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Tham khảo tài liệu 'đề ôn luyện thi đại học – cao đẳng đề số 1 môn tiếng anh 12', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  1. ĐỀ ÔN LUYỆN THI ĐẠI HỌC – CAO ĐẲNG MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12 Đ Ề SỐ 1 Thời gian làm bài 60 phút 1. Find out a mistake The more he looks at me , the more happier I am. A B C D 2. Do you like books with an ………………… story? A. interested B. exciting C. excited D. interest 3. ………… your raincoat. It stops raining. A. Put on B. Put off C . Take on D.Take off 4. You ……………come with me if you don’t want to .I’ll go on my own. A. shouldn’t B.can’t C. mustn’t D. don’t have to 5. This car is more ……………….than that one. A. modern B.fastest D. faster 6. “ There is someone at the door.” “Ok ……….....................”. A. I open it B. I’ll open it C. I am going to open it D. I’d open it 7. It is in Quebec.......................French is used as an official language . A. which B. where C. in where D. that 8. Who was the first person …………………..the South Pole? A. reached B. to reach C. who reaches D. had reached 9. He pretented to be ill…………he could stay home to watch an interesting football on TV. A. so as to B. in order to C. in order that D. because 10. you / mind / close / the door /? A. Would you mind me to close the door ? B. .Do you mind to close the door ? C. Would you mind if I close the door ? D. Would you mind closing the door? 11. Please speak a little more ……………… . A. slow B.slowly C.slower D.slowlier 12. If Nam can type………………….she can, he is very good. A. as quick as B. quicker then C. as quickly as D. as more quickly as 13. ………………to the station when I saw you this morning? A. Have you gone B. Were you going C. Have you been going D. Are you going 14.Pick out the word the underlined part of which is pronounced differently from the rest A. hiding B. written C. vision D. picture 15. Find out a mistake You needn’t to come tomorrow if you have something else to do. A B C D 16. Find out the word that has a different stress pattern from the others. A. computer B. museum C. important D. visitor 17. I don’t watch TV as often as my sister does A. My sister watches TV more than I do. B. My sister often watches TV more than I do. C.My sister watches TV more often than I do. D My sister watches TV more than I often do. .
  2. 18.Pick out the word the underlined part of which is pronounced differently from the rest A. mechanic B. chance C. chapter D. campus *Read the text and choose the words or phrase that best fits each space We are all slowly destroying the earth. The seas and rivers are (19)……… dirty to swim in . There is so much smoke in the air that it is (20)…… to live in many of the world’s cities.In one well- known city,for example,(21)……. gases from cars pollute the air so much that traffic policemen have to (22)………………. Oxy masks. We have cut down (23)…….. many trees that there are now vast areas of (24)…… all over the world . As a (25)… ,farmers in parts of Africa can’t grow enough to eat .In certain countries in Asia , there is too (26)….. rice.Moreover,we do not take enough(27)……… of the countryside.Wild animals are quickly (28)…… .For instance , tigers are rare in India now (29)…. We have killed too many for them to (30)………. However, it isn’t enough simply to talk about the problem.We must act now before it is too late to do anything about it .Join us now .Save the earth . 19. A. very B. too C. much D . enough 20. A. unfit B. inappropriate C. unlikely D. unhealthy 21. A. poisonous B. serious C. bad D. evil 22. A. take B. bring C. wear D . carry 23. A. so B. much C. too D . enough 24. A. ground B.wasteland C. fields D . meadows 25. A. fact B. matter C. problem D. result 26 A. little B. few C. much D . fewer 27 A. attention B. care C. time D . deny 28. A. escaping B. hiding C. running D . disappearing 29 A. because B. when C. and D . so 30. A. die B. preserve C. survive D . continue 31.Find out the word that has a different stress pattern from the other. A. dismiss B. destroy C. discount D. district 32. “Daisy had a careful look at the picture on the wall.” Means……………………. A. Daisy looked at the picture on the wall carefully. B. Daisy took a care look at the picture on the wall . C. Daisy looked carefully at the picture on the wall. D .Daisy looked carefully on the picture at the wall. 33. She is……………… her husband. A. as the same age as B. as the same old as the same age as D. the same age as 34. He arrived ………………. you were asleep. A. at B. during C. until D. while 35.Find out a mistake They told to him what to do. A B C D 36.Pick out the word the underlined part of which is pronounced differently from the rest A. phoned B. raised C. called D. cooked 37. How can I ………………to the post-office ? A. reach B.get C. find D. arrive 38. ……………………………….., she wouldn’t have failed the exam.
