Anh văn 6 Unit 7: Your house (part B)

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Anh văn 6 Unit 7: Your house (part B)

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  1. Môn: Anh văn Lớp: 6 Tiết: 3 Unit 7: Your house (part B) Y ÊU CẦU TRỌNG TÂM: I. - Grammar: Simple present tense to talk about the differences between town and country - Vocabulary: Vocabulary of town and country CƠ SỞ VẬT CHẤT. II. - Pictures - Picture cards - Papers, pens - Video, computer & overhead (projector). TỔ CHỨC LỚP: III. Nhóm Công việc Công cụ 1 Hang man Papers, pens 2 Kim's game Pictures 3 Brainstorm Papers, pens TIẾN TRÌNH TIẾT DẠY: IV. THỜ CÔNG VIỆC CÁC HO ẠT ĐỘNG I HỌC SINH GIÁO VIÊN GIA N  Warm up  Greeting and asking  Greeting and 5' some questions answering the questions.  Presentation  Introducing  Reading. 8' vocabulary of town and  Learning by heart. country.  Practice  Guiding the games or  Playing or working in 21' work. work groups.  Controlling.  Checking  Guiding the games.  Playing 'Crossword 10' comprehensio Puzzle'.  Checking. TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 1
  2. n  'Picture drill' 1'  Home work  Giving exercises  TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 2
  3. NHÓM 1, 2, 3 1. N hiệm vụ: U sing simple present tense to describe the town and the country. 2. Công cụ, tài liệu: Pictures, papers, pens 3. Các hoạt động: HOẠT ĐỘNG TH ỜI GIAN 7’ Hoạt động 1 7’ Hoạt động 2 7’ Hoạt động 3 Nội dung hoạt động: A ctivity 1: “Hang man” - Teacher provides the paper on which there are short lines (each short line represents one letter in each word) as following: ______ /____ _____ / ______ (stores) (rice p addy) (clinic) ____ / ___________ / ____ ______ (bank) (supermarket) (post office) - Students guess letter by letter to form each meaning word. - Once students guess the wrong letter, they will get one line more in the following picture. - If the students guess wrong 8 times, the man in the picture will be hung. TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 3
  4. A ctivity 2: “Kim’s game” (May be use the pictures on page 76, 77- student's book) - Teacher shows students 2 pictures: one is about the townm one is about the country, then puts them away. - Students say and write all the things they have seen in the pictures as much as possible, using the following structure: There is .......... There are ........ - Anybody writes down the most things (or words), they will be the winners. Activity 3: “Brainstorm” - Students write down on a poster about the differences between the town and the country like this: In town In the country   It's noisy. It's quiet.   People live in apartments. People live in house made of bricks or leaves.  There aren't any paddy  fields. There are many paddy fields.   There are shops ................  ........................... TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 4
  5. BÀI TẬP TRẮC NGHIỆM. 1. “Crossword Puzzle”: - Teacher provides students the 'Crossword Puzzle' and following clues - Students guess the words and fill each letter in each box to form meaning words in lines or rows. (requirement: no box is empty, every box is filled with a letter) Across Down Hồ 1. Hoa 1. Cửa hiệu Siêu thị 2. 2. Cửa hàng 3. Sân 3. 4. Núi 4. Phòng khám 5. N gân hàng Bưu điện 6. 2. “Picture drill”: - Teacher shows students the picture of the town. - Students are divided into 2 groups. - Each group in turn asks the other about the picture. Eg:  Do people in town live in apartments?  Y es, they do.  Are there any stores in town?  Y es, they are.  Is it quiet?  No, it isn't.  ................... - Then teacher shows students the picture of the country and students do the same. - At last asks students tell the differences between the town and the country. TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 5
  6. T IÊU CHUẨN ĐÁNH GIÁ Điểm    Nội dung  Not qualified - Accurate Trình bày OK - Clear  Unclear  Bad - Good Kiến thức OK - Exact  Wrong - Exact  Slow Kỹ năng OK - Quick Unexact TiÕt 3 Unit 7: Our house (part B) 6
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