Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 4: At school Lesson 3: A5, A6.

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Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 4: At school Lesson 3: A5, A6.

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Nội dung Text: Giáo án Anh văn lớp 7 : Tên bài dạy : Unit 4: At school Lesson 3: A5, A6.

  1. Unit 4: At school Lesson 3: A5, A6. I. Objectives: - Practice the structure : “S + be + different from + O” to distinguish the difference between two things, two people, etc. - After the lesson, Ss will be able to ask answer the questions about their schedule as well as to know the differences between American education and Vietnamese education.. II. Preparation: - Material:Textbook, posters, sub-board. - Equipments: cassette, tape . III. Teaching procedure: 1. Organization: 2. Oral test: - Homework correction. 3. New lesson: A. Warm- up: - Say something about Vietnamese education.
  2. B. Presentation: * Pre- reading: Ak Ss some guided questions: Do you have your daily schedule? Do you usually follow your schedule? - Ss look at the dialogue and listen to the tape. - T explains some key points: + When do / does + S + V-inf ? = What time...........? + What is + one’s favorite subject ? + too: express the agreement. + Preposition of time: on. - Play the tape once again for Ss to listen . - Ss practicde reading the dialogue in pairs. - Call some pairs to practice. - Ask Ss to write their schedule in their exercise book. - Show the map of America and ask Ss about it. What do you think about USA? What do you know about USA?
  3. - Remind Ss the full form of USA: the United States of American. - T explains the tasks. * While- reading: - Ss listen the text read by T. - T explains some new words or structures: to be different from: a 20- minute break school uniform: school cafeteria start > < end snacks popular after school activities - Ss practice reading the text aloud. - Ss practice the Ex T / F in the text book. - Call some Ss to give their answers. - T corrects and gives the right ones: a) T d) T b) F e) F c) F f) F * Post- reading:
  4. - Ss discuss to find out the differences between Vietnamese and American Education in groups. - Call one S in each group to present in front of the class. - Sum up all key points. 4. Consolidation: -T asks Ss to talk about the differences between Vietnamese education and American education 5. Homework: - Do the Ex 5,6 in workbook. - Learn new words. ----------------------


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