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Wireless sensor networks

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  • The study "Optimizing broiler house management to reduce costs and reduce losses with the internet of things technology and wireless sensor network" primary objectives encompass cost reduction, loss mitigation and performance evaluation of feeding and watering devices. This proactive approach significantly reduces potential losses. Furthermore, the research evaluates cost implications. IoT technology’s ability to regulate variables like feed utilization and energy consumption aids cost reduction. The study’s findings offer practical insights for efficient resource allocation.

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  • In this article, we explore the operation of the LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) protocol - a protocol compatible with low-energy sources and propose a solution to improve efficiency in wireless sensor networks. The simulation results show that our solution is better in terms of the number of packets reaching the base station and the average lifetime of the sensor nodes.

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  • The remaining paper is divided into the following primary sections: Section 2 highlights the WSN concepts and structures. Section 3 presents our proposed algorithm design and implementation. Section 4 describes system testing and results. Section 5 mentions our future development. Finally, the paper concludes in Section 6.

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  • This paper presents a lightweight digital signature-based routing message and node authentication solution for wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs). The lightweight geographical security routing protocol (ECDSA-TPGF) is proposed on the basis of improving the original two-phase greedy geographical forwarding protocol (TPGF), in which we have added the solution Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to create a digital signature for a sensor node attached to a routing message.

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  • In this paper, we present such a cyber-physical system integration which has been developed and deployed in an office space. It is capable of acquiring environmental conditions of the occupants, their personal energy consumption, human interaction with the system, etc. Correlations of these information are analyzed before making any decision on adjusting the building operation. A few cases of data analyses are presented to provide the understanding of the system behaviour.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Sensor technologies: Healthcare, wellness and environmental applications" provides readers with contents including: sensing and sensor fundamentals; key sensor technology components - hardware and software overview; sensor network topologies and design considerations; processing and adding vibrancy to sensor data; regulations and standards - considerations for sensor technologies; the data economy of biosensors;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Sensor technologies: Healthcare, wellness and environmental applications" provides readers with contents including: sensor deployments for home and community settings; body-worn, ambient, and consumer sensing for health applications; wellness, fitness, and lifestyle sensing applications; environmental monitoring for health and wellness; summary and future trends;...

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  • Ensuring secure transmission and good quality of service (QoS) are key commercial concerns in ad hoc wireless networks as their application in short range devices, sensor networks, control systems, and other areas continues to develop. Focusing on practical potential solutions, this text covers security and quality of service in ad hoc wireless networks.

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  • Ebook Security in distributed, grid, mobile, and pervasive computing: Part 1 includes contents: Chapter 1 security for content distribution networks — concepts, systems and research issues; chapter 2 key management and agreement in distributed systems; chapter 3 securing design patterns for distributed systems; chapter 4 pragmatic security for constrained wireless networks; chapter 5 authentication in wireless networks; chapter 6 intrusion detection in wireless sensor networks; chapter 7 false data detection and secure data aggregation in wireless sensor networks; chapter 8 privacy and anon...

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  • Ebook Security in distributed, grid, mobile, and pervasive computing: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 10 state-of-the-art security in grid computing; chapter 11 unifying grid and organizational security mechanisms; chapter 12 grid security architecture: requirements, fundamentals, standards and models; chapter 13 a trust-based access control management framework for a secure grid environment; chapter 14 distributed computing grids — safety and security; chapter 15 security solutions for pervasive healthcare; chapter 16 wireless sensor network security: a survey.

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  • The purpose of study is to propose a task selection algorithm that both keeps information quality and saves power consumption in IoT energy harvesting devices. The proposed algorithm not only keeps stable information quality but saves power loss also.

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  • Ebook Security in wireless mesh networks: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 11 security in wireless PAN mesh networks; chapter 12 security in wireless LAN mesh networks; chapter 13 security in IEEE802.15.4 cluster-based networks; chapter 14 security in wireless sensor networks; chapter 15 key management in wireless sensor networks.

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  • Ebook Wireless network security: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 8: Intrusion detection in cellular mobile networks; Chapter 9: The spread of epidemics on smartphones; Chapter 10: Cross-domain mobility-adaptive authentication; Chapter 11: AAA architecture and authentication for wireless LAN roaming; Chapter 12: An experimental study on security protocols in WLANs; Chapter 13: Security issues in wireless sensor networks used in clinical information systems; Chapter 14: Key management schemes in sensor networks; Chapter 15: Secure routing in ad hoc and sensor networks.

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  • The book is organized into four major parts. Part I consists of two chapters, one of which is devoted to the main tenets of wireless ad hoc networks, and wireless personal area networks and wireless sensor networks in particular. Part II, most voluminous by far, models and analyzes the performance of single-cluster networks. Part III deals with performance-related aspects of multi-cluster networks utilizing hierarchical, tree-like topologies. Part IV introduces security issues in the context of both single- and multi-cluster networks.

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  • Ebook "Internet of Things in 5 days" k is in active development by a joint effort from both academia and industrial collaborators, acknowledging that the Internet of Things of the future will be built on top of scalable and mature protocols, such as IPv6, 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4. Open Source Operating Systems as Contiki, with more than 10 years of history and actively supported by universities and research centers, have been paving the Internet of Things road since the early beginnings of Wireless Sensor Networks and M2M communication, enabling the new IoT paradigm.

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  • Bài viết Nghiên cứu vấn đề tiết kiệm năng lượng trong mạng cảm biến không dây trình bày kết quả mô phỏng mạng cảm biến không dây (WSN - Wireless Sensor Network) trên phần mềm NS2. Thông qua việc giả định các kịch bản về tăng số nút mạng để đánh giá tốc độ tiêu thụ năng lượng của các nút mạng, một số giải pháp tiết kiệm năng lượng cho mạng cảm biến không dây đã được đề xuất.

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  • This paper demonstrates a simple sidelobe control or interference suppression approach that is appropriate for CB in wireless sensor networks. This approach aims to reduce interferences at unwanted BSs/APs while maintaining the main lobe steering the desired BSs/APs.

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  • In this paper, we propose a distributed traffic-balancing routing protocol for large-scale wireless sensor networks to distribute traffic from sources to sinks effectively by utilizing the number of hops and the current queue size at one- and two-hop next neighbors to make routing decisions.

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  • This research investigates other built-in sensors and develops methods for improving the accuracy of indoor positioning. Combination with the wireless network, it can be a viable alternative solution for the indoor positioning purposes of the smartphone users. The main advantage of this solution is that it can be deployed with a minimal cost, as no specialized hardware is necessary for setting up the system.

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  • A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a collection of wirelessly connected multifunction sensor devices (referred to as wireless sensor nodes) in an area that requires sensing. In this paper, we synthesize the classification and arrangement of energy-efficient and SRPs, as well as provide a method to calculate attack probability (AP) for secure routing in WSN.

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