Đề thi thử Môn Tiếng Anh

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Đề thi thử Môn Tiếng Anh

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  1. Đề thi thử Môn Tiếng Anh I- Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns/ adverbs. Put commas when they are needed: 1. Alexander Flemming _______ discovered penicillin received the Nobel Prize in 1945. 2. The book ______ I need can’t be found in the library. 3. Here is the beach ______ is the safest for swimmers. 4. Do you know the American woman ______ name is Margaret Mitchell? 5. Jim ______ I have known for ten years is one of my closest friends. 6. John found a cat ______ leg was broken. 7. Don’t sit on the chair ______ is broken. 8. This tree ______ branches are dry should be cut down. 9. The child smiled at the woman ______ he didn’t know. 10. That woman ______ name I don’t remember is a doctor. 11. Children enjoy reading the books ______ have colored pictures. 12. I met someone ______ said he knew you. 13. The noise ______ he made woke everybody up. 14. The film is about a spy ______ wife betrays him. 15. Those girl ______ serve in the restaurant are the owner’s daughters. 16. The house ______ walls and roof are made of glass is a green house. 17. Rod Lee ______ sister I know is a film actor. 18. Mr. Bake will buy the house ______ is opposite to my house. 19. You have to take care of the books ______ you borrowed from the library. 20. Karl Marx ______ theories have changed the world’s history is the German Philosopher. 21. Let me see all the letters _____ you have written. 22. Is there anyone ______ can help me do this? 23. Mr. Brown ______ is only 34 is the director of this company. 24. The chief of police, ______ work is very important, takes care of the public safety. 25. I know a place ______ roses grow in abundance. 26. The teacher with ______ we studied last year no longer teaches in our school. 27. They showed me the hospital ______ buildings had be en destroyed by bombings. 28. We saw many soldiers and tanks ______ were moving to the front. 29. We must find a time ______ we can meet and a place ______ we can talk. 30. The decision was postponed, ______ was exactly what he wanted. II- Use a relative pronoun/ adverb to combine each pair of the sentences below. 1. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it. 2. Romeo and Juliet were lovers. Their parents hated each other. 3. This is Mrs. Jones. Her son won the championship last year. 4. This is the house. We often stay in this house in the summer. 5. That was the time. He managed the enterprise at that time. 6. I was sitting in a chair. It suddenly collapsed. 7. This is the story of a man. His wife suddenly loses her memory. 8. Charlie Chaplin died in 1977. His films amused millions of people in the world. 9. Please post these letters. I wrote them this morning. 10. The building is the church. Its tower can be seen from afar. 11. I’ll show you the second-hand bookshop. You can find valuable books in this shop. 12. The police want to know the hotel. Mr. Bush stayed at this hotel two weeks ago. 13. The reasons are basic grammatical ones. I’m scolded by the teacher fro these reasons. 14. I have not decided the day. I’ll go to London on that day. 15. The airport is the most modern one. We are going to arrive at this airport. 16. She doesn’t want to speak to the cause. She divorced her husband for this cause. 17. He doesn’t want to sell the house. He was born in this house. 18. The teacher is Mr. Pike. We studied with him last year. 19. The problem has been discussed in class. We are very interested in it
  2. 20. Many diseases are no longer dangerous. People died of them years ago. 21. Do you see my pen? I have just written the lesson with it. 22. I like standing at the windows. I can see the park from this window. 23. The boy is my cousin. You made fun of him 24. This is rare opportunity. You should take advantage of it to get a better job. 25. This matter is of great importance. You should pay attention. III-Trac nghiem: 1. It was the boy ______ broke the window. (HK2-08-L11-CTChuan) a. which b. who c. whom d. whose 2. the new camera ______ I bought on the internet last week is broken. (HK2-08-L11-CTChuan) a. whom b. which c. for which d. at which. 3. We met Mary’s father, ________. (HK2-08-L11-CTChuan) a. who teaches us English b. whom teaches us English. c. whose teaches us English d. that teaches us English. 4. Peter is the one ______ we miss most. (HK2-08-L11-CTChuan) a. who b. which c. whose d. that. 5. the teacher _____ is very kind to everyone. (HK2-08-L11-CTChuan) a. to whom I talked yesterday b. who I talked yesterday. c. to that I talked yesterday d. That I talked yesterday. 6. Do you know the person ______ this book was written? (HK2-08-L11-CTNC) a. by whom b. who c. whom d. which. 7. It was in 1990 ______ I met my husband. (HK2-08-L11-CTNC) a. which b. when c. who d. that. 8. The Island ______ was extremely beautiful. (HK2-08-L11-CTNC) a. which we visited it b. we visited c. where I visited d. in which we visited. 9. Is Dr. Brown the person ______ you wish to speak to? (HK2-08-L11-CTNC) a. with whom b. no relative pronoun c. to that d. to whom. 10. The children, ............... parents work late, are taken home by bus. (TN 2006) A. that B. whom C. whose D. their 11. She doesn't understand ................. I am saying. (TN 2006) A. what B. that C. whose D. where 12.The place .................... we spent our holiday was really beautiful. (TN 2006) A. what B. who C. where D. which 13. My uncle _____ you met yesterday is a lawyer. (TN 2007) A. what B. whose C. whom D. which 14. Dien Bien Phu is the place _____ our army won a resounding victory in 1954. (TN 2007) A. what B. that C. which D. where 15. Dr Sales is the person _____. (TN 2007) A. whom I don't have much confidence in him B. I don't have much confidence C. in that I don't have much confidence D. in whom I don't have much confidence 16. Further improvements continued, particularly in America, (48)________ most of the world’s films were produced. (TN 2007) A. where B. which C. when D. who 17. Alexander Fleming, ______, received the Nobel Prize in 1945. (TN 2008) A. that discovered penicillin B. who discovered penicillin C. which discovered penicillin D. he discovered penicillin 18. The boy ______ eyes are brown is my friend. (TN 2008) A. who B. whom C. which D. whose 19. He arrived late, ______ was annoying. (CD 2008) A. it B. that C. what D. which 20. In our school library, there are several large tables _____ we can sit to read books. (TN-L2 2007) A. where B. that C. when D. which



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