  3. A. If Lan studied hard B. Unless Lan had studied hard C. If Lan had studied hard D. If Lan studied hard 39. He has been living in HCM city for years;………….. A. so he knows it better than I. B. however, he knows it better than I. C. therefore, he knows it better than I. D. and he knows it better than I. 40. The more studious she is, …………………………………….. . A. the more happy her parents are B. the more happier her parents are C. the happier her parents are D. the happiest her parents are 41. We go to school regularly,……………………………. . A. that makes our teacher happy B. which makes our teacher happily C. it makes our teacher happy D. which makes our teacher happy 42. Nam and Hoa attend an English speaking club………………………….. . A. so as to improving their pronunciation order to improve their pronunciation C. so that they improving their pronunciation D. in order improve their pronunciation 43.Find out a mistake At first we found it difficult to get used to drive on the o ther side of the road. A B C D 44.“What do you do?” “…………………” A. I’m a typist. B. I’m typing a letter. C. I’m type a letter. D. I typing letters 45. “Would you like a cake?” “……… ……….” A. Yes, I’d like B. Yes, I like C. Yes, please D. Yes,I do 46. “ Excuse me.” “………………….” A. Please B. No, I’m not C.Yes, I am D.Yes ? *Read the text and answer the questions Are you stressed at work? Are you doing anything about it?You should. And your boss should help you. A stressed employee usually makes mistakes, and mistakes cost money. So, here is our advice: Take a break! Stress causes mistakes. A break really helps you to relax. Don't miss lunch! A hungry person doesn't think clearly! And a nice meal doesn't take much time. Listen to music ! Quiet music usually relaxes your body and mind. Loud music doesn't always help. Laugh! It makes you feel better. Read a funny story or chat with a colleague, then go back to work. Try these suggestions next time you are stressed and you feel better. 47.Which sentence is not true? A. You spend a lot of money on stressful work. B. You can't work effectively if you are stressed. C. You often make mistakes when you are hungry. D . Quiet music eases your mind. 48.What helps a stressed worker to relax? A. A short break and a big meal. B. Loud music and laughter. C. A nice lunch and a short break. D. Loud music and a funny story.
  4. 49.According to the writer, A. all work and no relaxation result in stress. B. your boss can help you to get rid of stress. C. a stressed employee spends a lot of time. D . it takes you much time to do your work if you are stressed at work. 50.What is the best title for the passage? A. A hard -working day B. How to work without stress C. All work and no play D. How to help a stressed employee THE END ============================= K EY Câu 1. C 11. B 21. A 31. D 41. D Câu 2. B 12. C 22. C 32. A 42. B 3. D 13. B 23. A 33. D 43. C 4. D 14. A 24. B 34. D 44. A 5. A 15. A 25. D 35. A 45. C 6.B 1 6. D 26. A 36. D 46. D 7.D 17. C 27. B 37. B 47. A 8.B 1 8. B 28. D 38. C 48. C 9.C 19. B 29. A 39. C 49. A 10 .D 20. D 30. C 40. C 50. B
  5. Đ Ề ÔN LUYỆN THI TỐT NGHIỆP THPT MÔN TIẾNG ANH 12 Đ Ề SỐ 2 Thời gian làm bài 60 phút C họn phương án A( hoặc B, C, D ) ứng với từ ,cụm từ có gạch dưới cần phải sửa để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau: 1 .When I want to have my hair cuts I often go to the hairdresser’s. A. have B. cuts C. When D .hairdresser’s 2 . They asked me what did happen last night, but I was unable to tell them. A. to tell B. what did happen C. asked D . but 3 . Different conversation efforts have been made in order to saving endangered species. A different B. endangered species C. saving D . have been made 4 . John keeps working in spite of he feeling unwell A. keeps B. he C. working D . unwell 5 . Nonla, that is one of the typical symbols o f the Vietnamese culture, has a conical form A. a B. of C. that D . typical C họn từ ứng với A( hoặc B,C, D.) có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại 6 . A. smiled B. worked C. picked D . jumped 7 . A. dates B. bags C. photographs D . speaks 8 . A. should B. could C. o ught D . would Chọn từ ứng với A, (hoặc B, C, D) có phần trọng âm rơi vào vị trí khác so với các từ còn lại. 9 . A. habitat B. sociable C. wildlife D . commitment 10A.eliminate B. accompany C. sacrifice D . determine Chọn từ ứng với A (hoặc B, C,D) để hoàn thành đoạn văn. N early all the discoveries that have been made through the ages can be found in books. The invention of the book is one of humankind’s greatest achievement, the .........11.............of which cannot be overestimated. Books are very adaptable providing us with both entertainmentand .............12......... The production of books began in Ancient Egypt, though not in a form that is recognizable to us today. The books read by the Romans, however, have some the ones we read now. Until the ...........14........... of the 15th century, in Europe, all books were written by hand. They were often beautifully illustrated and always rare and expensive. With printing came the possibility of cheap, large-scale publication and distribution of books, making....15...............more widespread and accessible. 11.A. important B. importantly C. importance D. more important 12. A. news B. data C. facts D. information 13. A. alike B. likeness C. similarities D . same 14. A. center B. middle C. heart D . core
