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  • Thank you for respecting the author's work. Work From Home Facts Fact: Right now almost everyone is desperate to secure their financial survival, and they know that a home business, in a proven and widely-respected industry which is immune to economic ups and downs, is their only chance. If only they can find such a thing. Fact: People already know that internet marketing is a lottery, not a business, and are intensely wary of these and other scams. Fact: Women, and parenting men, are still discriminated against in the workplace. Fact: Men and women are deserting the traditional workplace...

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  • WORK FROM HOME Choose Smart & Live the Dream By Christine Sutherland SMASHWORDS EDITION PUBLISHED BY: Christine Sutherland on Smashwords How to Make More Money: The Simple Strategy that Outperforms Stocks and Shares, Real Estate, and Superannuation Copyright © 2011 by Christine Sutherland PUBLISHED BY: The Lifeworks Group Pty Ltd Work From Home! Choose Smart and Live the Dream Copyright © 2011 by Christine Sutherland License Notes This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold, and no part of this book may be used or included in other products.

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  • If You work from home, and You want to find out how to organize Yourself and Your surroundings,how to improve Your time management and by this decrease Your work load and more. You will be able to finally put this stressful, unorganized life behind and sit back and watch your business flourish. This ebook is “a must read” if You are an entrepreneur and/or work at home mom!

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  • About the Author: Nicole Dean is the Mostly-Sane Marketer. (Ask anyone who knows her and they’ll say that the “mostly” part is up for debate!) Nicole is an expert in Affiliate Management, Affiliate Marketing, and Marketing with Content. But, she’s got a secret… she uses a LOT of shortcuts, including hiring brilliant helpers who make her look a lot smarter than she really is. ;) Nicole juggles a lot of things, but she does it all without owning a Blackberry or giving out her cell phone number. The reason she works from home is to have the freedom when...

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  • Business Description: Avatar Press is a leading independent company which publishes a wide variety of comic books -- highly-regarded creator-owned titles such as Alan Moore's The Courtyard, Warren Ellis' Scars, and Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Dicks; licensed comics such as Frank Miller's Robocop and Stargate SG1, company-owned properties such as Pandora and The Ravening, and a number of other current and upcoming titles.

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  • It is impossible to deny the influence of the Internet. In the 1990’s it quickly changed from an exciting technology few understood to something so prevalent most can’t imagine living without it. The World Wide Web is a powerful thread that connects the entire world, one that allows us to share information like never before. The benefits of accessing so much information are too many to list, and while some problems are also becoming apparent, the web’s place in our daily lives is undeniable. We can now access the Internet from our home computers, office, laptops and our phones.

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  • The current trend of active retirement is growing. This book shows you what you can do in retirement to make extra cash. Plus, it includes the essentials on getting started, with valuable tips in all areas of business and an extensive resource list. Forget fixed income—yours can grow in 202 ways! Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t earn some extra cash.

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  • Every day, thousands of people think about starting their own Webmaster business. Some want to break away from the daily drudgery of working for someone else. Some crave the flexibility of working from home. Some need to supplement their main income. Some feel they are ready to expand their services beyond their circle of contacts. Still others… the list of personal reasons could go and on. But here’s the catch… Every day, most of these people do nothing but dream.

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  • You may be comfortable in your present job and might never have dreamed of breaking out on your own and starting a home-based business. The advantages of working for yourself however outweigh being employed by somebody else. Let's face it, time is your greatest commodity and it can't be replaced. Would you rather spend it as you see fit, or be stuck in an office cubicle and told to work from nine to five by a boss? Below are three reasons why you should consider working from home.

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  • This free topic explains why people love starting their own business. However, there are so many details that you MUST understand before jumping in. This guide will give a fundamental understanding of what it takes and things you should consider. Make sure you sign up for this guide today!

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  • In submitting this little book the author does not attempt to edit a history of the rebellion, nor does he assume to be correct in the date of events to a day. He does not hope or expect to make a hero of himself by writing it, for he was far from doing anything heroic, believing, as he does, that most of the heroes of the war were killed. Perhaps the WRITING of this book may stamp him a hero, and for his audacity in so doing some one may kill him. But he intends to clothe his little work in homely, rugged, commonplace...

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  • Once the core people and skills are identified, ensure that they are aware of their position and how they will be managed in the event of a pandemic. Consider strategies for minimizing the possibility that they become ill with influenza: e.g. working from home even in very early stages of a pandemic, or other social distancing measures. If working from home is not a well-established practice in your organization, you may wish to encourage staff to address computer connection or technological issues and enable this option.

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  • A confession: for almost two decades I hated baseball (well, not exactly hated, more like couldn’t care less). The game—in the Bigs, at least—was virtually unrecognizable to me, what with the “errors” that are astronomical salaries, cookie-cutter stadiums, and free agency. Take, for example, the designated hitter rule: it is, frankly, a sin, venial at a minimum. If you’re a ballplayer, friends, then pick up the lumber and go to work with the rest of the fellows in sanitaries. And while you’re at it, take George Steinbrenner, the Daddy Warbucks of the sport.

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  • Many people can work during chemotherapy, as long as they match their schedule to how they feel. Whether or not you can work may depend on what kind of work you do. If your job allows, you may want to see if you can work part-time or work from home on days you do not feel well. Many employers are required by law to change your work schedule to meet your needs during cancer treatment. Talk with your employer about ways to adjust your work during chemotherapy. You can learn more about these laws by talking ...

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  • A week after our daughter Lauren was born, my wife Bonnie and I were completely exhausted. Each night Lauren kept waking us. Bonnie had been torn in the delivery and was taking painkillers. she could barely walk. After five days of staying home to help, I went back to work. She seemed to be getting better.

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  • One of the major goals of this book is to demystify the jargon of networks so that the reader gains a working familiarity with common networking terminology and acronyms. In addition, this books explains not only how to choose and configure network hardware but also provides practical information about the types of network devices and software needed to make it all work. Tips and direction on how to manage an Ethernet network are also provided.

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  • As professionals in the real estate markets, we have worked with thousands of real estate investors and businesspeople, and we know that there is something different about the mindsets of successful individuals. They approach life with a certain set of assumptions, enabling them to apply analytical strategies to their decision-making and, as a result, create positive professional and personal lives. Why is having the right mindset important? Investors the world over are reeling from the effects of the Great Recession.

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  • The mobile user requires the same accessibility, security, quality of service (QoS), and high availability currently enjoyed by wired users. Whether you are at work, at home, on the road, locally or internationally, there is a need to connect. The technological challenges are apparent, but to this end, mobility plays a role for everyone. Companies are deriving business value from mobile and wireless solutions.

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  • In the literature of all countries there will be found a certain number of works treating especially of love. Everywhere the subject is dealt with differently, and from various points of view. In the present publication it is proposed to give a complete translation of what is considered the standard work on love in Sanscrit literature, and which is called the 'Vatsyayana Kama Sutra,' or Aphorisms on Love, by Vatsyayana.

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  • To the ladies of America is this little work, “The Ladies' Book of Useful Information,” dedicated. It is a book written expressly for women. This book is full from cover to cover of useful and necessary information for women. Never before has so much knowledge with which women should be acquainted been printed in one book. It is a perfect storehouse of useful facts. Almost every lady spends many dollars every year for cosmetics, medicines, household articles, etc., which this book would save her. This is a book which every lady should have, and which every mother should place...

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