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  • The MG-RAST API provides search capabilities and delivers organism and function data as well as raw or annotated sequence data via the web interface and its RESTful API. For casual users, however, RESTful APIs are hard to learn and work with.

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  • The rising of big data brings revolutionary changes to many aspects of our lives. Huge volume of data, along with its complexity poses big challenges to data analytic applications. Techniques proposed in data warehousing and online analytical processing, such as precomputed multidimensional cubes, dramatically improve the response time of analytic queries based on relational databases. There are some recent works extending similar concepts into NoSQL such as constructing cubes from NoSQL stores and converting existing cubes into NoSQL stores

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  • The combined features which are made up of 32 histogram values,64 color correlogram values, 6 color moment values and 48 texture features are extracted to both query and database images. The extracted feature vector of the query image is compared with extracted feature vectors of the database images to obtain the similar images. The main objective this work is classification of image using SVM algorithm.

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  • This lecture includes these contents: Working with tables, adding data to the table, simple table functionality, the query builder, creating new tables,... Invite you to result this lecture.

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  • this is the third part of a series of four s. the first part consists of an introduction to access 2010. in the second part you have learned how to create tables and queries in access 2010. in this part you will learn how to create forms and reports.

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  • access 2007: part 2 provides detailed explanations of useful topics and tools including: saving data in access, working with records, customizing tables, data entry, field properties, table relationships, sorting and filtering data, creating basic queries, and filtering queries. all explanations are accompanied by screenshots and full-color diagrams.

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  • We present our work on information extraction from multiple, multi-lingual sources for the Multimedia Indexing and Searching Environment (MUMIS), a project aiming at developing technology to produce formal annotations about essential events in multimedia programme material. The novelty of our approach consists on the use of a merging or cross-document coreference algorithm that aims at combining the output delivered by the information extraction systems.

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  • Although the problem of querying a database in natural language has been studied extensively, there has been relatively little work on processing database updates expressed in natural language. To interpret update requests, several linguistic issues must be addressod that do not typically pose difficulties when dealing exclusively with queries. This paper briefly examines some of the linguistic problems encountered, and describes an implemented system that performs simple natural language database update....

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  • I. Introduction It is impractical for natural language parsers which serve as front ends to large or changing databases to maintain a complete in-core lexicon of words and meanings. This note discusses a practical approach to using alternative sources of lexical knowledge by postponing word categorization decisions until the parse is complete, and resolving remaining lexical anthiguities usiug a variety of informatkm available at that time. il. The Problem A natutal language parser working with a database query system (c.

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  • We show that we can automatically classify semantically related phrases into 10 classes. Classification robustness is improved by training with multiple sources of evidence, including within-document cooccurrence, HTML markup, syntactic relationships in sentences, substitutability in query logs, and string similarity. Our work provides a benchmark for automatic n-way classification into WordNet’s semantic classes, both on a TREC news corpus and on a corpus of substitutable search query phrases. ...

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  • This work describes an online application that uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) methods to generate walking directions in combination with dynamic 2D visualisation. We make use of third party resources, which provide for a given query (geographic) routes and landmarks along the way. We present a statistical model that can be used for generating natural language directions. This model is trained on a corpus of walking directions annotated with POS, grammatical information, frame-semantics and markup for temporal structure. ...

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  • To solve these problems, the SEQ and PREDATOR systems introduce a spe- cial sublanguage, called SEQUINfor queries on sequences [Seshadri et al. 1994, 1995; Seshadri 1998]. SEQUIN works on sequences in combination with SQL working on standard relations; query blocks from the two languages can be nested inside each other, with the help of directives for converting data be- tween the blocks.

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  • In a previous work of ours Chinnakotla et al. (2010) we introduced a novel framework for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback (PRF) called MultiPRF. Given a query in one language called Source, we used English as the Assisting Language to improve the performance of PRF for the source language. MulitiPRF showed remarkable improvement over plain Model Based Feedback (MBF) uniformly for 4 languages, viz., French, German, Hungarian and Finnish with English as the assisting language.

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  • My point is not to encourage vandalism but to use it to query the effect that disability has on aesthetic appreciation. Vandalism modernizes art works, for better or worse, by inserting them in an aesthetic tradition increasingly preoccupied with disability. Only the historical unveiling of disability accounts for the aesthetic effect of vandalized works of art. Damaged art and broken beauty are no longer interpreted as ugly. Rather, they disclose new forms of beauty that leave behind a kitschy dependence on perfect bodily forms. ...

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  • One factor that discourages the use of new organizational techniques is the dependence of email clients, legacy file systems, and other applications on their own independent hierarchical structures. We agree with Boardman [Boardman02] that folder structures should be integrated – in our case, also integrated with our more flexible collection structure. Reporting tools with appropriate visualization are another class of very useful apps. A simple query based tool can be remarkably insightful and useful from “how I spend my time” to “count and space used” by different items.

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  • Protein family databases obtain sequences fromone of the large protein sequence databases,most commonly SWISS- PROT with TrEMBL (Bairoch and Apweiler, 2000) but also PIR (Barker et al., 2000). They then apply an algorithm, either manual or automatic, to group the sequences into families. Each family is represented in one or more ways to facilitate both inspection by humans and comparison by computer programs. The most common representation is a multiple alignment of the family’s sequences, either with insertion and deletion (gap) characters or without.

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  • The overall cost of answering a query includes the transfer cost from the storage provider or data origin to the query evaluator, the cost of resources utilized at the query evaluator and other nodes, and the cost to transfer the results to the query initiator. The data placement problem is to distribute data and work so the full query workload is answered with lowest cost under the existing resource and bandwidth constraints.

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  • OLTP transaction workloads require quick access and updates to a small set of records. This work is typically performed in a localized area on disk, with one or a small number of parallel units. Shared-everything architectures, in which processors share a single large disk and memory, are well suited to OLTP workloads. Shared-disk architectures, such as Oracle RAC, can also be effective for OLTP because each server can take a subset of the queries and process them independently while ensuring consistency through the shared-disk subsystem.

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  • All these changes have a huge impact on the way the database query optimizer works. Having user-defined functions deep in- side the query plans makes cost estimation problematic. Having real data with high skew has always been problematic, but in this new world the relational operators are just the outer loop of a non- procedural program that should be executed with the least cost and in parallel. Cost-based static-plan optimizers continue...

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  • The barbute is an exclusively Italian form that developed from the basinet, as may be seen in the drawings on the following pages. The basi- net derived in turn from the conical Norman casque, which in turn had its prototype in bar- barian and Near Eastern examples. The design of medieval armor evolved out of combat experi- ence; as the wearer suffered injuries in unpro- tected areas, additions and modifications were made in his armor,...

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