  6. 15. A. knowledge B. mind C. brain D . awareness Chọn phương án A (hoặc B, C, D ) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau: 16. She is .................... in asking for bigger salary. She has worked hard. A. reason B. reasonable C.unreasonable D .unreasonably 17. Hoa told me that she ................. to lock the door that morning. A. would forget B. had forgotten C. has forgotten D . was forgetting 18. Smoking cigarettes is................ in many public places. One must not smoke in those p laces. A. allowed B. prohibited C. encouraged D . stopped 19. if I .................. your phone number. A. I’ll phone- d id not lose B. I’d phone- had not lost C. I’d have phoned - had not lost D . I’d phone- had not lost 20. Athletes do their best to win medals.................. to winners as rewards. A. which give B. are given C. given D . to give 21. ................ you practise your English............... you will learn. A. more- faster B. the more- the faster C. the more- faster D . the most- the faster 22. Without...........air and water, living things could not survive. A. X B. the C. an D. a 23. She .............. so hard this week that she has not had time to go to the hairdresser’s A. worked B. has been working C. had worked D. was working 24.Governments have enacted laws to protect wildlife.......... commercia trade and o verhunting A. with B. by C. for D. from 25My roommate suggested.......................on a picnic on Sunday. A. going B. to come C. to go D. coming 26. Remember to ......................yo ur shoes when you are in a Japanese house. A. look up B. give up C. take off D . turn o ff 27. Could you stop the bus, please? I want to get off. The underlined word in the sentence is a(an)...................... A. irregular verb B. modal verb C. transitive verb D .intransitive verb 28.Either you will leave now...................? A. I will also call the police C. or I will call the police B. but I will call the police D . or will I call the police 29. He’ been studying really hard,................he can pass the exams. A. but B. although C. however D . so 30. There’s plenty of time for you to make up your mind. You...................decide now. A. must B. mustn’t C. needn’t D . might 31. a story long enough to fill a complete book,in which the characters and events are usually imaginary.
  7. A. thriller B. novel C. biography D . romance 32. You won’t be allowed to work show your qualification. A. since B. unless C. for D . while 33. “Woo! You look great with your new hair.” A. You’re welcome C. congratulation! B. It’s a pleasure D . Thanks.It’s nice of you to say so 34.He’s one of the most...............people I’ve ever met. He never stops talking and he never says anything................. A. boring- interested B. bored- interested C. bored-interesting D. boring- interesting 35. In water polo, ..................are allowed to hold the ball with both hands. A. attackers B.players C. goalies D.captains C họn phương án ứng vớiA hoặc (B, C, D) có cách diễn đạt giống câu gốc. 36.I’d like you to turn off the television. A. Could you turn off the television? B. Could I turn off the television? C. Would you mind my turning off the television D . Do you agree to turn off the television? 37. “Would you like me to help you?” I asked Joe. A. I accepted to help Joe. B. I offered to help Joe. C. I agree to help Joe D . I promised to help Joe 38. I didn’t go to bed early, so I didn’t wake up at 7.00. A. If I went to bed early, I would wake up at 7.00. B. If I had gone to bed early, I will wake up at 7.00. C. If I went to bed early, I would have woken up at 7.00.D. Had I gone to bed early,I would have woken up at 7.00. 39. He offered to help her with the heavy suitcase, which was kind. A. The suitcase which he offered to help her with was kind. B. He offered to help her but the suitcase was too heavy. C. It was kind of him to offer to help her with the suitcase. D . It was kind of her to have him help with the suitcase. 40. Excuse me,but is anyone sitting here? A. I’m sorry, but there’s only one chair here. B. Is this seat taken? C. May I put one seat in here? D . I’m terribly sorry, but someone is sitting here. Chọn câu đúng nhất ứng với A (hoặc B, C, D) từ những từ gợi ý 41. it/ necessary/ us/ think/ about/ this matter. A. It’s for us to think about this matter carefully necessary. B. To think about this matter carefully it necessary for us. C. For us to think about this matter it’s necessary. D . It’s necessary for us to think about this matter carefully. 42. I/ can not/ remember/ name/person/ whom/ gave / money. A. I can’t remembe the name of the person to whom I gave the money. B. I gave the money whom the name of the person I can’t remember. C. I can’t remember the name of the person whom I gave the money. D . I can’t remember the name of person to whom I gave the money. 43. It/ think/ / chemicals/ convey/ information/ brain. A. It been thought that chemicals convey information to the brain.
