the effectiveness of the proposal.

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  • The objective of this paper is charging multiple detector nodes in wireless manner. Magnetic resonant coupling based wireless energy transfer might be a contemporary technology for providing energy to a wireless detector network (WSN).

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