Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 13: Activities. Lesson 3. B 1.

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Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 13: Activities. Lesson 3. B 1.

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 13: Activities. Lesson 3. B 1.

  1. Unit 13: Activities. Lesson 3. B 1. I.Objectives. -After the lesson Ss will be able to know more about the modal verbs: must, have to , ought to, ............. -To drill Ss reading and listeni ng skills. II. Teaching aids. Tape + casstte +Text book, work book, III. Teaching procedure 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: Ask ss to do the exercise 4 in the work book( p: 83 )? 3.Presentation: A.Warm up: - Ask Ss to give the way to call these persons who play : soccer. Tennis . Cycle. Swimming Volleybal. Athletics. Gymnastics. B. Presentation.
  2. *Presentation: - Aks Ss to look at the picture in the text book and answer the question:  What are Nam and Ba doing ?  Can you play table tennis? -Play the tape and aks Ss to listen to the explaination of the T about the modal verbs. - Ought to: nên. - Must : phải +V- Infinitive - Have to: phải -Ask Ss to make example with the modal I ought to finish the exercise before 8 o’clock. I must do the home work first . I have to finish this question. + Would you like + to –infinitive....? I ‘d like to.But I can’t. + It takes (sb) time to do (smt):mất bao thời gian làm gì It takes me fifteen minutes to walk to school.
  3. *Practice. -Ask Ss to read the dialogue to answer the questions in the text book. -Write the answers on the BB. -Read the answers aloud. a) Nam must finish his homework before he plays table tennis. b) Nam will be ready in few minutes. c) Ba will finish a question for Math. d) Ba has two paddles. *Production. -Ask Ss to look at the exercise 2 to practice the modal verbs by making the similar dialogues. -Read the dialogue aloud ( work in pairs). -Call some pairs to read the dialogues aloud. a) Ba: Coma and play basketball, Nam. Nam: I’ m sorry. I don’t think I can. Ba: That is too bad. Why not? Nam: Well, I Should visit my grandmother.
  4. Ba: Can you play on the weekends.? Nam: Yes I can. Ba: All right. See you on Saturday afternoon. Nam: Ok, Bye. - Ss go on with b and c part in the text book. - T notes the use of modal verbs: Might ---> should--> ought to--> have to ---> must. 4. Consolidation: - Note the use of modal verbs: and the way to refuse the invitation. 5. Home work: - Ask Ss to do the exercise B 1 in the work book.



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