  8. B. It has been thought that chemicals convey informaton to the brain. C. It has been thought chemicals convey information to the brain. D . It has thought that chemicals convey information to the brain. 44. the harm of smoking/ question/ not/ entirely settled. A. The harm of smoking is a question that has not entirely been settled. B. The harm of smoking have questions that entirely not been settled. C. The harm of smoking is a question that has not entirely settled. D . The harm of smoking being a question that has not entirely been settled. 45. spring/ nature/ awaken/ long/ winter sleep. A. At spring, nature awakens from her long winter sleep. B. In spring, nature awakens from her long winter sleep. C. On spring, nature awakens by her long winter sleep. D . In spiring, nature awakens by her long winter sleep. Đọc đoạn văn rồi chọn phương án đúng nhất ứng với(A( hoặc B, C, D) cho mỗi câu sau. Aerobic exercise can help you lose weight.It can help you stay at a heathy weight. Aerobic exercise burns calories. A calorie is a unit of measurement . It measures the amo unt of energy in foods. It measures the amount of energy your body uses. When you take in the same number of calories that you burn every day, your weight stays the same. If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you take in fewer calories than you b urn, you lose weight.Regular exercise helps you burn calories. Strength training may also help with weight control. Lifting weights burns calories. Lifting weights also makes more muscle in your body. Muscles burn more calories than fat. Stretching exercises can make your body more flexible. There are stretches for your arms,legs, neck, and trunk. Many people do slow exercises and stretches called yoga to make their bodies more flexible. A physical education teacher can show you how to do stretches. You should do warm-up stretches before you do aerobic or anaerobic exercises. You should do cool-down stretches when you are finished exercising. Warm-up and cool- down stretches can help prevent muscle injuries. 46. your weight will be the same A. by doing aerobic exercise. B. by lifting weights C. when the number of calories you take is every day in burnt. D . when you measure the amount of energy in foods every day. 47. You put on weight A. when you take in less calories than you burn. B unless you do exercise regularly C. by doing regularly exercise to burn calories. D when you take in more calories than you burn 48. Strength training like lifting weights may help with weight control because A. it burns calories by making more muscles. B. it makes fat burn calories C. weight are always havey to lift D . you are too tired to take in calories 49. Yoga, which makes your bodies more flexlible, are A. warm-up stretches B. only for people who need weight control C. included in weight lifting D . slow exercises and stretches 50.Warm-up and cool-down stretches A. are needed before you do aerobic exercise B. help you finish exercising feeling better
  9. C. should be done if you want to avoid muscle injuries D. prevent muscles from burning calo ries. ĐÁP ÁN: 1 . B 2 .B 3 .C 4 .B 5 .C 6 .A 7 .B 8 .C 9 .D 10.C 11.C 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.A 16.B 17.B 18.B 19.C 20.C 21.B 22.A 23.B 24.D 25.A 26.C 27.C 28.C 29.D 30.C 31.B 32.B 33.D 34.D 35.C 36.A 37.B 38.D 39.C 40.B 41.D 42.A 43.B 44.A 45.B 46.C 47.D 48.A 49.D 50C



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